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Grammar schools

    Northern Ireland 634w


Grant maintained schools


    Antisocial behaviour 2029w

    Repossession orders 239w


    Education maintenance allowance 827w

    Employment schemes 91w

    Genito-urinary medicine 1665w

    Jobseeker's allowance 88w

    Magistrates' courts 1837w

    Office of the Deputy Prime Minister 1543w

    Right to buy scheme 1696w

Gray, Mr James

                  Chamber Debates

    Afghanistan (26.01.2006) 1543-4

    Electoral Administration Bill, Rep and 3R (11.01.2006) 340-2


    Hercules aircraft, Defence equipment 1649w

    Hercules aircraft, Fire prevention 1528w

    Police, South West region 380w

Grayling, Chris

                  Chamber Debates

    Crossrail Bill, Instruction to com (12.01.2006) 460-5


    Bus services, Rural areas 1386w

    Bus services, Urban areas 1387w

    Consultants, Dept for Transport 2273w

    Heathrow Airport, Night flying 1723w

    Public transport, Concessions 644w

    Railway stations, Security 1384w

    Railways, Overcrowding 1384w

    Railways, Passengers 1385w

    Rapid transit systems, Construction 1992-3w

    Transport, Excise duties 1380w

Great Western Trains

Greater London

    Bed and breakfast accommodation 1687w

    Cabinet committees 202w

    Education maintenance allowance 512w

    Learning and Skills Council for England 1010w

    Non-domestic rates 959w

    Postal services 945w

    Proceeds of crime 686w

    Registration of births deaths marriages and civil partnerships 1173-4w

    Repossession orders 2384w

    Right to buy scheme 968w

    Safer neighbourhoods programme 1787-8w

    Sexually transmitted diseases 1074w

Greater Manchester

    Dental services 719w

Green, Mr Damian

                  Westminster Hall Debates

    Asylum, Children (10.01.2006) 43-6wh


    Asylum, Deportation 1771w

    Debts, Developing countries 1507-8

    Entry clearances 844w

    Eurostar, Security 644w

    Illegal immigrants, Mediterranean region 1114w

    Immigration, Applications 555

    Immigration controls 1113w

    National Bee Unit, Finance 623w

    National Bee Unit, Manpower 623w

Greening, Justine

                  Chamber Debates


    Heathrow Airport, Night flying 1191w

    Recruitment, Dept for Work and Pensions 1044w

    Safer neighbourhoods programme, Greater London 1787-8w

Greenway, Mr John

                  Chamber Debates

    Cannabis (19.01.2006) 990-1


    Wind power, Planning permission 1546-7w

Grieve, Mr Dominic

                  Chamber Debates


    Contempt of court, Mass media 421

    Personal injury, Compensation 1838w

Griffith, Nia

                  Chamber Debates

    Animal Welfare Bill, 2R (10.01.2006) 224-5

    Government of Wales Bill, 2R (09.01.2006) 51, 113-4

                  Westminster Hall Debates

    Coal (11.01.2006) 83wh

Griffiths, Nigel, Deputy Leader of the House of Commons (Parliamentary Secretary)


    Ministers, Speeches 1944w

    Standing Committee on Regional Affairs 1944w

Grogan, Mr John

                  Chamber Debates

    Energy supply (12.01.2006) 494


    Energy, Prices 947

Group of Eight

    International assistance 2252w

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