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Mobile homes

    Electoral register 743w

Mobile phone masts

    see Aerials

Mobile phones

    see Cellular phones

Moffat, Anne

                  Westminster Hall Debates

    Energy supply, Scotland (01.12.2005) 168wh


    Business questions 394

    Devolution, Scotland 1215

    Dungavel Detention Centre 982w

    Nuclear power stations, Planning permission 1011w

    State retirement pensions, East Lothian 1212w

    Television, Licensing 674w

Moffatt, Laura

                  Chamber Debates

    Pensions (30.11.2005) 277

    Police (19.12.2005) 1670

                  Westminster Hall Debates

    Olympic Games, Greater London (30.11.2005) 115-7wh


Mole, Mr Chris


    Developing countries, Trade 122-3

    Economic growth, Skilled workers 1445w


Money laundering

Money lenders




Moon, Madeleine

                  Chamber Debates

    Childcare Bill, 2R (28.11.2005) 76-81, 84

    Work and Families Bill, 2R (05.12.2005) 696-8


    Child Trust Fund 76w

    Council tax, Valuation 956w

    Criminal Records Bureau, Wales 746w

    Deportation, Jordan 1526w

    Deportation, Treaties 2356w

    Family courts 46w

    Job creation 977

    Mining, Planning permission 1515w

    Nature conservation 2209w

    Schools, Transport 486w

    Stamp duties 81w

    Stamp duties, Telephone services 81w

    Stamp duty land tax 80-1w

    Vetting, Teachers 592w

Moore, Mr Michael

                  Chamber Debates

    Armed Forces Bill, 2R (12.12.2005) 1153-7

    Defence (15.12.2005) 1471


    Afghanistan, Politics and government 1092-3

    Defence equipment, Exhibitions 2338-9w


Moran, Margaret

                  Chamber Debates

    Local government finance (05.12.2005) 640-1


    Empty property, Compulsory purchase 196w

    Futurebuilders England 447w

    Housing, Eastern region 195-6w

Morden, Jessica


    Licensing laws, Wales 254

Morecambe Bay Primary Care Trust

Morgan, Julie

                  Chamber Debates

    Work and Families Bill, 2R (05.12.2005) 650, 672-4


    Business questions 1002

    Commission for Equality and Human Rights 666w

    HIV infection, Overseas aid 983-4

    House of Commons, Cleaning services 1233-4

    Pensioners, Housing benefit 2440w

Morley, Mr Elliot, Minister of State for the Environment, Dept of Environment Food and Rural Affairs


    Advisory Committee on Pesticides, Disclosure of information 2667w, 2670w

    Agriculture, Nuclear power stations 2670w

    Air pollution, Pollution control 2209w

    Biofuels, Northamptonshire 2663w

    Biofuels, Winkleigh 1601w

    Central heating, Leeds 1594w

    Central heating, Pensioners 2010w

    Climate change, Atlantic Ocean 1596w

    Climate change, Developing countries 1431-3

    Climate change, Flood control 2012-3w

    Climate change, Pollution control 1599w

    Climate change, Standards 1594w

    Climate change, USA 1597w

    Coastal areas, Flood control 1433

    Coastal erosion, Southern region 2664-5w

    Combined heat and power, Standards 304-5w

    Companies, Environment protection 1293w

    Contracts, Dept for Environment Food and Rural Affairs 2009w

    Cuckmere Valley 651w

    Energy, Service industries 507w

    Environment Agency 310w

    Environment protection, EC internal trade 2669w

    Environment protection, Monitoring 508w

    EU emissions trading scheme 310w

    EU Global Monitoring for Environment and Security Satellite System 1597-8w

    Floods, River Severn 2668w

    Floods, River Thames 1088w

    Forests, Environment protection 308w

    Government Decontamination Service 2208-9w

    Hill farming, Radiation exposure 2008w

    Home energy efficiency scheme, Middlesbrough 2663-4w

    Home energy efficiency scheme, Nottinghamshire 318w

    Home energy efficiency scheme, Tamworth 513w

    Industrial wastes, Waste disposal 511-2w

    Pesticides, Health hazards 2015w

    Pesticides, Residues 1601w

    Radioactive Waste Policy Group 510w

    Sewers, Private property 19w

    Sustainable development 654w

    Thermal insulation, Government assistance 2385-6w

    Water, International conferences 2212w

    Wood, Dept for Environment Food and Rural Affairs 2393-4w



Moss, Mr Malcolm

                  Chamber Debates

    Millennium dome, Points of order (01.12.2005) 403


    Business questions 399

    Licensing Act 2003 1547


    Custodial treatment 2356w

Motor vehicles

    Private property 325w


    Antisocial behaviour 601-2


Mountford, Kali


    Sure start programme 868

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