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Jack, Rt Hon Michael

                  Chamber Debates

    Avian influenza (26.10.2005) 314


    Nuclear power 960

Jackson, Stewart


    Pension Protection Fund 617-8

    Workers' registration scheme 39w


James, Sian C


    Aviation, Finance 225w

    Driving offences, Cellular phones 43w, 940w

    Members, Correspondence 921w

    Road traffic control 1287w

    VAT, Sunbeds 56w

    Welsh language 812


Jenkin, Mr Bernard

                  Chamber Debates

    Railtrack (24.10.2005) 37

                  Westminster Hall Debates


    Combined heat and power, Grants 197w

    East of England Development Agency, Corporate hospitality 1091-2w

    Energy supply 956

    EU emissions trading scheme 701w

    Health services, Essex 269w

    Natural gas, Imports 706w

    Nuclear power 61w

    Radioactive wastes, Storage 295-6w

    Renewable energy 713w

    Tidal power, Severn estuary 305w

Jenkins, Mr Brian

                  Westminster Hall Debates


    Children, Hearing impaired 960w

    Natural gas, Meters 962

    NHS, Finance 162

    Unemployment, Young people 734-5w


Jobcentre Plus

    Information and communications technology 737-8w

Jobseeker's allowance

Johnson, Rt Hon Alan, Secretary of State for Trade and Industry


    Basic skills, Dept of Trade and Industry 699w, 859w

    Breast cancer, Research 831w

    Consultants, Dept of Trade and Industry 1239w

    Consultation papers, Dept of Trade and Industry 1238-40w

    Cost effectiveness, Dept of Trade and Industry 706-7w

    Grants, Dept of Trade and Industry 694w

    Official engagements, Dept of Trade and Industry 382w

    Public expenditure, Dept of Trade and Industry 58w

    Publications, Dept of Trade and Industry 696-7w

    Redundancy, Dept of Trade and Industry 57-8w

    Sick leave, Dept of Trade and Industry 699w

    Vehicles, Dept of Trade and Industry 699-700w

    Voluntary work, Dept of Trade and Industry 61-2w

Johnson, Mr Boris

                  Chamber Debates

    Terrorism Bill, Com (02.11.2005) 870-1, 874

Johnson, Diana R

                  Chamber Debates

    Children's Food Bill, 2R adjourned (28.10.2005) 587

    Electoral Administration Bill, 2R (25.10.2005) 250-2

    Rights of Savers Bill, 2R (28.10.2005) 567-8


    Children in care, Education 447-8

Joint strike fighter aircraft

Jones, David

                  Chamber Debates

    European Union (Accessions) Bill, 2R (01.11.2005) 736-7, 781-2


    Foot and mouth disease, Disease control 683-4w

    Kelly, David, Coroners 1104w

    National Assembly for Wales, Electoral systems 1031w

Jones, Helen M


    Ambulance services, Merseyside 254-5w

    Asthma, Health services 956w

    Bruche Police Training College 345w

    "Higher Standards Better Schools for All White Paper" 443-4

    National Lottery 6-7

    Office for Standards in Education 1181w

    Pupils, Asperger's syndrome 125-6w

Jones, Mr Kevan

                  Chamber Debates


    Health services 839w

    Magnetic resonance imagers 850-1w

    Patient choice schemes 832w

Jones, Dr Lynne

                  Chamber Debates

    Housing, West Midlands (24.10.2005) 142-3, 148

    Terrorism Bill, Com (03.11.2005) 1038

                  Westminster Hall Debates

    Homelessness, Birmingham (25.10.2005) 60-1wh


    Africa, Debts 28w

    Asylum and Immigration Tribunal 1354-5w

    Developing countries, Water 429w

    Education, Finance 387w

    Education, Standards 1176w

    Israel, Frontiers 77w

Jowell, Rt Hon Ms Tessa, Secretary of State for Culture Media and Sport

                  Chamber Debates


    Cultural heritage, Iraq 614-5w

    Digital broadcasting 612w

    Public appointments, Dept for Culture Media and Sport 1075-6w

    Television, Sports 11-2


    Northamptonshire 8w

Judicial review

    Export Credits Guarantee Dept 704w


    Northern Ireland 779w

Junior doctors


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