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Highbury Stadium

Higher civil servants

    Foreign and Commonwealth Office 463w, 505w

Higher education

"Higher Standards Better Schools for All White Paper"

Hill farming

Hillier, Meg

                  Chamber Debates

    Children's Food Bill, 2R adjourned (28.10.2005) 593, 595

    Terrorism (Northern Ireland) Bill, 2R (31.10.2005) 641, 653


    Police Service of Northern Ireland 292

    Turkey, EC enlargement 945w


HIV infection

    Libyan Arab Republic 723-4

    Medical treatments 179w

Hizb ut-Tahir

Hizb ut-Tahrir

    see Hizb ut-Tahir

HMS Victory

Hoaxes and false alarms

Hoban, Mr Mark

                  Chamber Debates

    Children's Food Bill, 2R adjourned (28.10.2005) 588

                  Westminster Hall Debates


    Birth rate, Hampshire 50-2w

    Building schools for the future programme 127w

    City academies, VAT 130w

    Education, Disadvantaged 213w

    Further education, Reform 156w

    General certificate of secondary education, Standards 140w, 440

    Higher education, Student numbers 827-8w

    "Higher Standards Better Schools for All White Paper" 1175w

    Secondary education, Standards 389w

Hodge, Margaret, Minister of State for Work, Dept for Work and Pensions

                  Written Statements

    Employment schemes, Disabled 35-6ws


    Children, Poverty 623

    Employment, Discrimination 736-7w

    Employment, Haringey 498w

    Employment schemes, Disabled 605-8w

    Incapacity benefit, Reform 738w

    Income support, Lone parents 604w

    Industrial diseases, Compensation 78-80w

    Jobcentre Plus, Information and communications technology 737-8w

    Jobseeker's allowance, South East region 622-3

    Means tested benefits, Waverley 1357w

    New deal schemes, Gravesham 605w

    Poverty, West Midlands 81w

    Standards, Dept for Work and Pensions 498w

Hodgson, Sharon


    Breast feeding, Public places 1241w

    Cancer, Drugs 160

    Civil servants, Redundancy 979w

    Emergencies, Cellular phones 347w

    Iraq, Peace keeping operations 946w

    Tyne and Wear, Dept for Culture Media and Sport 891-4w

    Tyne and Wear, Dept for Transport 666-7w

    Tyne and Wear, Office of the Deputy Prime Minister 755-6w

    Tyne and Wear, Treasury 726w

Hoey, Miss Kate


    Energy, Conservation 707w

    Sports competitors, Northern Ireland 406-7w

    Zimbabwe, Politics and government 719

Hogg, Rt Hon Douglas

                  Chamber Debates

Holiday leave

    Northern Ireland Office 1221w


Hollobone, Philip

                  Chamber Debates

    Rights of Savers Bill, 2R (28.10.2005) 577


    Administration of justice, Community development 1249w

    Antisocial behaviour orders 343w

    Avian influenza 865w

    Conveyancing, Fees and charges 295w

    Crown Prosecution Service, Northamptonshire 454

    Digital broadcasting 72w

    EU emissions trading scheme 705w

    Greyhounds, Animal welfare 685-6w

    Home energy efficiency scheme, Kettering 1051w

    Illegal immigrants, Employment 1107w

    Indian subcontinent, Earthquakes 857w

    Influenza, Disease control 968w

    Israel, Frontiers 76w

    Judges, Northamptonshire 8w

    Kettering, Dept for Culture Media and Sport 1266w

    Kettering, Dept for Education and Skills 994w

    Kettering, Foreign and Commonwealth Office 1359w

    Kettering, Ministry of Defence 1066w

    Kettering, Treasury 1245w

    Kettering General Hospital NHS Trust, Finance 1344w

    Minimum wage, Retail trade 292-3w

    Newspaper press, Distributive trade 293w

    Northamptonshire Police, Resignations 1114w

    Olympic Games, Greater London 14, 745w

    Passports, Photographs 43-4w

    Pensioners, Social security benefits 609w

    Planning delivery grant 339w

    Planning permission, Applications 448w

    Planning permission, Rural areas 761w

    Post offices, Contracts 295w

    Pre-sentence reports 774w

    Regeneration, Kettering 759w

    Regional government 340w

    Reoffenders, Administration of justice 13w

    Reoffenders, Rehabilitation 538w

    Schools, Construction 822w

    State retirement pensions, Kettering 1034w

    Supermarkets, Competition 694w

    Welfare tax credits 733w

    Zimbabwe, Overseas aid 430w

Holloway, Adam


    Aerials, Planning permission 338-9w

    Africa, Overseas aid 27w

    Alcoholic drinks, Misuse 534w

    Antisocial behaviour orders 343w

    Antisocial behaviour orders, Gravesham 531w

    Asylum, Applications 38w

    Caribbean, Hurricanes and tornadoes 1297w

    Chronically sick 960w

    Council tax, Gravesham 327w

    County courts, Gravesend 917-8w

    Darent Valley Hospital, Standards 258-60w

    Deportation, Overseas students 357w

    Developing countries, Disease control 29-30w

    Developing countries, Trade 1306w

    Domestic wastes, Recycling 1047w

    Health services, Gravesham 578w

    Hearing aids, Digital technology 964w

    Heart diseases, Kent 258w

    Homelessness, Gravesham 15-6w

    Hospitals, Waiting lists 968w

    Housing, Construction 16w

    Hunting, Prosecutions 536w

    Incapacity benefit, Gravesham 604w

    Incapacity benefit, Kent 604w

    Indian subcontinent, Earthquakes 513w

    Inflammatory bowel disease, Health services 275w

    Licensed premises, Fines 1130w

    Myasthenia gravis, Research 1146w

    Neighbourhood watch schemes, Kent 537w

    New deal schemes, Gravesham 605w

    North America, Foreign and Commonwealth Office 1080w

    Nuclear power stations, Construction 294w

    Nuclear weapons 722w

    Olympic Games, Greater London 1246w

    Organised crime, Northern Ireland 1228w

    Out-patients, Gravesham 270-1w

    Part-time education 821w

    Pensioners, Poverty 737w

    Playing fields, Sales 1195w

    Police, Gravesham 936w

    Primary education, Standards 1166-7w

    Racially aggravated offences, Gravesham 539-40w

    Rehabilitation centres, Gravesend 593-4w

    Security, Northern Ireland 796w

    Sewage, Odour pollution 202-3w

    Special educational needs 158w

    Special educational needs, Closures 823-4w

    Special educational needs, Kent 158w

    Special educational needs, Standards 1322-3w

    Students, Loans 825w

    Sudan, Overseas aid 27-8w

    Travelling people 342w

    Weapons, Northern Ireland 791w

    Welfare tax credits, Kent 56w

    Welfare tax credits, Overpayments 1055w

    Young offenders, Kent 405w

Holmes, Paul

                  Chamber Debates

    Schools (25.10.2005) 184


    Art works, Public places 746w

    Incapacity benefit 284w

Home detention curfews

Home education

    Learning disability 999w

Home energy efficiency scheme

Home Office

    Cost effectiveness 535w

    Private finance initiative 938-9w

    Sustainable development 1251w


    Northern Ireland 93w



    Crime prevention 932w

    Criminal injuries compensation 1103w


    Iraq conflict 9ws

Hoon, Rt Hon Geoffrey, Lord Privy Seal and Leader of the House of Commons

                  Chamber Debates

    House of Commons Commission (01.11.2005) 796-9

                  Westminster Hall Debates

    House of Commons Commission (03.11.2005) 340-4wh


    Asia, Higher education 296

    Carbon, Pollution control 304

    Conditions of employment, Reform 304

    Cricket, Television 299

    Domestic rates, Northern Ireland 301

    Further education, Wigan 303

    Infrastructure, Milton Keynes 296

    Legislation, Scotland 83-4w

    Members, Bicycles 82w

    Members, Exercise 302

    Members, Pensions 617w

    Nuclear power 306

    Official engagements, Prime Minister 295-6

    Outdoor advertising, Motorways 301

    Public transport, Safety 298

    Queen Elizabeth II Hospital Welwyn Garden City 304-5

    Secondary education, Kingston upon Thames 303

    Smoking, Public places 305-6

    Surrey and Sussex Healthcare NHS Trust, Finance 302

    Terrorism, Crime prevention 298

    Video games 299

    Violence, Birmingham 297-8

    Written questions, Recess 83-4w

Hope, Phil, Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State, Dept for Education and Skills


    Adult education, Essex 992w

    After school clubs, Greater London 208w

    Public bodies, Dept for Education and Skills 801w

    Sixth form education, Finance 476w

    Young people, Local government services 436-8

    Youth services, Finance 828w

Hopkins, Mr Kelvin

                  Chamber Debates

    Electoral Administration Bill, 2R (25.10.2005) 226, 243

    European Union (Accessions) Bill, 2R (01.11.2005) 738, 749, 760-3


    Further education, Finance 445

    Myasthenia gravis 973w

    Pensions, Reform 612

Horam, Mr John

                  Chamber Debates

    Council tax, Petitions (03.11.2005) 1074


Horwood, Martin

                  Chamber Debates

    Terrorism Bill, 2R (26.10.2005) 390

    Terrorism Bill, Com (02.11.2005) 835

                  Westminster Hall Debates

    Police, South West region (02.11.2005) 329-30wh


    Bovine tuberculosis 1044w

    Developing countries, Climate change 1300-1w

Hosie, Stewart

                  Chamber Debates

    European Union (Accessions) Bill, 2R (01.11.2005) 741-2, 752, 773


    Research and development tax credit 731w


Hospital beds


    Infectious diseases 177w

House of Commons

    Equal opportunities 1265w

    Postal services 78w

House of Commons Commission

    Consultation papers 735w

House of Commons Members' Fund

    (01.11.2005) 799

House of Lords


    Developing countries 1297w

    Ministry of Defence 1068w

    West Midlands (24.10.2005) 141-50

Housing associations

Housing benefit

Housing improvement

Howard, Rt Hon Michael

                  Chamber Debates

    Railtrack (24.10.2005) 73


Howarth, David


    Building regulations, Energy 900-1w

    Primary care trusts 153

    Road signs and markings, Cambridgeshire 865w

Howarth, Mr George


    Community support officers, Manpower 397-9w

    Community support officers, Powers 532-3w

    Young offenders, Custodial treatment 595w

Howarth, Mr Gerald

                  Chamber Debates

    Armed forces, Points of order (03.11.2005) 1073-4

    Terrorism Bill, Com (02.11.2005) 847


Howells, Dr Kim, Minister for the Middle East, Foreign and Commonwealth Office

                  Chamber Debates

    European Union (Accessions) Bill, 2R (01.11.2005) 768, 790-5

    Nuclear Non Proliferation Treaty (26.10.2005) 429-33

                  Westminster Hall Debates

    Israel, Palestinians (26.10.2005) 99-101wh


    Afghanistan, Elections 946w

    Bangladesh, Human rights 631w

    European Court of Human Rights, Legal costs 76w

    Faith schools, Islam 749w

    Iraq, EC external relations 749w

    Iraq, Peace keeping operations 946w

    Iraq, Politics and government 507-8w

    Israel, Nuclear weapons 508w

    Liberia, Elections 634w

    Libyan Arab Republic, HIV infection 723-4

    Members, Correspondence 75w

    Middle East, Weapons 508w

    Nepal, BBC external services 750w

    Overseas visitors, Entry clearances 45w, 509w

    Proscribed organisations 750w

    Torture, Interrogation methods 634-5w

    UN Mission for a Referendum in Western Sahara 635w

    United Nations, Festivals and special occasions 77-8w

    Western Sahara, Peace negotiations 1089-90w

Hoyle, Mr Lindsay


    Ammunition, Procurement 1261w

    Business questions 459

    Cricket, Schools 890w

    Farmers, Advisory services 557-8w

    Foot and mouth disease, Disease control 684-5w, 687w

    King's Lancashire and Border Regiment 619-20w

    Lancashire Constabulary, Recruitment 1120w

    Livestock, Waste disposal 677-8w

    NHS, Finance 157

    Parliamentary Communications Directorate 1059w, 1266w

    Taxation, Manufacturing industries 729-30w

    Taxation, Trade competitiveness 733-4w

    Tunnels, Gibraltar 25w

    Zimbabwe, Politics and government 720

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