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Cabinet committees

Cabinet Office

    Consultation papers 1072w

    Cost effectiveness 611w

Cable, Mr Vincent

                  Chamber Debates

    National Insurance Contributions Bill, 2R (27.10.2005) 483-6


    Cancer, Mental health services 958w

    Capital gains tax, Tax avoidance 978w

    Class sizes, Primary education 210w

    Cost effectiveness, Foreign and Commonwealth Office 1080w

    Cost effectiveness, Treasury 984-5w

    Criminal injuries compensation, Homicide 1103w

    Criminal injuries compensation scheme 1103w

    Disability living allowance 453w

    Disability living allowance, Applications 281-3w

    Electronic government, Information and communications technology 240w

    Enterprise management incentives 727-8w

    Funerals 8w

    General certificate of secondary education, Mathematics 476w

    Inheritance tax 729w

    International assistance 985w

    Location, Foreign and Commonwealth Office 1080w

    Location, Treasury 986w

    Marketing, Dept for Culture Media and Sport 742w

    Marketing, Dept for Education and Skills 387w

    Marketing, Dept for Environment Food and Rural Affairs 887w

    Marketing, Dept for Transport 236w

    Marketing, Office of the Deputy Prime Minister 448-9w

    National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence 256w

    Official cars, Treasury 986-7w

    Patients, Death 179w

    Pensions, Lump sum payments 731w

    Primary care trusts 151

    Prisoners, Crimes of violence 1123w

    Prisons, Construction 1124w

    Research and development tax credit 980w

    Tax allowances, Pollution control 980w

    Tax allowances, Small businesses 983-4w

    Taxation, Environment protection 553w

    Telephone services, Dept for Culture Media and Sport 1266w

    Television, Licensing 72w

    Young offender institutions, Manpower 595w

    Young offender institutions, Mental health services 1122-3w

    Young offender institutions, Safety 1124w

Caborn, Rt Hon Richard, Minister of State for Sport, Dept for Culture Media and Sport

                  Chamber Debates

    Village halls (25.10.2005) 282-6


    Big Lottery Fund 431w

    Cricket, Schools 890w

    Exercise, Surveys 523w

    Members, Correspondence 524w

    Motor sports, Government assistance 71w

    National Lottery, Charities 243-4w

    National Lottery, Hemel Hempstead 744w

    National Lottery, Prize money 526w

    National Sports Foundation 244w

    Playing fields, Sales 526w

    Special Olympics Great Britain, Finance 747w

    Sports, Children 431w

    Sports competitors 614w

Cairns, David, Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State, Scotland Office

                  Chamber Debates

    Electoral Administration Bill, 2R (25.10.2005) 268-72


    Basic skills, Scotland Office 1037-8w

    Consultation papers, Scotland Office 1037w

    Correspondence, Scotland Office 436w

    Drugs, Licensing 436w

    Voluntary work, Scotland Office 437w


    Road signs and markings 865w


Cameron, Mr David

                  Chamber Debates

    Schools (25.10.2005) 172-4


    "Higher Standards Better Schools for All White Paper" 444

    Students, Fees and charges 824w

    Students, Finance 394w

Campbell, Mr Gregory

                  Chamber Debates

    Terrorism (Northern Ireland) Bill, 2R (31.10.2005) 656, 672-4


    Antisocial behaviour orders, Northern Ireland 783w

    Average earnings 985w

    Empty property, Northern Ireland 122w

    GCE A level, Northern Ireland 1217-8w

    Homelessness, Northern Ireland 93w

    Ilex Urban Regeneration, Recruitment 1017-8w

    Invest Northern Ireland, Standards 789w

    NHS, Crimes of violence 1216w

    Northern Ireland Child Support Agency 87-8w

    Northern Ireland Child Support Agency, Public appointments 639w

    Police Service of Northern Ireland 291

    Police Service of Northern Ireland, Recruitment 792-3w

    Primary education, Northern Ireland 1018w

    Public bodies, Northern Ireland 108-10w

    Public libraries, Northern Ireland 793w

    Rates and rating, Northern Ireland 1024w

    Revenue and Customs, Belfast 359w

    Royal Irish Regiment 915w

    Smoking, Young people 1028w

    Social rented housing, Northern Ireland 119w

    Social Security Agency, Recruitment 1026w

    Teachers, Crimes of violence 1028w

    Television, Licensing 13

    Welfare tax credits, Telephone services 488w

Campbell, Rt Hon Sir Menzies

                  Chamber Debates

    European Union (Accessions) Bill, 2R (01.11.2005) 747


    Chechnya, Human rights 63w

    Middle East, Peace negotiations 722-3


    Mental health services 958w


Capital gains tax

Capital investment

Capital Modernisation Fund

Car allowances

    Community nurses 833w

Caravan sites


    Pollution control 304

Carbon dioxide

Carbon monoxide

Cardiovascular system

Care homes

Career structure


Carers' allowances


    Hurricanes and tornadoes 1297w

Carmichael, Mr Alistair

                  Chamber Debates


    Overseas companies, Conditions of employment 1235w

Carpal tunnel syndrome


Cash, Mr William

                  Chamber Debates


    Charter of Fundamental Rights (EU) 549w

Cash dispensing



    National vocational qualifications 390w


Cayman Islands

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