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Public Administration in Northern Ireland Review

Public appointments

    Animal Procedures Committee 25ws

    Criminal Cases Review Commission 25ws

    Cross London Rail Links 149w

    Office of Surveillance Commissioners 50ws

    Postal Services Commission 1109w

    West Gloucestershire Primary Care Trust 1303w

Public bodies

Public buildings

Public expenditure

    Dept for Constitutional Affairs 2139-40w

    Dept for Culture Media and Sport 89w

    Dept for Education and Skills 1944-5w

    Dept for Environment Food and Rural Affairs 1837w

    Dept for Work and Pensions 1670w

    Foreign and Commonwealth Office 2240w

Public holidays

Public houses

Public inquiries

Public lavatories

Public libraries

Public order

Public places

    Alcoholic drinks 64w

Public private partnerships

    Forensic Science Service 539w

Public protection panels

Public relations

    Dept for Work and Pensions 2124w

    Ministry of Defence 1567w

    Northern Ireland Office 587w

Public sector

    Information and communications technology 502w

Public sector debt

    Private finance initiative 1210w

Public sector net cash requirement

Public service

Public service vehicles

Public transport

    Crimes of violence 524w



Pugh, Dr John

                  Chamber Debates

    Electoral Administration Bill, Com (08.11.2005) 187, 195, 199

                  Westminster Hall Debates

    Local government (23.11.2005) 460-2wh

    Secondary education (15.11.2005) 196wh


    Driving offences, Proof of identity 59w

Pupil exclusions

    Northern Ireland 427w


    Per capita costs 715w

Purnell, James, Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State, Dept for Culture Media and Sport


    Alcoholic drinks, Children 306w

    Alcoholic drinks, Young people 972-3w

    BBC Trust, Scotland 2225w

    Broadcasting programmes, Telephone services 2059w

    Digital broadcasting, Coventry 1821w

    Digital broadcasting, Elderly 154w

    Digital broadcasting, Pendle 1405-6w

    Digital broadcasting, Wales 1219

    Football, Broadcasting 305w

    Licensing laws, Applications 2226-7w

    Licensing laws, Fees and charges 2229w

    Licensing laws, Schools 1406w


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