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Dangerous Dogs Act 1991


Dangerous driving

Darling, Rt Hon Alistair, Secretary of State for Transport and Secretary of State for Scotland

                  Chamber Debates

    Budget March 2006 (23.03.2006) 445-57

                  Written Statements

    Crossrail line, Tower Hamlets 101ws

    London airports, Construction 20-1ws

    London and Continental Railways 111ws


    Bus services, Concessions 239w

    Car sharing, Road traffic 144-6

    Devolution, Scotland 666-7

    Identity cards, Scotland 668-9

    Railways, Greater London 142-3

    Transport, Competition 135-6

Dart Harbour and Navigation Authority

Data processing

    Revenue and Customs 26w

    Valuation Office 26w

Data protection

    Foreign and Commonwealth Office 569w

    Revenue and Customs 348w


    Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency 242w

Davey, Mr Edward

                  Chamber Debates

    Budget March 2006 (28.03.2006) 699, 705-6

    Community hospitals, Petitions (28.03.2006) 820


    Alcoholic drinks, Young people 476w

    Coal fired power stations 386w

    Community hospitals 783w

    Community hospitals, Greater London 145w, 447w

    Iraq, Overseas companies 388w

    Nuclear power stations, Construction 393-4

    Renewable energy, Grants 386w

    Schools, Race equality impact assessments 97w

    South West London Strategic Health Authority, Finance 589-90w

    Unsolicited goods and services, Telephones 519-20w

    World heritage sites, Internet 652w

David, Mr Wayne


    Public sector, Pay 1039

David Kelly Death Inquiry

Davidson, Mr Ian


    Hooliganism, Football 14

    Rural Payments Agency 550

    Social security benefits, EC enlargement 1208w

    Unemployment, Scotland 848w

Davies, David TC

                  Chamber Debates

    Prisoners of war (28.03.2006) 690

                  Westminster Hall Debates

    Prisoners' release (29.03.2006) 307-14wh


    Advertising, Dept of Health 947-8w

    Demonstrations, Denmark 461-2w

    Equal opportunities, Home Office 115w

    Foreign investment in UK 1111w

    Indian subcontinent, Dept for International Development 981w

    Indian subcontinent, Foreign and Commonwealth Office 1023w

    Prisons, Television 121w

    Sexual offences, Reoffenders 1162w

    Theft, Dept for Work and Pensions 492-3w

    Written questions, Dept for Work and Pensions 943w

Davies, Philip

                  Chamber Debates

    Brussels Summit (27.03.2006) 565-6

                  Westminster Hall Debates


    Asylum, Deportation 114w

    Business questions 425

    Prisons, Electronic equipment 608w

    Prisons, Satellite broadcasting 608w

Davies, Mr Quentin

                  Chamber Debates

    Members, Points of order (20.03.2006) 33-4

    Political parties (20.03.2006) 28

Davis, Rt Hon David

                  Chamber Debates

    Armed Forces Bill, Money res (21.03.2006) 176

    Consumer Credit Bill, Lords amendts (29.03.2006) 996

    Identity Cards Bill, Lords amendts (29.03.2006) 878, 1000, 1003-4


    Crimes of violence 12-3

    Drugs, Rehabilitation 908w

    Post offices, East Riding 999w

    Vetting, Care homes 304w

Day care


    see Hearing impaired

Dean, Mrs Janet

                  Westminster Hall Debates


"Debt and Reserves Management Report 2006-07"


    Mental health services 796w

Dee estuary



    Estimates days (20.03.2006) 35-75

Defence equipment

Defence Export Services Organisation

    Operating costs 532w

Defence Intelligence Staff

Defence Logistics Organisation

Defence Medical Services

Defence Science and Technology Laboratory

    Conditions of employment 361w

Defence Storage and Distribution Agency

Delegated legislation

    Standing committees 488w

Delivery services

Delivery Unit



Democratic Republic of Congo

    Peace keeping operations 361-2w

    Politics and government 79w


Denham, Rt Hon John


    Local government finance 400w

    NHS treatment centres, Private sector 451-2w, 961w


Dental services

    Fees and charges 785w

    Wakefield West Primary Care Trust 157-8w


    Student numbers 955w


    Education maintenance allowance 1076w

Departmental responsibilities


Dept for Constitutional Affairs

    Telephone services 678w

Dept for Culture Media and Sport

    Small businesses 433w

Dept for Education and Skills

    Cost effectiveness 393w

    Ministers private offices 104w

    Official hospitality 645w

    Telephone numbering 543w

Dept for Environment Food and Rural Affairs

    Official engagements 1097w

Dept for International Development

    Indian subcontinent 981w

    Small businesses 189w

Dept for Transport

Dept for Work and Pensions

    Cost effectiveness 237w

    Ministers private offices 236w

    Queen Elizabeth II 742w

    Temporary employment 232w

    Voluntary organisations 137w

Dept of Culture Arts and Leisure for Northern Ireland

    see Northern Ireland Executive Dept of Culture Arts and Leisure

Dept of Health

    Non-departmental public bodies 779w

    Official engagements 789w

    Official hospitality 787w

    Supply estimates 67ws

Dept of Trade and Industry


Derelict land




Developing countries

    Females 8w

    Natural resources 523w

Development aid

Devine, Jim

                  Chamber Debates

    Consumer Credit Bill, Lords amendts (29.03.2006) 991, 993


    Unemployment, Scotland 661

    West Lothian Council, Standards 286



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