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Trade agreements

Trade promotion

Trade union officials

Trade unions

Traffic lights

Traffic Management Act 2004


Traffic Management (Northern Ireland) Order 2005

                  Chamber Debates

    (12.07.2005) 808


    Civil servants 84w

    Community support officers 905w

    Disability and Carers Service 2005-8w

    Health professions 577w

    Police Service of Northern Ireland 867-8w

Training and enterprise councils

Training Group Defence Agency

    see RAF Training Group


Transfer procedure tests

Transmissible encephalopathies

Transplant surgery

    Northern Ireland 198w


    Ministerial statements (05.07.2005) 171-83

    North West region 667w

    Occupied territories 1861w

    Renewables obligation 1801w



Travel information

Travel restrictions

    British nationality 377w

Travelling people

    Planning permission 2460w


    Information and communications technology 1829w

    Information officers 895w

    Ministerial policy advisors 2400w

"Treasury Solicitor's Department Agency Report and Accounts 2004/05"


    Nuclear weapons 875w

Tredinnick, Mr David


    Patient choice schemes 694-5

Tree planting



Trickett, Jon

                  Chamber Debates

    Regulation (04.07.2005) 132


    English Sports Council, Finance 641-2w

    Industrial health and safety, Carbon monoxide 2493w

    Olympic Games, Greater London 33w

    Terrorism, Hazardous substances 2587w





Tsang, Donald




    Freedom of expression 1377w

Turner, Mr Andrew

                  Chamber Debates

    Crossrail Bill, 2R (19.07.2005) 1188

    Local government finance (04.07.2005) 24, 53-7

    Transport (05.07.2005) 183


    Advertising, Dept of Health 570w

    Environment protection, Regulation 438-9

    Experience Corps 548w

    Experience Corps, Finance 2660w

    House of Commons, Data protection 1335w

    Licensing, Dept for Environment Food and Rural Affairs 1521w

    Members, Correspondence 52w

    Osborne Estate Act 1902 640w

    Palace of Westminster, Security 1990w

    Planning permission, Isle of Wight 2090w

    Primary health care, Isle of Wight 1199w

    Prisons, Construction 1226w

    Sentencing, Appeals 961-2

    Sentencing, Standards 784w

    Territorial Army, Recruitment 11-2

    Voluntary organisations, Finance 2654-60w

    Welfare tax credits, Publications 1697w

    Zimbabwe, Politics and government 1548w

Turner, Dr Desmond


    Vaccination, Compensation 1824w

Turner, Mr Neil


    Olympic Games, Greater London 832-3

    Spoil heaps, Fires 460w

    United Kingdom Accreditation Service 970w

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