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    see Hearing impaired

Dean, Mrs Janet

                  Westminster Hall Debates

    Antisocial behaviour (19.01.2006) 320-2wh

    Education, Staffordshire (18.01.2006) 293wh


    Foreign aid, Vaccination 2245w

    Primary care trusts 158w


    Gulf War syndrome 17ws

    Northern Ireland 922w

    Pregnancy complications 1682w

    Squire, Rachel (09.01.2006) 1


    Yorkshire Wolds and Coast Primary Care Trust 1077-8w



Defence Clothing and Textiles Agency

Defence equipment

Defence Export Services Organisation

Defence Logistics Organisation

Delivery Unit

Democratic Republic of Congo

    Dept for International Development 203w

    Peace keeping operations 216w


Denham, Rt Hon John

                  Chamber Debates

    Cannabis (19.01.2006) 987-8

                  Westminster Hall Debates


    Victim support schemes 558

Dental health

    Northern Ireland 319w

Dental services

    Foreign workers 119w

    Greater Manchester 719w

    Northern Ireland 987w

    Weston-super-Mare 841


Departmental coordination

Departmental responsibilities

    Dept for Education and Skills 2292w

    Dept for Work and Pensions 1637w

    Ministry of Defence 2302w

    National security 888w

    Northern Ireland Office 562w

    Office of the Deputy Prime Minister 247w

    Office of the Secretary of State for Wales 2043w

Dependency increases

Depleted uranium


    Democratic Republic of Congo 1102w

Depressive illnesses

Dept for Constitutional Affairs

    Cost effectiveness 228w

    Early retirement 235w

    Electronic equipment 2155w

    Official hospitality 232w

    Rates and rating 244w

Dept for Culture Media and Sport

    Civil service agencies 1445w

    Disciplinary proceedings 1755w

    Drinking water 31w

    Electronic equipment 1445w

    Information and communications technology 1445w

Dept for Education and Skills

    Departmental responsibilities 2292w

    Higher civil servants 1610w

    Industrial health and safety 419-20w

    Information and communications technology 1602-5w

    London Underground 424w

Dept for Environment Food and Rural Affairs

    Cost effectiveness 623w

    Disabled 8w

    Disciplinary proceedings 1949w

    Equal opportunities 8-9w

    Mentally ill 7w

    Non-departmental public bodies 891w

    Rates and rating 902w

Dept for International Development

    Democratic Republic of Congo 203w

    Information and communications technology 1642-3w

    Public relations 212w

    Written questions 212w

Dept for Transport

    Civil service agencies 1723w

    Departmental responsibilities 1373w

    Ministerial policy advisors 13w

Dept for Work and Pensions

    Data protection 72w

    Departmental responsibilities 1637w

    Freedom of information 72w

    Information and communications technology 72w

    Ministerial policy advisors 818w

    Non-departmental public bodies 74-5w

    Performance appraisal 697w

    Public appointments 706w

Dept of Health

    Departmental responsibilities 2339w

    Freedom of information 1665w

    Parliamentary questions 2083w

    Private members bills 1527w

    Rates and rating 121w

    Temporary employment 109w

Dept of Trade and Industry

    Citygate Public Affairs 276w

    Combined heat and power 947w

    Departmental responsibilities 1996-7w

    Early retirement 279w

    Non-departmental public bodies 280-2w

    Rates and rating 278w

    Sustainable development 2348w


    Acceptable behaviour contracts 1263-5w

    Antisocial behaviour orders 2011w

Derelict land


    British nationality 2244w

Detection rates

Developing countries

Devine, Jim

                  Chamber Debates

    Electoral Administration Bill, Rep and 3R (11.01.2006) 374

    Government of Wales Bill, 2R (09.01.2006) 120

    International Development (Reporting and Transparency) Bill, 2R (20.01.2006) 1077

                  Westminster Hall Debates

    Coal (11.01.2006) 78wh


    British nationality, Livingston 2359w

    Employment schemes, Disabled 20

    Pathways to work 20

    Proceeds of crime, Livingston 2313w

    Scottish Parliament, Elections 834

    Television, Licensing 2314w



    Accident and emergency departments 847-50w

    Benefit Fraud Inspectorate 1548w


    Home energy efficiency scheme 1960w

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