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Boarding schools


Bomb disposal

Bone, Peter

                  Chamber Debates

    Terrorism Bill, Com (02.11.2005) 859-60

                  Westminster Hall Debates

    Child Support Agency (26.10.2005) 106-8wh


    Common agricultural policy 195w

    "Higher Standards Better Schools for All White Paper" 440-1

    Regional planning and development, Milton Keynes 486-7w

Borough Freedom (Family Succession) Bill (HL) 2005-06

                  Chamber Debates

    2R order read (28.10.2005) 599

Borrow, Mr David S


    Energy supply 954

Boswell, Mr Tim

                  Chamber Debates

    Council tax, Petitions (28.10.2005) 519


    Civil servants, Pensions 239w

    Coroners, Reform 543w

    Information and communications technology, Dept for Work and Pensions 454-5w

    National Lottery 67w

    Training allowances 135w

Bottomley, Peter

                  Chamber Debates

    Rights of Savers Bill, 2R (28.10.2005) 527, 529

Bourgass, Kamel


    Police stations 353w

Bovine spongiform encephalopathy

    see BSE

Bovine tuberculosis

    Disease control 874w

Bradshaw, Mr Ben, Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State, Dept for Environment Food and Rural Affairs


    Agriculture, Waste disposal 1045w

    Air pollution, Pollution control 871-2w

    Animals, Import controls 673-4w

    Avian influenza, Agriculture 1041w

    Avian influenza, China 1041w

    Bovine tuberculosis, Disease control 874w

    Bovine tuberculosis, Wiltshire 1043-4w

    Fly tipping, Essex 686w

    Foot and mouth disease, Brazil 875w

    Foot and mouth disease, Disease control 683-5w, 687w

    Greyhounds, Animal welfare 685-6w

    Livestock, Waste disposal 677-8w

    Members, Correspondence 676w

    Plastics, Taxation 688w

    Recycling, Small businesses 688-9w

    Renewable energy 887w

    Scrapie, Disease control 883w

    State Veterinary Service, Manpower 818-9w

    Waste management, Private finance initiative 686-7w

Brady, Mr Graham

                  Chamber Debates

    European Union (Accessions) Bill, 2R (01.11.2005) 737-45


    Common agricultural policy, Reform 462-3w

    EC common foreign and security policy 468w

    European Constitution Treaty 633w

    Hampton Court Summit (EC) 1059w

    Schools, Admissions 478w


    Antisocial behaviour orders 1101w

Brake, Tom

                  Chamber Debates

    Railtrack (24.10.2005) 52-6


    Health services, Greater London 160-1

    M42, Road traffic control 3w

    Members, Bicycles 82w

    Motorways, Safety 384w

Brazier, Mr Julian


    Boats, River Thames 502w

    Merchant shipping 3w


    Foot and mouth disease 875w

Breast cancer

Breast feeding


Brighton and Sussex University Hospitals NHS Trust

    Medical records 271w

British Council

British Forces Post Office

British Nuclear Fuels

    see Sellafield

British Nuclear Group

British Transport Police


    Northern Ireland 411w

Broadcasting reception

Brokenshire, James

                  Westminster Hall Debates


    Office of Fair Trading, Accountability 1093w

Brooke, Mrs Annette L

                  Chamber Debates

    Children's Food Bill, 2R adjourned (28.10.2005) 592-4

                  Westminster Hall Debates

    Child Support Agency (26.10.2005) 111-3wh

    Herceptin (01.11.2005) 187wh


    Children and Family Court Advisory and Support Service, Training 993w

    Children in care, Research 143-4w

    Education maintenance allowance 813-5w

    Health professions, Training 850w

    Licensed premises 743w

    Renewable energy 711w

    Tuberculosis, Dorset 165w

Brown, Lyn

                  Chamber Debates

    Rights of Savers Bill, 2R (28.10.2005) 526-7, 551-5

Brown, Rt Hon Nicholas


    Junior doctors, Career structure 1341w

    Medicine, Education 259w

    Students, Finance 824w

Browne, Rt Hon Desmond, Chief Secretary to the Treasury


    Civil servants, Location 978-9w

    Civil servants, Redundancy 979w

    Government departments, Standards 364-5w

    Location, Treasury 986w

    Public expenditure, Ministry of Defence 981-2w

    Public expenditure, Wales 985w

    Standards, Dept of Health 53w

    Taxation, Wales 990w

Browne, Jeremy

                  Westminster Hall Debates

    Police, South West region (02.11.2005) 330-1wh


    Aerials, Planning permission 907w

    Motorway service areas, Regulation 668w

    Railway stations, Wellington 869w

    Sixth form education, Finance 476w

Bruce, Malcolm


    Serious Fraud Office 942w


    Disease control 566w

Bruche Police Training College


Bryant, Mr Chris

                  Chamber Debates

    Railtrack (24.10.2005) 39, 42

    Terrorism Bill, 2R (26.10.2005) 348, 357


    Business questions 976

    Churches, Repairs and maintenance 16

    Equal opportunities 1240w


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