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Gibb, Mr Nick

                  Chamber Debates

    Council tax, Petitions (20.12.2005) 1805


    Annual reports, Dept for Education and Skills 940-1w

    Armed forces, Training 1037w

    Basic skills, Dept for Education and Skills 478w

    Basic skills, Dept of Trade and Industry 1300w

    Basic skills, Home Office 39w

    Basic skills, Solicitor-General 321w

    Basic skills, Standards 2421w

    Children, Day care 858w

    Coastal erosion, Southern region 2664-5w

    Electronic government, Dept for Education and Skills 1537w

    Excise duties, Biofuels 2262w

    Geography, Primary education 1162w

    Grants, Dept for Education and Skills 943-4w

    Improvement and Development Agency for Local Government 2828-9w

    Local education authorities, Manpower 777-8w

    Ministerial policy advisors, Dept for Education and Skills 1540w

    Primary education, Standards 774-5w

    Recycling, West Sussex 1515w

    School councils 187w

    Schools, Investors in People 773-4w

    Schools, Selection 486w

    Specialist schools 784w

    Specialist schools, Admissions 783-4w

    Teachers, Reserve forces 824w

    Teachers, Training 483w

    Voluntary work, Dept for Work and Pensions 2873w

    Youth services, Advisory bodies 1536w


Gibraltar Services Police

Gibson, Dr Ian

                  Chamber Debates

    Health Bill, 2R (29.11.2005) 160

                  Westminster Hall Debates


    Business questions 390

    Carbon dioxide, Pollution control 94w

    Homelessness, Norfolk 1509w

    New businesses, Females 1139w

    Office for Fair Access 2205w

    Primary care trusts, Norfolk 279w

    Regional planning and development, Science 1834w

    Renewable energy 897w

    School improvement partners 1703w

    Schools Commissioner 1175w

Gidley, Sandra

                  Chamber Debates

    Health Bill, 2R (29.11.2005) 213


    Ambulance services, Hampshire 2611w

    Cervical cancer, Screening 270-1w

    Children, Protection 171w

    Females, Pensions 382

    Members, Correspondence 2639w

    Prescription drugs, Internet 404-5w

    Southampton General Hospital, Accident and emergency departments 2599w

    Southampton University Hospitals NHS Trust, Caesarean sections 843w

    Southampton University Hospitals NHS Trust, Midwives 274-5w

Gift aid

Gifted children

Gifts and endowments

Gillan, Mrs Cheryl

                  Chamber Debates

    Hertfordshire Oil Storage Terminal (12.12.2005) 1115-6


    National Offender Management Service 1713w

    Nurseries, Intimidation 1109w

    Public appointments, Home Office 1353w

Gilroy, Linda

                  Chamber Debates

    Defence (15.12.2005) 1472

    World Trade Organisation (20.12.2005) 1720


    New deal for disabled people 2457-8w

    Organised crime, Drugs 1297



Global Fund to Fight AIDS Tuberculosis and Malaria

Global Opportunities Fund


    NHS treatment centres 2628w

    Sure start programme 1337w

Gloucestershire Constabulary


Goggins, Paul, Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State, Home Office

                  Westminster Hall Debates

    Police, Northamptonshire (30.11.2005) 145-50wh

                  Written Statements

    Royal Patriotic Fund Corporation 100ws


    Alcoholic drinks, Crimes of violence 2874w

    Alcoholic drinks, Misuse 425-6w

    Alcoholic drinks, Public places 599-602w

    Animal welfare, Convictions 2876w

    Antisocial behaviour, Wirral 594-5

    Aviation and Maritime Securities Act 1990 590-1w

    Cannabis, Afghanistan 2877w

    Cannabis, Southend on Sea 1356w

    Cellular phones, Internet 597-8w

    Charities, Religious orders 2222w

    Coltsfoot Consultants, Home Office 429w

    Corruption, Public service 2220w

    Countryside and Rights of Way Act 2000, Prosecutions 974w

    Dangerous driving, Convictions 2035w

    Driving offences, Reparation by offenders 2905-6w

    Driving under influence, Disqualification 2874-5w

    Driving under influence, Easington 973w

    Essex Police, Accidents 457w

    European Convention on Action against Trafficking in Human Beings 448w, 2900w

    Festivals and special occasions, Home Office 987w

    Futurebuilders England 447w

    Human trafficking, Eastern Europe 967w

    Immobilisation of vehicles 2258w

    Immobilisation of vehicles, Licensing 472-3w

    Licensing laws, Convictions 589-90w

    Local authorities, Community relations 2878-9w

    Motor vehicles, Licensing 968w

    New Roads and Street Works Act 1991 453w

    Police, Bureaucracy 967w

    Police, Road traffic control 2905-6w

    Pornography, Newspaper press 2228w

    Proceeds of crime, Heathrow Airport 461-2w

    Racially aggravated offences 967w

    Rape, Victim support schemes 2230w

    Retail trade, Prosecutions 449w

    Road traffic offences, Antisocial behaviour orders 580w

    Road traffic offences, Cycling 2222-4w

    Sequestration of assets, International cooperation 969w

    Sexual offences, Rehabilitation 763w, 999w

    Sexual offences, Victim support schemes 968w

    Skills for Security 2906w

    Speed limits, Fines 469w

    Speed limits, Hertfordshire 468w

    Speed limits, Prosecutions 2260w

    Taking and driving away, Essex 465w

    UN Convention Against Corruption 2907w

Goldsworthy, Julia

                  Chamber Debates

    Dept of Health (08.12.2005) 1030-4


    Child Support Agency, Maladministration 70-1w

    Child Support Agency, Standards 20-2

    Dentistry, Fees and charges 1801w

    Former members, Dept for Constitutional Affairs 2772w

    Former members, Dept for International Development 2515w

    Former members, Dept for Transport 2315w

    Former members, Foreign and Commonwealth Office 2491w

    Former members, Ministry of Defence 2347w

    Former members, Office of the Deputy Prime Minister 2831w

    Former members, Prime Minister 2399w

    NHS, Reorganisation 1814w

    Public appointments, Cabinet Office 2177w

    Public appointments, Leader of the House of Commons 2237w

    Public appointments, Treasury 1834w

    Vaccination, Licensing 2157w


Good Hope Hospital NHS Trust

Goodman, Helen

                  Chamber Debates

    Pre-Budget Report 2005 (05.12.2005) 623


    Arms trade, Former ministers 676w

    Civil servants, Private sector 819-20w

    Developing countries, Trade agreements 1278w

    Employment schemes, Finance 1755-6w

    Public expenditure, Home Office 2226w

    Secondment, Ministry of Defence 820w

    Terrorism, Compensation 2036w

Goodman, Mr Paul

                  Chamber Debates

    Child Support Agency, Points of order (01.12.2005) 405

    Childcare Bill, 2R (28.11.2005) 24, 36, 57-9

                  Westminster Hall Debates


    Child Support Agency, Career structure 610w

    Child Support Agency, Compensation 2858-9w

    Child Support Agency, Discrimination 609w

    Child Support Agency, Information and communications technology 1546w

    Child Support Agency, Training 2857w

    Children, Maintenance 2858w

    Electronic Data Systems, Dept for Work and Pensions 609w

    Housing benefit, Appeals 423w

    Income support, Appeals 2453w

    Indian subcontinent, Earthquakes 1488-92w

    Local housing allowance 1762w

    Military aid, Pakistan 1873w

    Ministerial policy advisors, Dept for Work and Pensions 2460-1w

    Standard local housing allowance 2866-7w

    Sure start programme, Expenditure 1705-6w

Goodwill, Robert

                  Chamber Debates


    Pensions 11

Gove, Michael

                  Chamber Debates

    Oral question time intervention (08.12.2005) 981


    Common agricultural policy, Trade agreements 22-3w

    Developing countries, HIV infection 1275w

    Economic situation, Statistics 1007w

    Equal pay, Public sector 381

    World Trade Organisation, EC external trade 113w

Governing bodies

Government Art Collection

Government assistance

Government Decontamination Service

Government departments

    Equal opportunities 2055w

Government of Wales Act 1998


Government of Wales Bill 2005-06

                  Chamber Debates

    1R (08.12.2005) 1020

Government offices for the regions

    Office of the Deputy Prime Minister 2564w

Government responses

    Committee on Standards in Public Life 172-3ws

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