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Skilled workers

Skills for Security

Skin cancer

Skinner, Mr Dennis

                  Chamber Debates

    Economic growth (08.12.2005) 988

    Oral question time intervention (06.12.2005) 736

    Terrorism (Northern Ireland) Bill, Rep and 3R (30.11.2005) 272


    Crimes of violence 587

    Doctors, Training 1690

Skinner, Dennis

    Members' suspension (08.12.2005) 989

Skyguard radar




Sleeping rough

Small Business Service

Small businesses

    Electronic government 378-9

    Equal opportunities 669w

Small claims

Small firms loan guarantee scheme

Smith, Rt Hon Andrew

                  Chamber Debates

    Pre-Budget Report 2005 (05.12.2005) 621


    Class sizes, Oxford 2404w

    Disability Discrimination Act 1995 611-3w

    Free school meals, Oxfordshire 478-80w

    Japanese knotweed 509w

    Taxation, Immigrants 1794w

    UN Protocol on Illicit Manufacture and Trafficking Firearms 2497w

    Winter fuel payments, Oxford 2002-3w

Smith, Angela C (Sheffield Hillsborough)


    Industrial health and safety, Training 613-4w

    New deal schemes, Industrial health and safety 618-9w

    Voluntary work, Accidents 1896w

Smith, Angela E, (Basildon), Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State, Northern Ireland Office

                  Westminster Hall Debates

    Agriculture, Northern Ireland (14.12.2005) 446-50wh

                  Written Statements

    Capital investment, Northern Ireland 157ws

    Public expenditure, Northern Ireland 154-7ws

    Secondary education, Northern Ireland 101ws


    Abandoned vehicles, Northern Ireland 369w

    Agriculture, Subsidies 1069w

    Alcoholic drinks, Northern Ireland 370-1w

    Alcoholism, Northern Ireland 2090w

    Animal feed, Northern Ireland 1068w

    Apprentices, Northern Ireland 2580w

    Assembly Ombudsman for Northern Ireland 2753w

    Assessments, Northern Ireland 1739w

    Automatic number plate recognition, Northern Ireland 1752w

    Basic skills, Northern Ireland 2590w

    Bovine tuberculosis, Northern Ireland 2091-3w

    Carers, Northern Ireland 624w

    Children Fund, Northern Ireland 1073w

    Chlorofluorocarbons, Northern Ireland 624w

    Citizenship, Education 373w

    Civil servants, Career structure 2093-4w

    Civil servants, Conflict of interests 1377-8w

    Civil servants, Northern Ireland 2582-3w

    Community relations, Northern Ireland 1070w, 2244w

    Conservation areas, Northern Ireland 373-4w

    Consultants, Northern Ireland Office 374w

    Cultural heritage, Portadown 393w

    Death, Northern Ireland 2579w

    Demolition, Belfast 2756w

    Disabled, Northern Ireland 2583w

    Disabled, Northern Ireland Office 2239-40w

    Drugs, Northern Ireland 377w

    EC grants and loans, Northern Ireland 2097w

    Educational psychology, Northern Ireland 2591-2w

    Elderly, Northern Ireland 1069w

    Electricity, Prices 1378w

    Electronic government, Northern Ireland 1257-8w

    Employment, Northern Ireland 2756-8w

    Employment schemes, Northern Ireland 1381w

    Energy, Northern Ireland Office 1073w

    Energy supply, Northern Ireland 1071w

    Equal opportunities, Public sector 1473w

    Extracurricular activities, Northern Ireland 2584-5w

    Farmers, Northern Ireland 2751w

    Fisheries, Isle of Man 1474w

    Fisheries, Northern Ireland 2585w

    Foreign investment in UK, Northern Ireland 1379w

    Foyle and Londonderry College 2596-8w

    Free school meals, Northern Ireland 2240w

    Freedom of information, Northern Ireland Office 378w

    Fruit, Northern Ireland 1241w

    General certificate of secondary education, Northern Ireland 374w

    Government assistance, Northern Ireland 1742w

    Health education, Sex 1737w

    Hedges and ditches, Northern Ireland 1258-9w

    Housing, Belfast 380w

    Invest Northern Ireland, Grants 2752w

    Local government, Reorganisation 1381-2w

    Local Government Finance Funding Changes Independent Inquiry, Northern Ireland Office 1074w

    Military bases, Northern Ireland 1076w

    Motor vehicles, Northern Ireland 1751-2w

    Non-departmental public bodies, Northern Ireland 389w, 2754w

    Non-departmental public bodies, Northern Ireland Office 1742-4w

    Northern Ireland Commissioner for Victims and Survivors 2094w

    Northern Ireland Council for the Curriculum Examinations Etc 1736-7w

    Northern Ireland Equality Commission 1379w

    Northern Ireland Executive, Video conferencing 1384w

    Northern Ireland Executive Dept of Agriculture and Rural Development, Irish language 1741-2w

    Northern Ireland Executive Dept of Finance and Personnel, Freedom of information 2238w

    Northern Ireland Executive Dept of the Environment 1383-4w

    Office of the First Minister and Deputy First Minister (Northern Ireland Executive), Manpower 2750w

    Office of the First Minister and Deputy First Minister (Northern Ireland Executive), Secondment 2753-4w

    Overseas students, Northern Ireland 2754w

    Passports, Northern Ireland 1266w

    Pedestrian crossings, Northern Ireland 635w

    Personnel management, Northern Ireland 1377-9w

    Pest control, Lough Neagh 1753w

    Planning permission, Northern Ireland 1267w

    Power failures, Northern Ireland 2241w

    Pregnant women, Death 1076w

    Pre-school education, Northern Ireland 390w

    Pricewaterhouse Coopers, Northern Ireland Executive 1745w

    Pricewaterhouse Coopers, Northern Ireland Office 1078w, 2590w

    Primary education, Class sizes 1734-6w

    Primary education, Coleraine 391w

    Primary education, Northern Ireland 634w, 1478w

    Public appointments, Northern Ireland 1746-7w

    Public expenditure, Northern Ireland 1745-6w

    Pupil exclusions, Northern Ireland 634w

    Race relations, Northern Ireland 383-4w

    Radioactive wastes, Northern Ireland 1269w

    Rates and rating, Northern Ireland 1382w

    Regional planning and development, Northern Ireland 701w

    Remembrance Day, Northern Ireland 1381-2w

    Research, Northern Ireland 2592w

    Retirement, Age 381w

    Royal Irish Regiment, Civilians 385w

    Safety belts, Northern Ireland 1270w

    Schools, Information and communications technology 1735-6w

    Schools, Playing fields 2241w

    Secondary education, Northern Ireland 635-6w

    Sick leave, Northern Ireland 2750-1w

    Special educational needs, Northern Ireland 392w

    Supermarkets, Northern Ireland 2105w

    Teachers, Resignations 1870w

    Truancy, Northern Ireland 637-8w

    Victim support schemes, Northern Ireland 637w

    Water, Northern Ireland 2756w

Smith, Geraldine

                  Chamber Debates


    ACP countries, EC external trade 2048-9w

    Business, Sustainable development 2111w

    Business questions 999

    Children, Custodial treatment 2353-4w

    Developing countries, Trade agreements 101w

    Incapacity benefit, Lancashire 616w

    Reading, Teaching methods 2205w

    Roads, North West region 2026w

Smith, Rt Hon Jacqui, Minister of State for Schools, Dept for Education and Skills

                  Westminster Hall Debates

                  Written Statements

    Schools, Admissions 135ws


    Basic skills, Standards 2421w

    City academies, Dulwich 2400w

    City academies, Finance 1688w

    City academies, Headteachers 1335w

    City academies, Newcastle upon Tyne 2400w

    City academies, Sponsorship 1160-1w

    Class sizes, Middlesbrough 860w

    Class sizes, Oxford 2404w

    Classroom assistants, Tamworth 171w

    Consultants, Dept for Education and Skills 2070-1w

    Crime, Dept for Education and Skills 2418-9w

    EC action, Dept for Education and Skills 2736w

    Education, Assessments 478w

    Educational broadcasting, Costs 2743w

    Equal opportunities, Dept for Education and Skills 779-81w

    Foundation schools, Admissions 2737w

    Foundation schools, Standards 2076w

    Free school meals, Dartford 2414w

    Free school meals, Doncaster 1694-6w

    Free school meals, Oxfordshire 478-80w

    GCE A level, Mathematics 782-3w

    GCE A level, Southend on Sea 1692-4w

    General certificate of secondary education 770w, 2414-6w

    General certificate of secondary education, Southend on Sea 1159w

    Geography, Primary education 1162w

    Gifted children, Staffordshire 481-3w

    Headteachers, Administration 1697-8w

    Headteachers, Vacancies 2414w

    Health education, Alcoholic drinks 1155-6w

    Holocaust Memorial Day, Dept for Education and Skills 2075w

    Learning and Skills Council for England, Office for Standards in Education 484w

    Local education authorities 486-7w

    Local education authorities, Inspections 1161w

    Local education authorities, Manpower 777-8w

    Members, Correspondence 2071w

    National Academy for Gifted and Talented Youth, Cheshire 1696-8w

    National literacy strategy 181w

    Office for Standards in Education, Inspections 2420-1w

    Outdoor education, Death 189w

    Parents, Advisory services 2741w

    Personal social and health education 2421-2w

    Physical education, Standards 185w

    Primary education, Dental health 1168w

    Primary education, Gloucestershire 2422-3w

    Primary education, Pupil exclusions 2423w

    Primary education, Standards 774-5w

    Primary education, Swimming 487-9w

    Private Members' bills, Dept for Education and Skills 1171w

    Pupil exclusions, Greater London 2080-2w

    Pupil referral units 2084w

    Pupils, Ethnic groups 1704w

    Reading, Teaching methods 2205w

    School councils 187w

    School improvement partners 1703w

    School Standards and Framework Act 1998 2742w

    Schools, Capital investment 770w

    Schools, Combined heat and power 2428w

    Schools, Fire prevention 2742w

    Schools, Gravesham 192w

    Schools, Herefordshire 2738w

    Schools, Investment 781w

    Schools, Investors in People 773-4w

    Schools, Lancashire 1172w

    Schools, Playing fields 782w

    Schools, Repairs and maintenance 168w

    Schools, Richmond upon Thames 186-7w

    Schools, Selection 486w

    Schools, Uniforms 189w

    Schools Commissioner 1175w

    Secondary education, Newcastle upon Tyne 778w, 784-8w

    Secondary education, Qualifications 771w

    Secondary education, Student numbers 2430-1w

    Sixth form education, Student numbers 2432w

    Specialist schools 784w

    Specialist schools, Admissions 783-4w

    Specialist schools, Science 1175w

    Standards, Dept for Education and Skills 185-6w

    Supply teachers, Manpower 1176w

    Teachers, Crimes of violence 789w

    Teachers, Educational broadcasting 2744w

    Teachers, Ethnic groups 787w

    Teachers, Greater London 787w

    Teachers, Hemel Hempstead 190w

    Teachers, Income 191w

    Teachers, Physics 489w

    Teachers, Recruitment 1176w

    Teachers, Sick leave 1706w

    Trust schools, Assets 2744w

    Trust schools, Governing bodies 2433w

    Trust schools, Private education 2418w

    Westgate College Newcastle, Qualifications 790w

Smith, Mr John


    Police, Wales 257

Smith, Sir Robert

                  Chamber Debates

    National Insurance Contributions Bill, Rep and 3R (15.12.2005) 1514

                  Westminster Hall Debates


    Energy, Service industries 507w

Smoke alarms



    Radioactive materials 974w

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