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Boarding schools


    Overseas investment 352w


Bomb disposal

Bombardier Shorts

    see Short Brothers


Bone, Peter

                  Chamber Debates

    Cellular phones, Crimes of violence (31.01.2006) 294

    Child Support Agency (09.02.2006) 1032

    Defence, Procurement (02.02.2006) 493

    Government of Wales Bill, Com (30.01.2006) 90

    Health Bill, Rep and 3R (14.02.2006) 1313

    Hospitals, Points of order (02.02.2006) 490

    Identity Cards Bill, Lords amendts (13.02.2006) 1162

    Legislative and Regulatory Reform Bill, 2R (09.02.2006) 1088

    Local government finance, Poole (13.02.2006) 1259

    Offenders (09.02.2006) 1045

    Public libraries (09.02.2006) 1108

    Sinn Fein, Allowances (08.02.2006) 949

    Social Security Benefits Up-rating Order (16.02.2006) 1583, 1602

    Terrorism Bill, Lords amendts (15.02.2006) 1473

    Transport (01.02.2006) 419

                  Westminster Hall Debates

    Further education, Skilled workers (02.02.2006) 146wh

    Health services, Greater London (08.02.2006) 288wh

    Post office card account (15.02.2006) 479wh


    Agriculture, Subsidies 1813w

    Aircraft carriers 824w

    Business questions 1571

    Developing countries, Common agricultural policy 333w

    EC budget, Contributions 400w

    European Convention on Action Against Trafficking in Human Beings 2127-8w

    Hospitals, Waiting lists 2030w

    Identity cards, Costs 1118

    Kettering General Hospital NHS Trust, Waiting lists 2022w

    Olympic Games, Greater London 49w

    Recycling, Charities 445-6

    Social security benefits, Medical examinations 2181-2w

    Surgery, Private sector 1785w

    Surgery, Waiting lists 2030w

Borrow, Mr David S


    Criminal proceedings 1335w

    Southport and Formby Hospital, Accident and emergency departments 151

Boswell, Mr Tim

                  Chamber Debates

                  Westminster Hall Debates


    British Grand Prix, Police 1294w

    Cost effectiveness, Dept for Work and Pensions 586-7

    Data protection, Dept for Work and Pensions 1674w

    EC presidency, Dept for Work and Pensions 285w

    Job satisfaction, Dept for Work and Pensions 1675w

    Manpower, Dept for Work and Pensions 2178w

    Means tested benefits, Information and communications technology 435w

    Publications, Dept for Work and Pensions 867-8w

    Sector skills councils, Finance 2268w

    Social security benefits, Overpayments 860-1w

    Social security benefits, Overseas residence 860w

Bottomley, Peter

                  Chamber Debates

    Documents, Points of order (16.02.2006) 1577

                  Westminster Hall Debates

    Care homes (07.02.2006) 197wh

    Post office card account (15.02.2006) 481wh


    Aerials, Planning permission 2252w

    Languages, Education 84w

Boundary Differences and Voting Systems in Scotland Commission


    School milk 90w

Bout, Victor

Bovine tuberculosis


BOWMAN combat radio system

Bradshaw, Mr Ben, Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State, Dept for Environment Food and Rural Affairs

                  Written Statements


    Abandoned vehicles, Gloucestershire 298w

    Agricultural products 882w

    Agricultural products, Poland 2280w

    Air pollution, Pollution control 1343-7w

    Alcoholic drinks, Consumption 1028-30w,

    Angling, South West region 2274w

    Animal products, Waste disposal 1825-6w

    Animal welfare, Circuses 1809w

    Batteries, Recycling 1w

    Batteries, Waste disposal 1-2w

    Birds, Import controls 11w

    Bovine tuberculosis 3w

    Bovine tuberculosis, Screening 1347-8w

    Bovine tuberculosis, Shropshire 2036w

    Cephalopods, Animal welfare 1w

    Chewing gum, Waste disposal 5w

    Clean Neighbourhoods and Environment Act 2005, Tamworth 884w

    Common fisheries policy 2041w

    Countryside stewardship scheme 1355-6w

    Cremation, Pollution control 309w

    Domestic wastes, Waste disposal 1343-4w

    EC action, Dept for Environment Food and Rural Affairs 302w

    Hertfordshire Oil Storage Terminal 882-4w

    Landfill, Licensing 1355w

    Livestock, Exports 525w

    Marine Bill (Draft), Public participation 805w

    Paper, Dept for Environment Food and Rural Affairs 10w

    Pigs, Gloucestershire 2043w

    Poultry, Imports 890w

    Poultry, Registration 1047w

    Recycling, Charities 445-6

    Recycling, Companies 1290w

    Recycling, Standards 1290w

    Research, Dept for Environment Food and Rural Affairs 886w

    Salmon, Republic of Ireland 6w

    School milk, Bournemouth 90w

    Seas and oceans, Environment protection 630w

    Slaughterhouses, Animal welfare 626w

    Transmissible encephalopathies, Disease control 303-4w, 522-3w

    Wastes, Greater London 2283w

    White fish, Conservation 310-1w

    White fish, Fishing catches 2045w

    Wildlife, Imports 10w

Brady, Mr Graham


    European Constitution Treaty 731-2

    Further education 679w

    St Ambrose College, Buildings 995-6

    World Trade Organisation, Russia 1229-30w



Brake, Tom

                  Chamber Debates


    Network Rail, Compensation 1880w

    Parking, Fixed penalties 1877w

    Railway stations, Security 1199w

    Railways, Greater London 801w

    Roads, Repairs and maintenance 799w

    Transport Innovation Fund 802w

Brazier, Mr Julian

                  Chamber Debates

    Racial and Religious Hatred Bill, Lords amendts (31.01.2006) 199

    Transport (01.02.2006) 427


    Airports, Greater London 22-3w

    Maritime and Coastguard Agency 1498w

    Members, Correspondence 1637w

    Shipping, Ministry of Defence 2208w



Breast cancer

    Peterborough and Stamford Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust 2294w

Breast feeding

Brennan, Kevin, An Assistant Whip

                  Chamber Debates

    Government of Wales Bill, Com (30.01.2006) 103

    Police, Finance (06.02.2006) 636



    Royal ordnance factories 2208w



    Education maintenance allowance 1922w

    Health services 964w

British Grand Prix

British Library

British Museum

British nationality

British Nuclear Fuels

    see Sellafield

British overseas territories

    Agricultural products 1908w

British Transport Police

British Virgin Islands



    Northern Ireland 126w

Broadcasting reception

Brokenshire, James

                  Chamber Debates

    Legislative and Regulatory Reform Bill, 2R (09.02.2006) 1064

    Police (01.02.2006) 343

    Racial and Religious Hatred Bill, Lords amendts (31.01.2006) 208


    Accountancy, Home Office 1702w

    Paralympic Games, Greater London 640w

    Waste disposal, Rainham 733-4w

Bronzefield Prison

Brooke, Mrs Annette L

                  Chamber Debates

    Local government finance, Poole (13.02.2006) 1255, 1260

    Police (01.02.2006) 344

                  Westminster Hall Debates


    Centre for Ecology and Hydrology 1069w

    Hospitals, Telephones 989w

    Housing, Low incomes 2237w

    Insurance, Travel 144w

    Lyme disease, Consultants 1313w

    Passports, Lost property 962w

    Radioactive wastes, Waste management 459-60

Broomfield Hospital

Brown, Rt Hon Gordon, Chancellor of the Exchequer

                  Written Statements

    EU Economic and Financial Affairs Council 7ws, 53ws


    Domestic visits, Treasury 1396w

Brown, Lyn


    Disadvantaged, Financial services 855w

Brown, Rt Hon Nicholas


    Bus services, Northern region 1872w

    Gaming clubs, Licensing 837-8w

    Kenya, Overseas aid 1546w

    Personal injury, Compensation 1613w

    Programme for international student assessment 2261-3w

    Water abstraction, Fees and charges 1826-7w

Brown, Mr Russell

                  Chamber Debates

    Transport (01.02.2006) 400

                  Westminster Hall Debates

    Post office card account (15.02.2006) 475-6wh


    Food, Standards 450

Browne, Rt Hon Desmond, Chief Secretary to the Treasury


    Government departments, Accountancy 1836-7w

    Iraq, Peace keeping operations 2419w

    Iraq conflict, Finance 1119w

    Press Complaints Commission, Treasury 1846w

    Public sector net cash requirement 606-7w

    St Bartholomew's Hospital, Construction 1556-7w

Browne, Jeremy

                  Chamber Debates

    Health Bill, Rep and 3R (14.02.2006) 1294

                  Westminster Hall Debates

    Ascension Island (15.02.2006) 451-2wh

    Iran, Nuclear weapons (01.02.2006) 88-9wh

Browning, Mrs Angela

                  Chamber Debates

    Care homes, Petitions (15.02.2006) 1523



Bryant, Mr Chris

                  Chamber Debates

    Mental health services (07.02.2006) 743, 753

                  Westminster Hall Debates

    Employment schemes, Disabled (14.02.2006) 414-8wh


    Antisocial behaviour orders, Wales 1134

    Church Commissioners, Housing 17-8

    Eurostar, Security 1278

    Students, Medical certificates 989

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