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Iddon, Dr Brian

                  Chamber Debates

    Local government finance (06.02.2006) 679, 681, 711


    Asylum, Deportation 1712w

    Employment schemes, Disabled 440-1w

    Motorways, Road signs and markings 1869w

    Secondment, Dept for Culture Media and Sport 1303w

    Secondment, Dept for Environment Food and Rural Affairs 2281w

    Secondment, Home Office 1440w

    Supporting people programme 305

    Sure start programme 995

Identification of criminals

Identity cards

    Dept for Environment Food and Rural Affairs 1816w

    Dept of Trade and Industry 1648w

Identity Cards Bill 2005-06

                  Chamber Debates

    Programme motion* and Lords amendts (13.02.2006) 1144-253

"Ilex Urban Regeneration Company Annual Report and Financial Statements 2004/05"

Illegal immigrants

Illsley, Mr Eric

                  Chamber Debates

    Local government finance (06.02.2006) 687-8

                  Westminster Hall Debates

    Police, Information and communications technology (08.02.2006) 249-55wh


    Schools, Admissions 1000


Immigration and Nationality Directorate

Immigration controls

Immigration officers

Immigration rules

Impact programme

Import controls


    Genetically modified organisms 2279w

    Radioactive wastes 552w

Incapacity benefit

    Newcastle-under-Lyme 855w

    Yorkshire and Humberside 855-6w


Income support

Income tax


Independent Living Task Force

Independent Regulator for NHS Foundation Trusts

    see Monitor


    Overseas investment 1550w

    UN Security Council 1509w

Indian Ocean tsunami

Indian subcontinent

Industrial development

Industrial diseases

Industrial disputes

Industrial health and safety

    Genetically modified organisms 2043w

    Pesticides 8w

Industrial injuries

Industrial Injuries Advisory Council

Industrial investment

Industrial training

Industrial Training Levy (Construction Board) Order 2006

                  Chamber Debates

Industrial Training Levy (Engineering Construction Board) Order 2006

                  Chamber Debates

    (08.02.2006) 976


    Miscarriages of justice 95-7ws

Infectious diseases

Inflammatory bowel disease


    Hammersmith and Fulham 464w

Information and communications technology

    Arts Council of England 58-9w

    Dept for Constitutional Affairs 1595-6w

    Dept for Environment Food and Rural Affairs 521w

    Dept of Trade and Industry 1641w

    Magistrates' courts 370w

    Means tested benefits 435w

    Office of the Deputy Prime Minister 1420-2w

    Welfare tax credits 1849w

Information and Consultation of Employees (Amendment) Regulations 2006

                  Chamber Debates

Information Commissioner

Information services

    Dept for International Development 338w

    Dept for Work and Pensions 2433w

    Leader of the House of Commons 1062w

Ingram, Rt Hon Adam, Minister of State, Ministry of Defence

                  Chamber Debates

                  Westminster Hall Debates

    Afghanistan, Peace keeping operations (14.02.2006) 394wh, 410-3wh

                  Written Statements

    Ammunition, Procurement 34ws

    Chinook helicopters 113ws

    Defence Aviation Repair Agency 27-8ws

    Military afloat reach and sustainability programme 73-4ws

    Military aircraft, Air traffic control 73ws


    Afghanistan, Journalism 817w

    Air force, Training 44w

    Aircraft carriers, Portsmouth 702w

    Aircraft carriers, Procurement 823-4w

    Ammunition, Procurement 1586w

    Ammunition, Storage 43w

    Apache AH-64 helicopter 1079w

    Armed forces, Falkland Islands 317w

    Armed forces, Prosecutions 816-7w

    Armed forces, Uniforms 1585w

    Armoured fighting vehicles 836w

    BOWMAN combat radio system 315-6w

    Conflict prevention, Expenditure 700-1w

    Defence Science and Technology Laboratory, Recruitment 1578w

    Detention centres, Kosovo 38w

    Disposal Services Agency, Contracts 34-5w

    EH101 helicopters 826w

    Fair trade initiative, Ministry of Defence 2094w

    Future strategic tanker aircraft 1588w

    HMS St Albans 37w

    Identity cards, Ministry of Defence 1584w

    Iraq conflict, Chemical and biological warfare 2208-9w

    Iraq conflict, Fuels 2095w

    Iraq-Kuwait conflict 1403w

    Manpower, Ministry of Defence 506-10w

    Military afloat reach and sustainability programme 2210w

    Military aid, Sudan 514w

    Military aircraft, Deployment 831-2w

    Military aircraft, Repairs and maintenance 29w, 2205-6w

    Military bases, Ascension Island 1890w

    Navy, Drug seizures 2207w

    Nimrod aircraft, Procurement 827-8w

    Northern Ireland, Ministry of Defence 512w

    Peace keeping operations, Democratic Republic of Congo 319w

    Peace keeping operations, Sudan 1242w

    Private finance initiative, Ministry of Defence 39-42w

    Procurement, Ministry of Defence 1577w

    Radioactive wastes, Waste management 43w

    Royal ordnance factories, Bridgwater 2208w

    Shipping, Ministry of Defence 2208w

    Space technology, Surveillance 2101w

    Whales, River Thames 33w


Inheritance tax


Inland Revenue and Customs Service

    see Revenue and Customs



    Equitable Life Assurance Society 1224w

    Ministry of Defence 506w

Insider trading


Institutional care

    see Care homes


    Employers' liability 804w

Insurance companies

Insurance premium tax

Integrated Transport Commission

Intelligence on Iraq WMD Review Committee

    see WMD Intelligence Review Committee

Intensive care

Interest charges

Internally displaced persons

International assistance

International baccalaureate

International Development Association (Fourteenth Replenishment) Order 2006

                  Chamber Debates

International Development (Reporting and Transparency) Bill 2005-06

                  Chamber Debates


    Dept for Constitutional Affairs 1596-7w

    Dept for Culture Media and Sport 55w

    Dept for Education and Skills 74-5w

    Dept for Environment Food and Rural Affairs 627-8w

    Dept for International Development 333-4w

    Dept for Work and Pensions 596-7w

    Foreign and Commonwealth Office 532-3w

    Ministry of Defence 702w

    Office of the Deputy Prime Minister 425w

    Parliamentary Information Management Services 1851-2w




Invalid vehicles

Invalidity benefits

Invest Northern Ireland


    Nationalised industries 809w

    Nuclear power stations 549w


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