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Rifkind, Sir Malcolm

                  Chamber Debates


    Employment schemes, Disabled 608w

    Pensions, Reform 611

Right to buy scheme

Rights of Savers Bill 2005-06

                  Chamber Debates

Rights of way

    Disclosure of information 887-8w


River Minsmere

River Severn

River Thames

Road signs and markings

Road traffic

Road traffic control

Road traffic offences

    Diplomatic service 464w

Road Traffic Regulation (Location Filming) Bill 2005-06

                  Chamber Debates

    1R (02.11.2005) 829


Robathan, Mr Andrew



Robertson, Angus

                  Chamber Debates

    European Union (Accessions) Bill, 2R (01.11.2005) 731, 740, 750, 774-7

    Terrorism Bill, Com (02.11.2005) 934

                  Westminster Hall Debates


    BBC, Independent producers 65w

    Kosovo, Politics and government 711-2

Robertson, Hugh


Robertson, John


    Avian influenza 154

Robertson, Mr Laurence

                  Chamber Debates

    Terrorism (Northern Ireland) Bill, 2R (31.10.2005) 684-6

                  Westminster Hall Debates

    Planning, Northern Ireland (01.11.2005) 226-7wh

    Police, South West region (02.11.2005) 324-7wh


    Agriculture, Avian influenza 1041w

    Agriculture, Environment protection 879-80w

    Agriculture, Waste disposal 1045w

    Bovine tuberculosis 692w

    Cancer, Medical treatments 166w

    Children, Protection 210w

    Coeliac disease 833w

    Farmers, Diversification 877-8w

    Freedom of information 10w

    Health services, Gloucestershire 267-8w

    Motor sports, Government assistance 71w

    National Lottery 6

    Police, Reorganisation 354w

    Police Service of Northern Ireland 292

    Terrorism, Northern Ireland 791w

Robinson, Mrs Iris


    Antisocial behaviour orders, Northern Ireland 1217w

    Bovine tuberculosis, Northern Ireland 1006-7w

    Breast cancer, Northern Ireland 784w

    Cancer, Northern Ireland 86-7w

    Census, Northern Ireland 408-9w

    Cervical cancer, Northern Ireland 87w

    Child benefit, Northern Ireland 724w

    Common fisheries policy, Northern Ireland 1011w

    Council housing, Northern Ireland 418w

    Dairy products, Northern Ireland 1012-3w

    Dental services, Northern Ireland 89w

    Disability living allowance, Northern Ireland 414w

    Doctors, Northern Ireland 104w

    Dundonald School, Knockbreda School 423-4w

    Education, Northern Ireland 658w

    Electroconvulsive therapy, Northern Ireland 90w

    Empty property, Strangford 1014w

    Excise duties, Fuels 728w

    Fire services, Crimes of violence 796-7w

    Freedom of information, Northern Ireland Office 90-1w

    General practitioners, Northern Ireland 91w, 1016w

    General practitioners, Pensions 103w

    Hazardous substances, Northern Ireland 1016-7w

    Health professions, Northern Ireland 103w

    Health services, Northern Ireland 92-3w

    Hospitals, Consultants 93-4w

    Judiciary, Females 779w

    Licensing laws, Northern Ireland 1018w

    Liver cancer, Northern Ireland 103w

    Minimum wage, Northern Ireland 1018-9w

    Motor vehicles, Northern Ireland 87w

    National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence, Northern Ireland 790w

    National Lottery 526w

    NHS, Ancillary staff 104w

    NHS, Crimes of violence 1026w

    Northern Ireland education and library boards, Finance 90w

    Northern Ireland health and social services boards, Finance 788-9w

    Nurses, Northern Ireland 105w

    Olympic Games, Northern Ireland 295, 1372w

    Ovarian cancer, Northern Ireland 105w

    Playing fields, Sales 1230w

    Ports, Northern Ireland 91-2w

    Pre-school education, Northern Ireland 420-1w

    Primary education, Northern Ireland 108w, 424w

    Racially aggravated offences, Northern Ireland 110-2w

    Radiography, Northern Ireland 123w

    Recycling, Northern Ireland 1023w

    Schools, Public private partnerships 418w

    Secondary education, Northern Ireland 424w

    Shared ownership schemes, Northern Ireland 413-4w

    Social security benefits, Northern Ireland 637-8w

    Tor Bank School Belfast 663-4w

    Ulster Historical Foundation 425w

    Unemployment, Northern Ireland 800-1w

    Welfare tax credits, Northern Ireland 312w

    Welfare tax credits, Overpayments 732-3w

    Winter fuel payments, Northern Ireland 1029-30w

Robinson, Mr Peter D

                  Chamber Debates

    Electoral Administration Bill, 2R (25.10.2005) 197, 205, 242-4

    Northern Ireland, Points of order (25.10.2005) 188

    Terrorism (Northern Ireland) Bill, 2R (31.10.2005) 660, 669, 678-9


    Alcoholic drinks, Misuse 1003w

    Arms trade, Israel 59w

    Asylum, Applications 38w

    Autism, Northern Ireland 783w

    Big Lottery Fund, Belfast 784w

    Birds, Pest control 1015w

    Breast cancer, Northern Ireland 1219-20w

    Business questions 975

    Children in care, Northern Ireland 649-50w

    Class sizes, Northern Ireland 97w

    Climate change, Northern Ireland 1366w

    Computers, Northern Ireland Office 785w

    Convictions, Northern Ireland 1220w

    Corporation tax, Northern Ireland 48w

    Credit unions, Northern Ireland 1012w

    Customs and Excise, Northern Ireland 725w

    Cycling, Public footpaths 89w

    Dental services, Northern Ireland 790w, 1020w

    Diamorphine, Northern Ireland 642-3w

    Disabled, Northern Ireland 1368w

    Doctors, Northern Ireland 90w

    Driving, Licensing 644w

    Dyslexia, Northern Ireland 1369w

    EAGA Partnership, Complaints 1369w

    Education, Northern Ireland 1223-4w

    Firearms, Crime 788w

    Fireworks, Northern Ireland 1225w

    Football banning orders, Northern Ireland 647w

    Foster care, Northern Ireland 788w

    General practitioners, Northern Ireland 1227w

    Group of Eight, Scotland 91w

    Higher education, Northern Ireland 1028-9w

    Holiday leave, Northern Ireland Office 1221w

    Hospitals, Consultants 785w

    Identification parades, Northern Ireland 95-7w

    Immobilisation of vehicles, Northern Ireland 120-1w

    Insurance, Northern Ireland 648w

    Invalid vehicles, Northern Ireland 1013w

    Iraq-Kuwait conflict, Exservicemen 911w

    Land, Contamination 88-9w

    Lone parents, Northern Ireland 1368-9w

    Low birthweight babies, Northern Ireland 649w

    Lung diseases, Northern Ireland 794w

    McCartney, Robert 795w

    Meningitis, Northern Ireland 789w

    Methicillin resistant staphylococcus aureus, Northern Ireland 1019w

    Motor vehicles, Excise duties 657w

    Neurology, Manpower 1146w

    Newspaper press, Northern Ireland Office 641w

    NHS, Foreign workers 1153w

    Non-departmental public bodies, Northern Ireland 1020w

    Northern Ireland Events Company 420w

    Occupational therapy, Northern Ireland 1227-8w

    Offences against the administration of justice, Northern Ireland 1215-6w

    Olympic Games, Greater London 67w

    Overseas visitors, Entry clearances 45w

    Planning, Inspections 1377w

    Planning permission, Northern Ireland 1022-4w

    Police, Road traffic control 114w

    Police Service of Northern Ireland, Reserve forces 107-8w

    Police stations, Northern Ireland 108w

    Pregnancy, Mentally ill 792w

    Prisoners' release, Northern Ireland 653-4w

    Proceeds of crime, Northern Ireland 636-7w

    Public transport, Northern Ireland 1023w

    Publicity, Northern Ireland Office 641w

    Racially aggravated offences, Northern Ireland 109-10w, 112w

    Recycling, Northern Ireland 94w

    Renewable energy, Northern Ireland 1024w

    Renewable energy, Research 302w

    Repairs and maintenance, Northern Ireland Office 1013w

    Rescue services, Northern Ireland 419w

    Revenue and Customs, Northern Ireland 54w

    Safety belts, Northern Ireland 115-20w

    School leaving, Qualifications 802w

    Schools, Northern Ireland 1025w

    Security guards, Northern Ireland 793w

    Sequestration of assets, Northern Ireland 783w

    Sexual offences, Northern Ireland 119-20w

    Social security benefits, Appeals 1363-4w

    Special educational needs, Northern Ireland 659-62w

    Sports, Tax allowances 1004w

    Suicide, Northern Ireland 661-2w

    Taking and driving away, Northern Ireland 122-3w

    Teachers, Manpower 121w

    Teenage pregnancy, Northern Ireland 121w

    Terrorism, Northern Ireland 293

Rogerson, Daniel

                  Chamber Debates

    Council tax, Petitions (26.10.2005) 424

    Housing, Cumbria (27.10.2005) 510

    Rights of Savers Bill, 2R (28.10.2005) 554

                  Westminster Hall Debates


    Business questions 981

    Electronic equipment, Waste disposal 62w, 701w

    Plastics, Taxation 688w

    Recycling, Small businesses 688-9w

    Waste management 693w

Rolling stock



Rosindell, Mr Andrew


    Afghanistan, Peace keeping operations 515-6w

    Antisocial behaviour orders, Greater London 531w

    Avian influenza, Disease control 873w

    Avian influenza, Vaccination 580w

    Breast cancer, Research 831w

    Children in care, Runaway children 389-90w

    Civil servants, Redundancy 979w

    Class sizes, Primary education 210-2w

    Crime, Festivals and special occasions 933w

    Cross London Rail Links, Directors 866w

    Doctors, Disciplinary proceedings 273w

    Firearms, Young people 1106w

    Floods, Thames Gateway 371w

    Fly tipping, Essex 686w

    Further education, Havering 387-8w

    GCE A level, Greater London 816-7w

    General certificate of secondary education, Greater London 817w

    General certificate of secondary education, Havering 1176-7w

    General certificate of secondary education, Standards 141w

    General practitioners, Working hours 845-6w

    Gifted children, Extracurricular activities 214w

    Health professions, Temporary employment 180w

    Higher education, Dyslexia 810w

    Higher education, Greater London 816w

    Hospitals, Consultants 833w

    Incapacity benefit, Scotland 603-4w

    Indian subcontinent, Earthquakes 508w

    Iraq, EC external relations 749w

    Liberia, Peace keeping operations 428-9w

    Meningitis, Greater London 972-4w

    Notting Hill carnival, Attendance 935w

    Nutrition, Children 1135w

    Olympic Games, Greater London 745w

    Overseas students, Student numbers 390w

    Prisons, Construction 1125w

    Pupils, Discipline 134w

    Pupils, Intimidation 128w

    Pupils, Offensive weapons 221w

    Schools, Computers 131w

    Schools, Playing fields 823w

    Sick leave, Dept for Constitutional Affairs 1161-2w

    Sick leave, Dept for Culture Media and Sport 68w

    Sick leave, Dept for Education and Skills 809w

    Sick leave, Dept for Environment Food and Rural Affairs 368-9w

    Sick leave, Dept for International Development 509-10w

    Sick leave, Dept for Transport 229w

    Sick leave, Dept of Health 576w

    Sick leave, Dept of Trade and Industry 699w

    Sick leave, Foreign and Commonwealth Office 463-4w

    Sick leave, Ministry of Defence 517-8w

    Sick leave, Office of the Deputy Prime Minister 445w

    Smuggling, Drugs 771w

    Students, Fees and charges 996w

    Television, Licensing 900w

    Terrorism, Hoaxes and false alarms 1101w

    Terrorism, Northern Ireland 1219w

    Travelling people 357w

    Young offenders 542w

Rover Group

Rowen, Paul


    Manchester Metrolink 827-8

Royal Fleet Auxiliary

Royal Irish Regiment

Royal Mail

Royal prerogative

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