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Highbury Stadium

Higher civil servants

    Dept for Culture Media and Sport 1611w

    Dept for Environment Food and Rural Affairs 1377-8w

    Dept of Trade and Industry 2044w

    Social Security Agency 1973w

Higher education

"Higher Standards Better Schools for All White Paper"

Highlands of Scotland

    Postal services (22.11.2005) 391-9wh

Highways Agency

Hill livestock allowances

Hillier, Meg

                  Chamber Debates

    Climate Change and Sustainable Energy Bill, 2R (11.11.2005) 591

    Northern Ireland (Offences) Bill, 2R (23.11.2005) 1586-8

                  Westminster Hall Debates


    Princess Royal Barracks 899w

    Princess Royal Barracks, Death 59w

    Welfare tax credits 456

    Welfare tax credits, Hackney 642w



Hip replacements

Historic buildings

Historic Buildings and Monuments Commission for England

    see English Heritage

HIV infection

    International assistance 289-91

HM Courts Service

HM Customs and Excise

    see Customs and Excise

HMS Nelson

HMS Sheffield

Hoban, Mr Mark

                  Chamber Debates

                  Westminster Hall Debates

    Secondary education (15.11.2005) 213-5wh


    General certificate of secondary education 940-3w

    Secondary education, Reform 2089w

Hodge, Margaret, Minister of State for Work, Dept for Work and Pensions

                  Chamber Debates

    Incapacity benefit (22.11.2005) 1429-32

                  Written Statements

    Vinyl chloride, Industrial diseases 86ws


    Children, Maintenance 2248w

    Consultants, Dept for Work and Pensions 1668w

    Employment schemes 143w

    Employment schemes, Expenditure 1677-8w

    Employment schemes, Greater London 1677-8w

    General practitioners, Contracts 1670-1w

    Jobcentre Plus, Burslem 797w

    Jobcentre Plus, Crimes of violence 1672-3w

    Jobcentre Plus, Information and communications technology 1666-70w, 1674w

    Jobcentre Plus, Staffordshire 144w

    Jobcentre Plus, Standards 1482w

    Lone parents, Edinburgh 144w

    Lone parents, Welfare tax credits 796-7w

    Low incomes, Greater London 1683w

    Maternity payments, Incapacity benefit 146-7w

    Members, Correspondence 1668w

    Mentally ill, Employment 381-2w

    National insurance, Telephone services 1476-7w

    New deal for skills, Dept for Work and Pensions 377-8w

    New deal for young people, Offenders 1476w

    New deal for young people, Training 378w

    New deal schemes, Standards 1675-6w

    Pathways to work 377w

    Private finance initiative, Dept for Work and Pensions 145-6w

    Sick leave, Obesity 1677w

Hodgson, Sharon


    Gateshead, Dept for Work and Pensions 370-2w

    Olympic Games, Greater London 1223

    Tyne and Wear, Dept for Environment Food and Rural Affairs 479-81w

    Tyne and Wear, Dept of Trade and Industry 528-30w

Hoey, Miss Kate

                  Chamber Debates

    Influenza (22.11.2005) 1378

    Northern Ireland, Points of order (22.11.2005) 1383

    Terrorism Bill, Rep (09.11.2005) 348, 364


Hogg, Rt Hon Douglas

                  Chamber Debates

    Air force (17.11.2005) 1125


    Business questions 1671

Holland Park School

Hollobone, Philip

                  Chamber Debates

    Climate Change and Sustainable Energy Bill, 2R (11.11.2005) 584, 591, 596, 600-1

    European Union (Accessions) Bill, Com and 3R (24.11.2005) 1686

    Management of Energy in Buildings Bill, 2R adjourned (11.11.2005) 650

    Ministers (15.11.2005) 910-1

    Northern Ireland (Offences) Bill, 2R (23.11.2005) 1590, 1596

    Pakistan, Overseas aid (11.11.2005) 667

    Public houses, Violence (16.11.2005) 1075

    Violent Crime Reduction Bill, Rep and 3R (14.11.2005) 775, 787

                  Westminster Hall Debates

    Developing countries, Trade (16.11.2005) 239-41wh

    Local government (23.11.2005) 455wh

    Middle East, Peace negotiations (23.11.2005) 483wh


    A14, Road traffic 889w

    A43, Road traffic 890w

    ACP countries, Common sugar regime 2028-30w

    Aerials, Planning permission 1042-3w

    Agriculture, Tenancy agreements 2035-6w

    Alcoholic drinks, Supermarkets 1260w

    Antisocial behaviour orders 62w

    Armed forces, Cadets 900w

    Armed forces, Kettering 1561w

    Avian influenza, Disease control 2264-5w

    Better Regulation Task Force, Voluntary organisations 535w

    British nationality 845w

    Business questions 1117

    Capital gains tax, Tenants 1573w

    Chemicals, Packaging 1555w

    Classroom assistants, Kettering 112w

    Commonwealth, Overseas aid 1077w

    Council housing, Empty property 1449w

    Council tax, Northamptonshire 177-8w

    Crimes of violence, Offensive weapons 541w

    Diesel fuel, Agriculture 1359w

    Disability living allowance, Kettering 793-4w

    Education, Northern Ireland 1501

    Energy supply, Scotland 810-1

    Farms, Northamptonshire 1843w

    Fire services, Northamptonshire 1444w

    Firearms, Sports 648w

    "Higher Standards Better Schools for All White Paper" 113-4w

    Hospices, Finance 393w

    Illegal immigrants, Kettering 975w

    Industrial health and safety, Fireworks 2251w

    Kettering, Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster 160w

    Kettering, Dept for Constitutional Affairs 164w

    Kettering, Dept for Environment Food and Rural Affairs 319w

    Kettering, Dept for Transport 149w

    Kettering, Dept for Work and Pensions 1006w

    Kettering, Dept of Health 965w

    Kettering, Dept of Trade and Industry 41w

    Kettering, Office of the Deputy Prime Minister 178w

    Malawi, Food aid 289

    Manufacturing industries, Economic situation 1349w

    Manufacturing industries, Northamptonshire 2045-6w

    Middle East, Peace negotiations 175w

    Nature conservation, Northamptonshire 2165w

    Northamptonshire Police, Finance 78w

    Northamptonshire Police, Standards 1767w

    Palace of Westminster, Recycling 1102w

    Parking offences, Databases 1763w

    Pharmaceutical price regulation scheme 827w

    Post offices, Kettering 1108w

    Pre-school education, Publications 1645

    Public sector net cash requirement 329w

    Railways, Trespass 784w

    Regeneration, Northamptonshire 1046w

    Religiously aggravated offences 1264-5w

    Self-employed, Maternity benefits 299w

    Visits abroad, Prime Minister 291w

    Welfare tax credits, Lone parents 796-7w

Holloway, Adam


    Agriculture, Subsidies 490w

    Alcoholic drinks, Children 306w

    Alcoholic drinks, Gravesham 810-1w

    Avian influenza 669w

    Aviation, Pollution control 1221w

    Chronic fatigue syndrome 263w

    Dartford Gravesham and Swanley Primary Care Trust, Finance 632w

    Dartford Gravesham and Swanley Primary Care Trust, Medical treatments 2270w

    Dental services, Gravesham 823-4w

    Digital broadcasting 158w

    Fire services, South East region 181w

    General certificate of secondary education 943w

    Hospitals, Crimes of violence 630w

    Hypertension, Health education 2277w

    Incapacity benefit, Gravesham 1666-7w

    National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence 637w

    Pensioners, Social security benefits 1667w

    Pensions, Gravesham 2126w

    Railways, Gravesham 287w

    Science, General certificate of secondary education 943w

    Trade competitiveness 1216w

Holmes, Paul


    Disabled, Direct payments 1939w

    Social rented housing, Governing bodies 1121-2w

Home detention curfews

    Northern Ireland 585w

    Reoffenders 57w

Home education

Home energy efficiency scheme

Home information packs

Home Office

    Private members bills 989w

    SchlumbergerSema 350w


Homelessness Innovation Fund



Hong Kong


Hood, Mr Jimmy


    Children, Maintenance 2247w

    Industrial diseases, Compensation 1347w

Hoon, Rt Hon Geoffrey, Lord Privy Seal and Leader of the House of Commons

                  Chamber Debates

    Business questions (10.11.2005) 471


    Consultants, Leader of the House of Commons 1393w, 1596w

    Manpower, Leader of the House of Commons 1097w

    Members, Petrol 534w

    Parliamentary scrutiny, Scotland 3w

    Pay, Leader of the House of Commons 1096-7w

    Sinn Fein, Allowances 313w

Hope, Phil, Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State, Dept for Education and Skills


    Adult education, Finance 927w

    Apprentices, Finance 1461w

    Apprentices, Training 106w

    Citizenship, Curriculum 932w

    Education, Internet 2071w

    Education, Young offenders 731w

    Employer training pilots, Finance 601-3w

    Further education, Finance 446w

    Further education, Somerset 1649-51

    Higher education, Student wastage 1958-9w

    Learning and Skills Council for England 1554w

    National skills academies, Capital investment 1460w

    National vocational qualifications, Plumbing 2092-3w

    Olympic Games, Greater London 457w

    Polish Resettlement Act 1947 2093w

    Qualifications, Unemployed 603-4w

    Schools, Avian influenza 445w

    Secondary education, Wellingborough 2168-9w

    Sector skills councils 1627w

    Small Business Service, Training 1555w

    UK Register of learning providers 948-9w

    Vocational education, Coventry 1631w

Hopkins, Mr Kelvin

                  Chamber Debates

    Electoral Administration Bill, Com (08.11.2005) 273


    Adult education, Finance 944w

    Education, Finance 936w

    Olympic Games, Greater London 1230

    Service industries, Discrimination 525w

Horam, Mr John

                  Chamber Debates

    Electoral Administration Bill, Com (08.11.2005) 197-8

Horse racing

Horserace Totalisator Board



    Non-departmental public bodies 35-6ws

Horwood, Martin

                  Chamber Debates

    Climate Change and Sustainable Energy Bill, 2R (11.11.2005) 622

    Management of Energy in Buildings Bill, 2R adjourned (11.11.2005) 651, 655, 663

                  Westminster Hall Debates

    Medicine, Research (09.11.2005) 81-6wh


    Consultants, Cabinet Office 1594-5w

    Consultants, Dept for Constitutional Affairs 2136-7w

    Consultants, Dept for Culture Media and Sport 1402-5w

    Consultants, Dept for Education and Skills 1619-20w

    Consultants, Dept for Transport 1540-1w

    Consultants, Dept for Work and Pensions 1668w

    Consultants, Leader of the House of Commons 1596w

    Consultants, Ministry of Defence 1562-3w

    Consultants, Northern Ireland Office 1632-4w

    Consultants, Office of the Deputy Prime Minister 1689w, 2061w

    Consultants, Office of the Secretary of State for Wales 2066w

    Consultants, Scotland Office 2228w

    Consultants, Treasury 1573w

    Heroin, Burma 65w

Hosie, Stewart

                  Chamber Debates

    Incapacity benefit (22.11.2005) 1398, 1408

    Violent Crime Reduction Bill, Rep and 3R (14.11.2005) 774, 793-5


    Business, Grants 39w

    Constituencies, Scotland 562w

    Public expenditure, Scotland 328-9w


Hospital beds

    Accident and emergency departments 1711w

    Sheppey Community Hospital 277w

    Sittingbourne Memorial Hospital 277w

Hospital wards


    Administrative delays 2023w

    Private finance initiative 232w


House insurance

House of Commons

House of Commons annunciator system

    Digital broadcasting 876w

House of Commons Information Office

House of Commons Refreshment Dept

    see Refreshment Dept

House of Lords



Housing Act 2004


Housing associations

Housing benefit

Housing improvement

Housing revenue accounts

Howard, Rt Hon Michael

                  Chamber Debates

    Natural gas (23.11.2005) 1510

    Terrorism Bill, Rep (09.11.2005) 336-7


Howarth, David

                  Chamber Debates

    Council Tax (New Valuation Lists for England) Bill, 2R (07.11.2005) 50, 69, 80-3

    Management of Energy in Buildings Bill, 2R adjourned (11.11.2005) 653

    Terrorism Bill, Rep (09.11.2005) 332-3

    Terrorism Bill, 3R (10.11.2005) 493, 515

                  Westminster Hall Debates

    Local government (23.11.2005) 465-7wh


    Business questions 1669

    Housing revenue accounts 2233w

    Property, Office of the Deputy Prime Minister 659-60w

    Sustainable development, Office of the Deputy Prime Minister 360w, 843-4w

    Transport, EC grants and loans 2214-5w

    Transport, Expenditure 2217w

Howarth, Mr George

                  Chamber Debates

    Terrorism Bill, Rep (09.11.2005) 426


    British Transport Police, Retirement 1223-4w

    Buildings, Dept for Transport 1225w

    Cellular phones, Dept for Transport 1542-3w

    Container terminals, Bathside Bay 505w

    Cost effectiveness, Dept for Transport 1226w

    Cross London Rail Links, Labour turnover 288w

    Cycleways, Construction 680w

    Manpower, Dept for Transport 507w

    Motor vehicles, Office of Fair Trading 1389-90w

    Port of London Authority 1143w

    Ports, Container terminals 1233w

    Ports, Felixstowe 508w

    Rail Passengers Council 1149w

    Rail Passengers Council, Standards 682w

    Railways, Cellular phones 1231w

    Railways, Corporate hospitality 2218w

    Railways, Passengers 2218w

    Railways, Penalty fares 1234w

    Railways, Standards 1236w

    Rapid transit systems 1228w

    Road traffic offences, Cycling 1855w

    South Eastern Trains, Standards 288w, 896w

    Strategic Rail Authority 1138w

Howarth, Mr Gerald

                  Chamber Debates

    Defence, Points of order (22.11.2005) 1384, (24.11.2005) 1678

    Equality Bill, 2R (21.11.2005) 1243-4

    Logistics (08.11.2005) 164-6


    Defence, Expenditure 1564w

    Olympic Games, Greater London 1223-4

    Swan Hunter Shipbuilders 559w

    Warrior armoured vehicle 1571w

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