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Byers, Rt Hon Stephen

                  Chamber Debates

    Personal statement, Byers, Stephen (01.02.2006) 319


    National insurance contributions, Overseas residence 1840w


Byrne, Liam, Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State, Dept of Health

                  Chamber Debates

                  Westminster Hall Debates

    Meals on wheels, Lancashire (08.02.2006) 276-9wh

                  Written Statements

    Commission for Social Care Inspection, Fees and charges 56-8ws

    "NHS Direct Accounts 2004/05" 49-50ws


    Accident and emergency departments, Admissions 963-4w

    Agency nurses, North West region 450-1w

    Air ambulance services 154w

    Ambulance services, Crimes of violence 451w

    Ambulance services, Drugs 1172w

    Ambulance services, Eastern region 1780w

    Ambulance services, Reorganisation 1768w

    Ambulance services, West Midlands 1304-5w

    Care homes, Fees and charges 2110-1w

    Care homes, Standards 1778w

    Cataracts, Surgery 988w

    Cheshire and Merseyside Strategic Health Authority 159-60

    Cheshire and Merseyside Strategic Health Authority, Finance 967-8w

    Children, Abuse 969w

    Children, Deviance and behaviour disorders 2110w

    Chiropody, Shopping centres 1754w

    Chronic fatigue syndrome 1178w

    Community health services, Disability aids 1756w

    Cost effectiveness, Dept of Health 190w, 458w

    Dental services, Lancashire 612w

    Digestive system, Diseases 455w

    Disabled, Dept of Health 163-4w

    Domestic visits, Dept of Health 1314-5w

    Festivals and special occasions, Dept of Health 2022w

    Freedom of information, Dept of Health 2019-20w

    Gambling, Rehabilitation 457w

    General medical services contract 2020w

    General practitioners, Information and communications technology 1766w, 1771w

    Genetics, Screening 1310w

    Health education, Sex 446w

    Health professions, Foreign workers 1312-3w

    Health professions, Training 995w

    Health Professions Council, Complaints 1769w

    Health services, Bexhill 184w

    Health services, West Midlands 1317w

    Hearing aids, Pensioners 1752w

    Hearing aids, Waiting lists 975w

    Heart diseases, Consultants 966w

    Home care services, Elderly 1760w

    Hospital beds, North East region 170-2w

    Hospitals, Admissions 164w

    Hospitals, Advertising 976w

    Hospitals, Private finance initiative 993w

    Hyperactivity, Health services 1750w

    Inflammatory bowel disease 479w

    Information and communications technology, Dept of Health 455w

    Intensive care, Lancashire 978w

    Junior doctors, Working hours 1184w

    Leaflets, Dept of Health 1793w

    Lung diseases, Health services 1798w

    Mal de debarquement syndrome 171w

    Manpower, Dept of Health 1308w

    Maternity services, Costs 155w

    Medical records 472w

    Mental health services, Children 978w

    Mental health services, Easington 978-80w

    Mental health services, Lancashire 446-7w

    Midwives, North West region 178-82w

    Midwives, Vacancies 173w

    Multiple sclerosis 979w

    NHS, Capital investment 1780w

    NHS, Conditions of employment 462-4w

    NHS, Early retirement 210w

    NHS, Operating costs 1332w

    NHS, Public appointments 994-5w

    NHS, Risk management 1768w

    NHS Appointments Commission, Public appointments 1779w

    NHS Confederation, Finance 1180w

    NHS Litigation Authority 181-2w

    NHS Local Improvement Finance Trust 1479-80w

    NHS Professionals, Finance 470w

    NHS Student Grant Unit 480w

    NHS trusts, Mergers 1787w

    Orders and regulations, Dept of Health 2029w

    Patient choice schemes, Costs 1754w

    Patients, Per capita costs 188w

    Patients, Safety 473w

    Personal medical services 2020w

    Pigeon fanciers' lung, Greater Manchester 1790-1w

    Postnatal depression 2114w

    Press Complaints Commission, Dept of Health 1792w

    Primary care trusts, Procurement 185-6w

    Primary care trusts, Sunderland 473-4w

    Private finance initiative, Dept of Health 474w

    Public participation, Dept of Health 1754-5w

    Regulatory reform orders, Dept of Health 1794w

    Respiratory system, Health services 478-9w

    Reverse therapy, Research 619w

    Sex, Health services 1181w

    Social services, Aylesbury 977w

    Southport and Ormskirk Hospital NHS Trust 479w

    Southport and Ormskirk Hospital NHS Trust, Caesarean sections 614w

    Southport and Ormskirk Hospital NHS Trust, Maternity services 2111w

    Southport and Ormskirk Hospital NHS Trust, Midwives 614-6w

    Southport and Ormskirk Hospital NHS Trust, Radiography 618-20w

    Speech therapy, Westmorland 1211w

    Surgery, Lancashire 454w

    Surgery, Private sector 1785w

    Surgery, Waiting lists 965w

    Thyroid gland, Screening 995w

    Transsexuality, Young people 1795w

    VAT, Dept of Health 1797w

    Visits abroad, Dept of Health 1755w

    Written questions, Administrative delays 1789-90w

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