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Sub-Saharan Africa


    Administration of justice 879w

    Capital punishment 180w

    EC external relations 1180w

    Internally displaced persons 2233-5w

Sudden adult death syndrome


Suffolk West Primary Care Trust

Sugar beet


Superlink railway line


    Developing countries 2270w


Support for exhibitions and seminars abroad scheme

Supporting people programme

Sure start programme


    Kettering General Hospital NHS Trust 2731w


Surrey and Sussex Strategic Health Authority

Surrey Police


    Armed forces 43w

    Dept for Education and Skills 2356w

    Foreign and Commonwealth Office 2436-7w


Sustainable development

Sustainable Procurement Task Force

    Public appointments 1765w

Sutcliffe, Mr Gerry, Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State, Dept of Trade and Industry

                  Chamber Debates

                  Written Statements

    "Employment Tribunals Service Annual Report and Accounts 2004/05" 24ws


    Bank services, Electronic funds transfer 1057w

    Cars, Repairs and maintenance 458-9w

    Conditions of employment, Public sector 60w

    Consumers, Telephone services 1572w

    Credit, Unfair practices 1387-8

    Distributive trade, Newspaper press 1743w

    Employment, Pensioners 58w

    Employment Agency Standards Inspectorate 283-4w

    Estate Agents Act 1979 1575w

    Identity cards, Dept of Trade and Industry 1572-3w

    Members, Correspondence 1736w

    Minimum wage, Females 1921w

    Official receiver, Courts 464w

    Pregnant women, Discrimination 1573w

    Supermarkets, Developing countries 2270w

    Working hours, Civil servants 1357w


Swan Hunter Shipbuilders


    Digital broadcasting 634w

Swayne, Mr Desmond

                  Chamber Debates

    Community hospitals, New Forest (04.07.2005) 142, 144-7


    Aviation, Insurance 15-6w

    County councils, Standards 1032w

    Members, Correspondence 2871w

    Women's Royal Voluntary Service, Finance 2220w

Swimming pools


    Local government finance 1451w

Swinson, Jo

                  Chamber Debates

    Local government finance (04.07.2005) 60-3, 80

    London Olympics Bill, 2R (21.07.2005) 1483-5

    Meteorological Office, Aberdeen (12.07.2005) 812

                  Westminster Hall Debates

    Digital broadcasting (05.07.2005) 59-60wh

    Pension rights, Females (12.07.2005) 211wh


    Housing benefit, Scotland 2822w

    Pension credit, Scotland 2023w

    Post offices, Scotland 242w

Swire, Mr Hugo

                  Chamber Debates

    Exmouth, Petitions (13.07.2005) 935


    Clostridium, Death 433w

    Motorcycles, Parking 479w

    Museums and galleries, Admissions 556

Syms, Mr Robert


    Housing, Rural areas 288-9

Syrian Arab Republic

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