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    Parliamentary tours 1w

White phosphorus

Whitehead, Dr Alan

                  Chamber Debates

    Energy supply (12.01.2006) 500


    Carbon, Air pollution 1427

Wicks, Malcolm, Minister for Energy, Dept for Trade and Industry

                  Chamber Debates

    Nuclear power (17.01.2006) 772-7

                  Westminster Hall Debates

                  Written Statements

    Natural gas, Imports 20ws


    Air pollution, Pollution control 276w

    Arms trade, Exhibitions 216-7w

    Arms trade, Poland 947w

    Batteries, Waste disposal 275w

    Biofuels, Government assistance 1507w

    British Nuclear Fuels, Westinghouse 1506w

    Carbon sequestration 1508w

    Carbon sequestration, Research 295-6w

    Coal operating aid scheme, Scotland 2342-3w

    Coastal areas, Flood control 1705w

    Combined heat and power, Dept of Trade and Industry 947w

    Electricity generation 2344w

    Electricity generation, Wales 1514-5w

    EU emissions trading scheme 1510w

    Export controls 286w

    Fuel poverty, Staffordshire 1512w

    Fuel poverty, Yorkshire and Humberside 1511-2w

    Gas and Electricity Markets Authority, Non-fossil fuel obligation 290w

    Lighting, Christmas 276w

    Liquified natural gas, Isle of Grain 289w

    Motor vehicles, Waste disposal 786w

    Natural gas, Compensation 288w

    Natural gas, Pipelines 1511w

    Non-fossil fuel obligation, Consolidated Fund 290w

    Nuclear Decommissioning Authority 1516w

    Nuclear power, Climate change 290-1w

    Nuclear power, Licensing 1334w

    Nuclear power, Pensions 948w

    Nuclear power stations, Decommissioning 1251-2w

    Nuclear power stations, Wales 2178w

    Petrochemicals, Stocks of commodities 1516-7w

    Power stations, Shrewsbury 950w

    Radioactive wastes, Waste management 949w

    Renewable energy, Expenditure 294-6w

    Renewable energy, Grants 2001w

    Renewable energy, Research 2351w

    Renewable energy, Subsidies 296w

    Rhyl Flats wind farm 297w

    Solicitors, Dept of Trade and Industry 289-90w

    Standards, Dept of Trade and Industry 292-3w

    Sustainable development, Dept of Trade and Industry 2348w

    Written questions, Administrative delays 2351w

Widdecombe, Rt Hon Ann

                  Chamber Debates

Wiggin, Mr Bill

                  Chamber Debates

    Animal Welfare Bill, 2R (10.01.2006) 236-42, 248


    Avian influenza, Disease control 111w

    Bovine tuberculosis, Disease control 840, 910-1w

    Incapacity benefit 805w

    Influenza, Vaccination 1525w

    Members, Correspondence 901w

    Official cars, Dept for Environment Food and Rural Affairs 446w

    Welfare tax credits, Information and communications technology 552w

    Written questions, Administrative delays 2351w

Wild Mammals (Protection) Act 1996



    North East region 453w

Willetts, Mr David

                  Chamber Debates

    Vetting, Points of order (11.01.2006) 394, (16.01.2006) 565


    Schools, Sexual offences 1625w

    Trust schools 413

Williams, Rt Hon Alan

                  Chamber Debates

    Government of Wales Bill, 2R (09.01.2006) 52-5


Williams, Mrs Betty

                  Chamber Debates

    Government of Wales Bill, Com (23.01.2006) 1194

    Members, Points of order (23.01.2006) 1166


    Buildings, Office of the Secretary of State for Wales 746w

    Developing countries, International assistance 1417

Williams, Hywel

                  Chamber Debates

    Children (19.01.2006) 981

    Equality Bill (HL), Rep and 3R (16.01.2006) 614-5


    Children, Day care 416

    Children, Poverty 16

    Livestock, Transport 1455w

    Unemployment, Wales 828

    Winter fuel payments, Care homes 1572w

Williams, Mark

                  Chamber Debates

    Government of Wales Bill, Com (23.01.2006) 1273


    Arriva Trains Wales, Standards 494w

    Crime prevention, Powys 2017w

    Institute of Grassland and Environmental Research, Contracts 631-2w

    Israel, Contracts 801w

    School milk, Subsidies 1708w

    Sustainable development, Northern Ireland Office 797w

    Travelling people, Caravan sites 2386w

Williams, Mr Roger

                  Chamber Debates


    Capital transfer tax 2246w

    Council tax, Mobile homes 1694w

    EC grants and loans, Wales 825

    Freedom of information, Dept of Health 1665w

    Gurkhas, Conditions of employment 2126w

    Pheasants, Gun sports 1468w

Williams, Stephen

                  Westminster Hall Debates

    Health services, Greater Manchester (24.01.2006) 384-6wh


    Correspondence, Dept for Environment Food and Rural Affairs 1457-8w

    Crimes of violence, Homosexuality 1115w

    Fire services, Avon 1311w

    Highly skilled migrant programme 1780w

    Oxygen, Medical equipment 1668w

    Paper, Dept for Environment Food and Rural Affairs 1954w

Willis, Mr Phil

                  Chamber Debates

    Nuclear power (17.01.2006) 773


    Railways, Concessions 1191w

Willott, Jenny

                  Chamber Debates

    Child Support Agency (17.01.2006) 712

    Government of Wales Bill, 2R (09.01.2006) 59

    Government of Wales Bill, Com (24.01.2006) 1357-8


    Child Support Agency, Compensation 611w

    Electricity generation, Wales 1514-5w

    Housing benefit, Wales 1324w

    Nuclear power stations, Wales 2178w

    Revenue and Customs, Wales 540w

    Social security benefits, Age 85-8w

    Social security benefits, Fraud 1033w

    Welfare tax credits, Telephone services 1209w

    Welfare tax credits, Wales 557w

Wills, Mr Michael

                  Chamber Debates

    Animal Welfare Bill, 2R (10.01.2006) 216-7

    Equality Bill (HL), Rep and 3R (16.01.2006) 603


    Children in care, Employment 2194w

    Children in care, General certificate of secondary education 2284-5w

    Councillors, Allowances 250w

    Energy, Conservation 2386w

    Further education, Admissions 2287w

    General certificate of secondary education, Standards 2198-9w

    General practitioners, Pay 123-4w

    NHS, Expenditure 877w

    Primary education, Standards 2198w

    Students, Postgraduate education 1015-6w

Wilson, Robert

                  Chamber Debates

    Children (12.01.2006) 441

    Crossrail Bill, Instruction to com (12.01.2006) 470-1, 477-8

                  Westminster Hall Debates

    Transport, Reading Berkshire (11.01.2006) 130-5wh


    Afghanistan, Peace keeping operations 1648-9w

    Antismoking campaign 1527w

    Council tax, Valuation 691w

    Ethiopia, Human rights 671w

    Iraq, Peace keeping operations 1712w

    Pensions, Public sector 6

    Serious Organised Crime and Police Act 2005, Palace of Westminster 1584-5w

    Sudan, Peace keeping operations 676w

Wilson, Sammy

                  Chamber Debates

    Northern Ireland (11.01.2006) 304


    Colleges of education, Transport 795w

    GCE A level, Northern Ireland 2091w

    General certificate of secondary education, Northern Ireland 1869w

    Northern Ireland Statistics and Research Agency 989-90w

    Police, Northern Ireland 2095w

    Police Service of Northern Ireland 1593w

    Police Service of Northern Ireland, Disciplinary proceedings 1590-2w

    Police Service of Northern Ireland, Motor vehicles 1590w, 1592-3w

    Pre-school education, Northern Ireland 792w, 992w

    Primary education, Northern Ireland 1875w

    Road traffic offences, Northern Ireland 1588-9w

    Speed limits, Northern Ireland 2096-7w


Wind power

Winnick, David

                  Chamber Debates

    Afghanistan (26.01.2006) 1540

    Cannabis (19.01.2006) 987, 989

    Equality Bill (HL), Rep and 3R (16.01.2006) 601, 629

    Members, Points of order (18.01.2006) 844

                  Westminster Hall Debates

    Occupied territories (18.01.2006) 281-3wh


    Identity cards 560

    Iraq, Peace keeping operations 1155

    Members, Telephone tapping 839

Winter fuel payments

Winterton, Ann


    Armed forces, Nurses 2127w

    Iraq, Peace keeping operations 2130w

    Royal Military Academy, Territorial Army 1983w

Winterton, Sir Nicholas


    Aerospace industry, Competition 943

    Legislative process 1301

Winterton, Ms Rosie, Minister of State, Dept of Health

                  Chamber Debates

    Breast Cancer Bill, 2R adjourned (20.01.2006) 1134-7

    Hearing impaired, Health services (23.01.2006) 1281-4

                  Westminster Hall Debates

    Health services, Shropshire (25.01.2006) 474-6wh

    Maternity services, Huddersfield (10.01.2006) 63-5wh

                  Written Statements

    "Mental Health Act Commission Report 2003/05" 10ws


    Abortion, Northamptonshire 848w

    Ambulance services, Staffordshire 1839w

    Assisted Dying for the Terminally Ill Bill (HL) 2005-06 110-1w

    Breast cancer, Genetics 602-3w

    Breast cancer, Medical treatments 2335w

    Breast cancer, Waiting lists 1659w

    Cambridgeshire and Peterborough Mental Health Partnership NHS Trust 112w

    Cancer, Health services 717w

    Cancer, Waiting lists 1408w

    Chelmsford Primary Care Trust 1293w

    Colorectal cancer, Screening 2334-5w

    Contraceptives, Northamptonshire 863w

    Contraceptives, Prisons 158w

    Counselling, Waiting lists 176w

    Dental services, Chorley 858-9w

    Dental services, Fees and charges 719w, 1295w

    Dental services, Foreign workers 119w

    Dental services, Greater Manchester 719w

    Dental services, Regulation 2336w

    Dental services, Resignations 116-20w

    Dental services, Ribble Valley 119w

    Dental services, Torbay 574-5w

    Dental services, Westmorland 1846w

    Dentistry, Training 1847w

    Doctors, Suffolk 590w

    EC action, Dept of Health 584w

    Eyesight, Testing 721w

    Havering Primary Care Trust, Finance 1298w

    Health, Emergencies 718w

    Health services, Aylesbury 2337w

    Health services, Bristol 2339w

    Health services, EC internal trade 863-4w

    Health services, Ethnic groups 863w

    Health services, Northamptonshire 726w

    Heart diseases, Medical treatments 1666w

    Heart diseases, Rehabilitation 718w

    Heroin, Prisons 728w

    Hertfordshire, Dept of Health 1854w

    Hospital wards, Gender 867w

    Hospitals, Admissions 133w

    Hospitals, Closures 129w

    Hospitals, Per capita costs 1866w

    Hospitals, Plymouth 2340w

    Influenza, Cleethorpes 1851w

    Kettering General Hospital NHS Trust 126w

    Leicestershire Northamptonshire and Rutland Strategic Health Authority, Abortion 711-4w

    Leicestershire Northamptonshire and Rutland Strategic Health Authority, Contraceptives 1295-7w

    Macular degeneration 1302w

    Maternity services, Coventry 1853w

    Mental Health Bill (Draft) 142w

    Mental Health Bill (Draft), Race equality impact assessments 590-1w

    Mental Health Review Tribunal 2338w

    Mental health services, Expenditure 591w, 1849w

    Mental health services, Manpower 591w

    Mental health services, Restraint techniques 163-4w

    Mental health services, Telephone services 140w

    NHS, Interpreters 875w

    NHS, Restraint techniques 163-4w

    Palliative care, Finance 735w

    Pathology, Laboratories 1681w

    Patient and Public Involvement Resource Centre 1681w, 1860w

    Primary care trusts, Avon Gloucestershire and Wiltshire Strategic Health Authority 1861-2w

    Primary care trusts, Peterborough 1297w

    Primary care trusts, Staffordshire 599-600w

    Prostate cancer, Screening 882w

    Schizophrenia, Drugs 1677w

    Social services, Milton Keynes 738w

    Social services, Tamworth 2084w

    West Hertfordshire Hospitals NHS Trust, Ear nose and throat 2339w

    Written questions, Administrative delays 154w

Wishart, Pete

                  Chamber Debates

    Cannabis (19.01.2006) 992

    International Development (Reporting and Transparency) Bill, 2R (20.01.2006) 1090, 1104-6


    Administration, Dept for International Development 777-8w

    Buildings, Dept for Constitutional Affairs 1834w

    Buildings, Dept for Culture Media and Sport 1391w

    Buildings, Dept for Environment Food and Rural Affairs 1458-60w

    Buildings, Dept for International Development 481-2w

    Buildings, Dept for Transport 491-2w

    Buildings, Dept of Trade and Industry 1245w

    Buildings, Foreign and Commonwealth Office 462w

    Buildings, Ministry of Defence 499w

    Buildings, Northern Ireland Office 2086-9w

    Buildings, Office of the Deputy Prime Minister 959-60w

    Departmental responsibilities, Dept of Trade and Industry 1997w

    Departmental responsibilities, Ministry of Defence 2302w

    Departmental responsibilities, Treasury 300w

    Immigration and Nationality Directorate, Rates and rating 1139-41w

    Pensions, Dept for Culture Media and Sport 1392w

    Pensions, Dept for International Development 1962w

    Pensions, Dept for Transport 1374-6w

    Pensions, Dept of Trade and Industry 1768-9w

    Pensions, Office of the Deputy Prime Minister 1810w

    Pensions, Treasury 527w

    Prison Service, Rents 1142w

    Property, Dept for Education and Skills 397w

    Scotland, Foreign and Commonwealth Office 974w

    Training, Dept for Constitutional Affairs 1212-4w

    Training, Dept for Culture Media and Sport 30-1w

    Training, Dept for Education and Skills 510w

    Training, Dept for Environment Food and Rural Affairs 1182w

    Training, Dept for International Development 482w

    Training, Dept for Transport 758-9w

    Training, Dept of Trade and Industry 1247-9w

    Training, Foreign and Commonwealth Office 972-3w

    Training, Office of the Deputy Prime Minister 778-80w

    Vehicles, Dept for Constitutional Affairs 1833w

    Vehicles, Dept for Culture Media and Sport 1755w

    Vehicles, Dept for Environment Food and Rural Affairs 1461w

    Vehicles, Dept for International Development 1640-1w

    Vehicles, Foreign and Commonwealth Office 1797-8w

    Vehicles, Prime Minister 1710w


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