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Flello, Robert

                  Chamber Debates

    National Insurance Contributions Bill, 2R (27.10.2005) 481-3

    Osborne Estate Bill, 1R (02.11.2005) 829


Flexible working

Flint, Caroline, Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State, Dept of Health

                  Westminster Hall Debates

                  Written Statements

    Genetically modified organisms, Maize 19-20ws


    Abortion, Overseas residence 255w

    Air pollution, Health hazards 162-3w

    Alcoholic drinks, Labelling 168w

    Alcoholic drinks, Students 274w

    Anaemia, Young people 163w

    Aspartame, Health hazards 262w

    Avian influenza, Northern Ireland 154

    Brighton and Sussex University Hospitals NHS Trust, Medical records 271w

    Brucellosis, Disease control 566w

    BSE, Disease control 1327w

    Carbon monoxide, Poisoning 570-1w

    Community nurses, South East region 171w

    Darent Valley Hospital, Standards 258-60w

    East Sussex Hospitals NHS Trust, Public appointments 173-4w, 261-2w

    Family planning 573w

    Family planning, Clinics 966w

    Food Standards Agency, Internet 175-6w

    Genito-urinary medicine, Waiting lists 262-3w

    Haemophilia, Medical treatments 253w

    Health Bill 2005-06 1337w

    Health professions, Surrey 193w

    Health services, Gravesham 578w

    Health services, West Sussex 1343w

    Heart diseases, Kent 258w

    Hepatitis, Health education 1337-8w

    In vitro fertilisation, Hampshire 253w

    Mental health services, Smoking 1346w

    Nutrition, Children 1135w

    Oils, Health hazards 1348w

    Ophthalmic services 168

    Out-patients, Gravesham 270-1w

    Primary care trusts, West Sussex 1350-1w

    Rehabilitation centres, Gravesend 593-4w

    School fruit and vegetable scheme, Costs 621w

    Sex, Health services 587w

    Smoking, Public places 168

    Smoking, Southend on Sea 587-8w

    Suffolk West Primary Care Trust, Finance 1350w

    Surrey and Sussex Strategic Health Authority, Acute beds 274-6w

    Sustainable development, Dept of Health 1334w

    Tuberculosis, Dorset 165w

    Vehicles, Dept of Health 1335w

Flood control



Fly tipping

Flynn, Paul


    Business questions 983

    Civil servants, Recruitment 672w

Follett, Barbara


    Domestic violence, Victim support schemes 490w

    Pensions, Females 739w


    Public houses 70w

Food aid

Food Standards Agency

Food technology

Foot and mouth disease


Football banning orders

    Northern Ireland 647w

Foreign and Commonwealth Office

    Public appointments 465w

Foreign relations

    Syrian Arab Republic 715-8

Foreign workers

    Manufacturing industries 1236w

    Social security benefits 455w


Forth, Mr Eric

                  Chamber Debates

    Children's Food Bill, 2R adjourned (28.10.2005) 585, 589-90, 597


Foster, Mr Don

                  Chamber Debates


    Alcoholic drinks, Advertising 896w

    Alcoholic drinks, Health education 888-9w

    Alcoholic drinks, Prices 894-5w

    Exercise, Surveys 523w

    Licensed premises, Applications 433-4w

    Soft drinks, Prices 524w

Foster, Mr Michael (Worcester)

                  Chamber Debates


    BBC, Local broadcasting 66w

    Further education, Finance 446

    Sixth form education, Finance 476w

Foster care

    Northern Ireland 788w

Foundation schools

Fox, Dr Liam


    Iran, Nuclear power 724-6

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