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Sick leave

    Dept for Constitutional Affairs 1203-4w

    Dept for Culture Media and Sport 1161-2w

    Dept for Education and Skills 1421w

    Dept for Environment Food and Rural Affairs 1969w

    Dept for International Development 1862w

    Foreign and Commonwealth Office 2105w

    Office of the Deputy Prime Minister 1450w

    Office of the Secretary of State for Wales 1945w

Sick pay

Side effects

Sierra Leone

Sight impaired

    Social security benefits 1116w

Sign language

Simmonds, Mr Mark

                  Chamber Debates

    Health services, Lincolnshire (06.07.2005) 420-3


    ACP countries, Common sugar regime 1004-5w

    Africa, HIV infection 266w

    Central Africa, Education 683-5w

    Commonwealth Broadcasting Association, Scholarships 469w

    Democratic Republic of Congo, Overseas aid 1842w

    Developing countries, Financial services 2229w

    Developing countries, Horticulture 1005-6w

    Drugs, Lincolnshire 81-2w

    Group of Eight, Gleneagles 133w

    Guineau-Bissau, Elections 569w

    Infrastructure Consortium for Africa 468w

    Iran, Elections 484w

    Iran, Nuclear power 1179w

    Jamaica, Organised crime 533-4w

    Medicine, Education 732w

    Uganda, Overseas aid 1208w

    UN Convention Against Corruption 1045-6w

Simon, Mr Sion

                  Chamber Debates

    Motorcycles, Antisocial behaviour (19.07.2005) 1228


    National Lottery, Disadvantaged 554

Simpson, Mr Alan


    Bigley, Ken 34w

    Council housing, Property transfer 1431-2w

    Fire services, Standards 1542w

    Fuel poverty, Statistics 1740w

    Genetically modified organisms, Crops 427w

    Genetically modified organisms, Maize 354w

    Home energy efficiency scheme 1517w

    Private finance initiative 434-5w

    Radioactive materials, Research 2282w

    Social rented housing, Heating 2464w

    UN Convention Against Corruption 487w

Simpson, David


    Accident and emergency departments, Northern Ireland 1977w

    Crime, Alcoholic drinks 1972w

    Crimes of violence, Accident and emergency departments 1978w

    Crimes of violence, Fire services 1975w

    Crimes of violence, Homosexuality 1976w

    Crimes of violence, Hospitals 1977-8w

    Crimes of violence, Jobcentres 2480-2w

    Crimes of violence, Public transport 1986w

    Driving offences, Convictions 1982-3w

    Homelessness, Northern Ireland 1976w

    Homelessness, Upper Bann 1976w

    Hospitals, Religious buildings 1976-8w

    Police Service of Northern Ireland, Credit cards 1983-4w

    Racially aggravated offences, Northern Ireland 1986-7w

    Schools, Northern Ireland 2486w

    Sinn Fein, Councillors 2487w

    Smuggling, Northern Ireland 2480w

    Teachers, Northern Ireland 2490w

Simpson, Mr Keith

                  Westminster Hall Debates

    Common sugar regime (12.07.2005) 187-92wh



Single parents

    see Lone parents

Sinn Fein

    Social security benefits 1983w


Sixth form colleges

Sixth form education

Skilled workers

Skin cancer

Skinner, Mr Dennis

                  Chamber Debates

    Business questions intervention (21.07.2005) 1426

    Coal, Government assistance (21.07.2005) 1397


    Business questions 970

    Coal, Government assistance 1396-7

Slaughter, Andrew

                  Chamber Debates


Sleep apnoea


Small businesses

    Industrial products 93w

Small claims


Smith, Rt Hon Andrew

                  Westminster Hall Debates


    Schools, Crimes of violence 1733-4w

Smith, Angela C (Sheffield Hillsborough)

                  Chamber Debates

    Licensing Act 2003 (12.07.2005) 762, 766

                  Westminster Hall Debates

    Females, Business (13.07.2005) 278wh


    Cormorants, Research 1154w

Smith, Angela E, (Basildon), Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State, Northern Ireland Office

                  Written Statements

    Equal opportunities, Northern Ireland 68-9ws

    "Strategic Investment Board for Northern Ireland Report and Financial Statements 2004/05" 97ws


    Abandoned vehicles, Northern Ireland 811-2w

    Adult education, Northern Ireland 190-1w

    Aerials, Northern Ireland 2490w

    After school clubs, Northern Ireland 1564w

    Agriculture, Subsidies 2469w

    Archaeological sites, County Down 1389w

    Asbestos, Waste disposal 1380w

    Avian influenza, Northern Ireland 812-3w

    Belvoir Park School, Speech therapy 819w

    Bovine tuberculosis, Northern Ireland 813w

    Childbirth, Northern Ireland 2485w

    Children, Corporal punishment 1881w

    Common agricultural policy, Northern Ireland 813-4w

    Consultants, Northern Ireland 192w

    Consultants, Northern Ireland Office 2484-5w

    Council for Catholic Maintained Schools, Finance 1985w

    Crimes of violence, Jobcentres 2480-2w

    Domestic rates, Northern Ireland 2477w

    Domestic wastes, Northern Ireland 201w

    Driving instruction, Northern Ireland 491-2w

    EC presidency, Northern Ireland 193w

    Education, Disadvantaged 1886w

    Educational psychology, Northern Ireland 1873-4w

    Electricity, Northern Ireland 817w

    English language, Northern Ireland 1874-5w

    Equal opportunities, Education 1204w

    Equal opportunities, Teachers 1073w

    Fly tipping, Northern Ireland 1385-6w

    Foreign investment in UK, Northern Ireland 1386-8w

    Further education, Northern Ireland 194w

    Hare coursing, Northern Ireland 1387w

    Industrial health and safety, Inspections 194-6w

    Industrial health and safety, Northern Ireland 196w

    Information officers, Northern Ireland Office 1206w

    Litter, Northern Ireland 865-6w

    Livestock, Auctions 812w

    Local government finance, Northern Ireland 2482-4w

    Manpower, Northern Ireland Office 1567w

    Manufacturing industries, Northern Ireland 2479w

    Mergers, Northern Ireland 338w

    Northern Ireland education and library boards, Equal opportunities 815-6w

    Northern Ireland education and library boards, Finance 815-6w

    Northern Ireland Executive Dept of Agriculture and Rural Development 814-5w

    Northern Ireland Executive Dept of Agriculture and Rural Development, Manpower 1383w

    Northern Ireland government, Freedom of information 193-4w

    Overseas students, Northern Ireland 335-6w

    Population, Northern Ireland 1984-5w

    Post-Primary Education Review Body (Northern Ireland), Expenditure 817-8w

    Procurement, Northern Ireland Office 2475-6w

    Public expenditure, Northern Ireland 1384w

    Public participation, Northern Ireland Office 1869-70w

    Pupils, Belfast 200w

    Pupils, Northern Ireland 1570w

    Rates and rating, Northern Ireland 199w

    Reading, Teaching methods 817w

    Rescue services, Coastal areas 1982w

    School meals, Northern Ireland 339w

    Schools, Admissions 818w

    Schools, Governing bodies 1883w

    Schools, Northern Ireland 2486w

    Sick leave, Northern Ireland Office 2486-9w

    Sinn Fein, Councillors 2487w

    Skilled workers, County Antrim 2481-2w

    South Eastern Education and Library Board, Executives 2487w

    Special educational needs, Northern Ireland 1883w

    Stress, Northern Ireland Office 2476-7w

    Taxis, Northern Ireland Office 1073w

    Teachers, Performance appraisal 819-20w

    Teachers, Sick leave 340w

    Tourism, Northern Ireland 820-1w

    Tyres, Northern Ireland 2491w

    Waste management, Northern Ireland 821w

Smith, Geraldine


    Care homes, Fees and charges 1125w

    Dental services, Morecambe 2693w

    English Partnerships, Lancaster 963-4w

    English Partnerships, Morecambe 964w

    Lancaster Castle 908w

    North West Development Agency 1347w

    Regeneration, Morecambe 968w

    Regional development agencies 1353w

    Roads, Lancashire 670w

Smith, Rt Hon Jacqui, Minister of State for Schools, Dept for Education and Skills

                  Written Statements


    Chemistry, GCE A level 834w

    Citizenship, Curriculum 445w

    City academies, Finance 1394w

    Education, Antisocial behaviour 1234w

    Education, Lancaster 1396w

    Education, Southend on Sea 2370w

    Education, Standards 841w

    Education, Worcestershire 154-5w

    English language, Standard assessment tasks 1399w

    Faith schools, Liverpool 156w

    Food technology, Curriculum 1236w

    Free school meals, Worcestershire 1018-20w

    Further education, Finance 445w

    General certificate of secondary education 159w

    General certificate of secondary education, Mathematics 164w

    General certificate of secondary education, Standards 1014-5w

    Health education, Alcoholic drinks 150-1w

    Health education, Drugs 441w

    Higher education, Admissions 176-7w

    Home education, Milton Keynes 1727w

    Literacy, Primary education 1234-5w

    Mathematics, General certificate of secondary education 841-2w

    Mathematics, Graduates 2058w

    Mathematics, Teachers 272w

    Playing fields, Sales 1238w

    Private education, Local education authorities 445-6w

    Public expenditure, Dept for Education and Skills 2802w

    Pupil referral units, Oxfordshire 1017-8w

    Pupils, Fingerprints 841w

    Qualifications and Curriculum Authority, GCE A level 1010w

    School leaving, Basic skills 161-2w

    School leaving, Qualifications 1419w

    School meals, Greenwich 1018w

    School meals, Standards 170-1w

    School milk, Lancashire 1015w

    Schools, Capital investment 1721-2w

    Schools, Chorley 169w

    Schools, Cricket 173w

    Schools, Fire prevention 442w

    Schools, Greater London 171-2w

    Schools, Information and communications technology 1419-20w

    Schools, Milton Keynes 2065w

    Schools, Musical instruments 1404w

    Schools, Police 843w

    Schools, Private finance initiative 1017w

    Secondary education, Admissions 2067-9w

    Secondary education, Bedfordshire 1020w

    Secondary education, Business 1722w

    Secondary education, Northamptonshire 1732w

    Secondary education, Public participation 1578w

    Sixth form education 173w

    Special educational needs, Essex 1421-2w

    Stress, Dept for Education and Skills 178-9w

    Teachers, Ethnic groups 1423w

    Teachers, Mathematics 164w

    Teachers, Qualifications 175w

    Thomas Deacon Academy, Admissions 1009w

    Village schools, Closures 2810-1w

    Vocational education, Grammar schools 1397-8w

    Wales, Dept for Education and Skills 2377w

    Written questions, Administrative delays 445w

Smith, Mr John

                  Chamber Debates


    Driving instruction, Publications 600w

Smith, Sir Robert

                  Chamber Debates

    Immigration Asylum and Nationality Bill, 2R (05.07.2005) 196

    Transport (05.07.2005) 180


    Industrial health and safety 279w


    Nature conservation 1955w

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