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    Haringey Teaching Primary Care Trust 218-20w


Vadera, Shriti

Vaizey, Edward

                  Chamber Debates

    Licensing Act 2003 (12.07.2005) 768-9


    Administration of estates, Payments 488w


Valuation Office

Value Added Tax (Disclosure of Avoidance Schemes) (Designations) (Amendment) Order 2005

                  Chamber Debates


    Religious buildings 783w

Vanunu, Mordechai

Vara, Shailesh

                  Chamber Debates

    Recess motions (20.07.2005) 1347-9

Vara, Shailesh

    Maiden speeches (20.07.2005) 1347-9


Vaz, Mr Keith

                  Chamber Debates

    Terrorism (20.07.2005) 1269


    Asylum, Appeals 756w

    Business questions 454

    Culture, Minorities 553

    EC common foreign and security policy 663w

    EC external trade 1398

    EC internal trade 664w

    Equal opportunities, Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster 45w

    Equal opportunities, Dept of Trade and Industry 2268w

    Equal opportunities, Prime Minister 35w

    Foreign workers, Doctors 121-2w

    Health professions, Disciplinary proceedings 2835w

    Health professions, Drugs 350w

    Health professions, Training 577w

    Immigration, Complaints 775w

    Immigration officers 121w

    Judiciary, Public appointments 234w

    Metropolitan Police Special Branch, Languages 2639-40w

    Official engagements, Prime Minister 825-6

    Prisoners, Reoffenders 1507w

    Social rented housing 322w

    Terminal care, Standards 2175w

    Territorial Army, Recruitment 12

    Terrorism, Greater London 826

    Tobacco, Young people 513w

    UK membership of EC, Publicity 1122w

    Yemen, Overseas aid 27w


Vehicle number plates

Vehicle Registration Marks Bill 2005-06

                  Chamber Debates


    Liquefied petroleum gas 1164w


"Veterinary Medicines Directorate Annual Report and Accounts 2004/05"

Veterinary Surgeons Act 1966



    Community support officers 140w

Victim support schemes


Viggers, Mr Peter

                  Chamber Debates


    Absent voting, Proof of identity 560

    Defence equipment, Technology transfer 1106

    Elections, National Assembly for Wales 632-3w

    Elections, Pilot schemes 632w

    Electoral register 632w

    Electoral register, Administration 559-60

    Insurance companies, Insolvency 1827w

    Rapid transit systems, Hampshire 1546w

    Territorial Army, Recruitment 12

    Voting methods, Proof of identity 560-1

    Voting methods, Scotland 559

Village schools

    Closures 2810-1w

Villiers, Theresa

                  Chamber Debates

    Finance Bill, Rep and 3R (06.07.2005) 332-4

    Regulation (04.07.2005) 125-6


    Coal, Government assistance 1396

    Dental services, Patients 971w


Violent Crime Reduction Bill 2005-06



Vis, Dr Rudi


    Prison Service, Tuberculosis 782w

Visits abroad

    Dept for Environment Food and Rural Affairs 1956w

Visual arts

Vocational education

Vocational guidance

Vocational training

Vocational training scheme


    see Commission for Patient and Public Involvement in Health

Voluntary organisations

    Finance 2654-60w

Voluntary work

Vote bundle

Vote Office

Voting behaviour

Voting methods

Voting rights

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