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Big Lottery Fund


bin Laden, Osama


Binley, Brian

                  Chamber Debates

    Council Tax (New Valuation Lists for England) Bill, Rep and 3R (01.12.2005) 422-5, 428, 437, 450, 464, 466

    EC budget (19.12.2005) 1577

                  Westminster Hall Debates

    Police, Northamptonshire (30.11.2005) 144wh, 148wh

    Special educational needs (29.11.2005) 36-9wh


    Burma, Human rights 1179w

    Climate change, Pollution control 1599w

    Members, Correspondence 2071w

    Mental health services, Tribunals 2630w



    Departmental responsibilities 304w

Biological and Toxin Weapons Convention


Biosafety Protocol


    Inspections 6w

Birds of prey

Birmingham Airport

Birmingham Children's Hospital NHS Trust

    Mental health services 1799w

Birth rate


    Community development (13.12.2005) 1276-84


Blackman, Mrs Liz

                  Chamber Debates

    Childcare Bill, 2R (28.11.2005) 26

    Work and Families Bill, 2R (05.12.2005) 660-1

Blackman-Woods, Roberta

                  Chamber Debates

    Childcare Bill, 2R (28.11.2005) 85-8

    Dental services, Durham (01.12.2005) 490-3, 495


    Breast cancer, Medical treatments 712-3w

    Doctors, Training 1689

    Females, Business 670w

    Wheelchairs, Waiting lists 2220w

Blair, Rt Hon Tony, Prime Minister, First Lord of the Treasury and Minister for the Civil Service

                  Chamber Debates

    EC budget (19.12.2005) 1580

                  Written Statements

    Civil Service Commission, Public appointments 201-2ws

    Committee on Standards in Public Life, Government responses 172-3ws

    Commonwealth Heads of Government Conference 10-1ws

    Euro-Mediterranean Partnership 12ws

    Members, Telephone tapping 173ws

    Public sector, Business interests 202ws


    Afghanistan, Detainees 1686w

    Air pollution, Pollution control 864-5

    al-Jazeera Satellite Television 23w

    Antisocial behaviour 1294

    Army Prosecuting Authority 289w

    Billing, Prime Minister 1686w

    Buildings, Prime Minister 1685w

    Bus services, Concessions 1300

    Bus services, South Yorkshire 265

    Canada, Foreign relations 1292w

    Capital punishment 1300

    Catering, Prime Minister 2398w

    Citygate Public Affairs, Prime Minister 1685w

    Commission for Africa 23w

    Common sugar regime, Reform 1039w

    Community family trusts 865

    Community hospitals 264

    Conferences, Prime Minister 2399w

    Contracts, Prime Minister 1292w

    Cost effectiveness, Prime Minister 1037w

    Crime, West Yorkshire 263-4

    Developing countries, Trade 1298

    EC budget, Rebates 866

    Economic situation 866

    Economic situation, Wales 257-8

    Equal opportunities, Prime Minister 622w

    Ethiopia, Human rights 1686w

    Festivals and special occasions, Prime Minister 621w

    Former members, Prime Minister 2399w

    Freedom of information, Prime Minister 622w

    Gifts and endowments, Prime Minister 1292w

    Health services, Paddington 266

    Hospitals, Eastbourne 1301

    Hospitals, Worcestershire 260

    Housing, Low incomes 863-4

    Intelligence and Security Committee 289w

    Iraq, Politics and government 622w

    Labour Party, Donors 622w

    Libyan Arab Republic, Freedom of expression 1684-5w

    Local government finance, Dumbartonshire 863

    Local government finance, Enfield 1297-8

    London Underground, Overcrowding 2399w

    Maternity benefits 865

    Mediterranean region, EC external relations 264-5

    Members, Telephone tapping 2398w

    Middle East, Peace negotiations 1302

    Minimum wage, Service charges 1301

    Ministers, Pensions 1292w

    Newspaper press, Armed forces 1299

    Non-domestic rates, Prime Minister 1685w

    Official engagements, Prime Minister 257, 860, 1294

    Official residences 816w

    Official visits, Shrewsbury 817w

    Olympic Games, Greater London 1302

    Oral questions, Prime Minister 261

    Organised crime, Drugs 1297

    Pensioners, Means tested benefits 263

    Police, Cheshire 860

    Police, Greater London 261

    Police, Reorganisation 266

    Politics and government 867

    Politics and government, Public participation 860

    Primary care trusts, Reorganisation 265-6

    Productivity 863

    Public appointments, Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster 1684w

    Public opinion, Prime Minister 1687w

    Public relations, Prime Minister 1685w

    Public sector, Early retirement 1129-30w

    Republic of Ireland, Prime Minister 2653w

    Resignations, Prime Minister 2653w

    Retirement, Prime Minister 261-2

    Road traffic control, Taunton 866-7

    St George's Hospital Tooting, Standards 862

    Saudi Arabia, European fighter aircraft 1038w

    Science, Capital investment 263

    Secondment, Prime Minister 2399w

    Select committees, Ministerial policy advisors 623w

    Shields, Michael 261

    Shrewsbury, Prime Minister 1039w

    Sick leave, Prime Minister 622-3w

    Smoking, Public places 867-8

    Sudan, Peace keeping operations 868

    Sure start programme 868

    Swindon Borough Council, Standards 1298-9

    Taxis, Prime Minister 2400w

    Terrorism, Detainees 867

    Terrorism, Greater London 1303-4

    Unemployment, Preston 260

    World War I, Church services 621-2w

Blears, Ms Hazel, Minister of State, Home Office

                  Chamber Debates

                  Westminster Hall Debates

                  Written Statements

    Antisocial behaviour orders 194-5ws


    Alcoholic drinks, Young people 32-3w

    Antisocial behaviour, Bexhill 426w

    Antisocial behaviour, East Sussex 1105-6w

    Antisocial behaviour orders, Bexhill 426w

    Antisocial behaviour orders, Doncaster 1908-9w

    Antisocial behaviour orders, Young offenders 1105w

    Bruche Police Training College 428w

    Building Safer Communities Fund, Croydon 1909w

    Burglary, Detection rates 434w

    CID, Hertfordshire 33w

    Community development, Conferences 1112w

    Community support officers 966-7w

    Community support officers, East Sussex 745w

    Community support officers, Gravesham 430w

    Community support officers, Pay 430w

    Council tax, Valuation 1106w

    Crime, Alcoholic drinks 471w

    Crime, Small businesses 432w

    Crime prevention, Croydon 435-6w

    Crime prevention, Finance 432-3w

    Crime prevention, Greater London 1355-6w

    Crime prevention, Rights of way 465w

    Crime prevention, Small businesses 431-2w

    Crimes of violence 471w

    Crimes of violence, Gravesham 471-2w

    Crimes of violence, Kent 746-7w

    Crimes of violence, Licensed premises 1113w

    Crimes of violence, Prosecutions 502w

    Criminal Justice and Public Order Act 1994 1357w

    EC Foreign Affairs Council 446w

    Essex Police, Manpower 1926w

    Firearms, Licensing 2899w

    Gloucestershire Constabulary 1931-2w

    Homicide, Young people 1921w

    Imitation guns, Essex 750w

    Independent Police Complaints Commission 750-1w

    Independent Police Complaints Commission, Disclosure of information 458w

    Independent Police Complaints Commission, Pay 1107w

    Investigatory Powers Tribunal 450-1w

    Investigatory Powers Tribunal, Complaints 450w

    Kidnapping, Greater London 32-3w

    Law enforcement, EC countries 470w

    Metropolitan Police 454w

    Metropolitan Police, Corruption 452w

    Metropolitan Police, Helicopters 457-8w

    Metropolitan Police, Manpower 1929w

    Metropolitan Police, Stun guns 470w

    National Policing Improvement Agency 751w

    National security, Disclosure of information 46w

    Notting Hill carnival 453w

    Nurseries, Intimidation 1109w

    Offensive weapons, Amnesties 2909w

    Offensive weapons, Convictions 1916-8w

    Offensive weapons, Crime 602-4

    Offensive weapons, Electronic commerce 472w, 580w

    Off-licences, Prosecutions 32-3w

    Police, Disclosure of information 2900w

    Police, Electronic equipment 752w

    Police, Procurement 458w

    Police authorities, Wales 755-6w

    Police custody, Children 456w

    Police custody, Death 1357w

    Police custody, Medical examinations 749w

    Police patrolling, Bicycles 2902w

    Police stations, Closures 458-9w

    Princess Royal Barracks 434-5w

    Protest, Countryside Alliance 745w

    Sale of goods law, Kent 746w

    Sexual offences 455w

    Stop and search, Greater London 1367w

    Terrorism, Greater London 1920w

    Terrorism Bill 2005-06 1367w

    Thames Valley Police, Public appointments 47w

    Vandalism, Lancashire 49w

    Vetting, Administrative delays 1911w


    see Sight impaired

Blizzard, Mr Bob

                  Chamber Debates

    Internet, Fraud (19.12.2005) 1680-6


    Alcoholic drinks, Crime 598-9

    BBC, Royal charters 2522w

    Employment agencies 376

    Incapacity benefit, Reform 10

    Offshore industry, Taxation 2115w

    Television, Licensing 1551


Blue badge scheme

    Northern Ireland 694w

Blunt, Mr Crispin

                  Chamber Debates

                  Westminster Hall Debates


    Business questions 1005

    Middle East, Peace negotiations 127

    Surrey Police, Terrorism Bill 2005-06 2900-1w

    Terrorism, Detainees 48-9w

    World War II, Exservicemen 1875w

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