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Higher civil servants

    Office of the Deputy Prime Minister 1210w

Higher education

    Qualifications 97w

Highway Code

Highways Agency

Hill Farm Allowance Regulations 2006

                  Chamber Debates

    (20.03.2006) 126

Hillier, Meg

                  Chamber Debates

    Princess Royal Barracks (29.03.2006) 863

                  Westminster Hall Debates


    Museums and galleries 286



Hip replacements

Historic buildings

HIV infection

HM Chief Inspector of Schools

    see Office for Standards in Education

HM Land Registry

    see Land Registry

HM Prison Service

    see Prison Service

HM Revenue and Customs

    see Revenue and Customs

HMS Torbay

Hoaxes and false alarms

Hoban, Mr Mark

                  Chamber Debates

    Budget March 2006 (27.03.2006) 643-7


    Financial services, Regulation 703-4w

    Further education, Hampshire 882-6w

    Police, Reorganisation 15

    Transport, Hampshire 147

Hodge, Margaret, Minister of State for Work, Dept for Work and Pensions


    Contracts, Dept for Work and Pensions 727w

    Employment schemes, Disabled 134w

    Islington, Dept for Work and Pensions 933-6w

    Jobcentre Plus, Oxfordshire 734-5w

    Jobcentre Plus, Stroud 735w

    Jobcentre Plus, Telephone services 733w

    Low incomes, Council tax 932-4w

    Mentally ill, Employment 736w

    New deal for 50 plus, Wirral 1207-8w

    New deal for young people, Chester 133w

    New deal schemes, Beverley 132w

    Social security benefits, Chesham 715-6w

    Social security benefits, Lone parents 136-7w

    Unemployment, Liverpool 237w

Hodgson, Sharon

                  Westminster Hall Debates

    Young people, Democracy (23.03.2006) 170-6wh


    Females, Equal opportunities 407-8

Hoey, Miss Kate

                  Chamber Debates

    Identity Cards Bill, Lords amendts (29.03.2006) 877


    Work permits, Sports competitors 124-6w

Hogg, Rt Hon Douglas

                  Westminster Hall Debates


    Business questions 1051

    Rural Payments Agency 550


    New deal schemes 132w

Holidays abroad

Hollobone, Philip

                  Chamber Debates

    Brussels Summit (27.03.2006) 566

    Consumer Credit Bill, Lords amendts (29.03.2006) 973

    Council tax (27.03.2006) 577-8

    Immigration Asylum and Nationality Bill, Programme motion and Lords amendts (29.03.2006) 903

    Natural Environment and Rural Communities Bill, Lords amendts (29.03.2006) 936

                  Westminster Hall Debates

    Prisoners' release (29.03.2006) 307wh


    Armed forces, Education 537

    Commonwealth, International assistance 622-4w

    Crime prevention, Vehicle number plates 467w

    Cross border cooperation, Northern Ireland 536w

    Roads, Northamptonshire 854w

    Rural Payments Agency 553-4

    Schools, Collective worship 887-8w

    Social security benefits, Hearing impaired 718w

    Trials, Administrative delays 384w

Holloway, Adam

                  Chamber Debates

    Defence (20.03.2006) 50

    Genetics, Databases (30.03.2006) 1123-5


    Afghanistan, Peace keeping operations 670w

    Commonwealth Games 648w

Home care services

    Electronic equipment 173w

Home detention curfews

    Coldingley Prison 767w

Home education

Home energy efficiency scheme

Home information packs

Home Office

    Collective bargaining 326w

    Cost effectiveness 462w

    Equal opportunities 115w


    Legal advice and assistance 874w






Hoon, Rt Hon Geoffrey, Lord Privy Seal and Leader of the House of Commons

                  Written Statements


    Health professions, Wellingborough 398w

    Members, Correspondence 675w

Hope, Phil, Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State, Dept for Education and Skills

                  Westminster Hall Debates

    Education, Yorkshire and Humberside (21.03.2006) 45-9wh


    Adult education, Social class 645w

    Apprentices, Construction 1075w

    Apprentices, Motor vehicles 1079w

    Further education, West Yorkshire 886-7w

    Learndirect, Television 1167w

    Vocational training, West Yorkshire 1085-6w

Hopkins, Mr Kelvin

                  Chamber Debates

    Brussels Summit (27.03.2006) 564


    Economic growth 1033

Horn of Africa

Horserace Totalisator Board

Horwood, Martin

                  Chamber Debates

    Council tax, Petitions (21.03.2006) 258

    Immigration controls (21.03.2006) 258


    Consultants, Home Office 303-4w

    Crime, Nature conservation 476w

Hosie, Stewart

                  Chamber Debates

    Identity Cards Bill, Lords amendts (29.03.2006) 1011

    Immigration Asylum and Nationality Bill, Programme motion and Lords amendts (29.03.2006) 924


    Higher civil servants, Office of the Deputy Prime Minister 1210w


    Petitions (30.03.2006) 1121

Hospital beds





House of Commons

    Cleaning services 680

    Fair trade initiative 848w

    Pollution control 398w

    Sustainable development 679

House of Lords

House of Lords Appointments Commission

House of Lords composition



    Sustainable development 68-70w

    Telecommunications 530w

    Wellingborough 62w

Housing associations

Housing benefit

    Employment services 1020w

    Incapacity benefit 931w

    Northern Ireland 415w

Housing Corporation

    English Partnerships 63w

Housing Corporation (Delegation) Etc Bill 2005-06

                  Chamber Debates

    1R (30.03.2006) 1061

Housing (Council Tenants and Leaseholders) Bill 2005-06.

                  Chamber Debates

    1R (29.03.2006) 869

Howarth, David

                  Chamber Debates

    Budget March 2006 (22.03.2006) 365-6, (28.03.2006) 700


    Excise duties, Climate change 971-2w

    Protectionism, EC countries 972w

Howarth, Mr George

                  Chamber Debates

    Identity Cards Bill, Lords amendts (21.03.2006) 194-5

Howarth, Mr Gerald

                  Chamber Debates

    Armed Forces Bill, Money res (21.03.2006) 175-6

    Territorial Army (23.03.2006) 428-31


    Afghanistan, Peace keeping operations 530-1

    Air traffic control 994w

    Defence, Procurement 534w

    Defence equipment, Leasing 362w

Howells, Geraint


    Mujahedin-e Khalq 918w

Howells, Dr Kim, Minister for the Middle East, Foreign and Commonwealth Office


    Afghanistan, Religious freedom 913-4w

    British Council, Gaza 423w

    Egypt, Religious freedom 330w

    Forced marriage 603w

    Gambia, Foreign relations 665-6w

    India, Foreign relations 572-3w

    India, Group of Eight 80-1w

    India, Human trafficking 79w

    India, Sterilisation 80w

    Indian subcontinent, Entry clearances 91-2w

    Indian subcontinent, Foreign and Commonwealth Office 1023w

    Iran, Politics and government 82w

    Iraq, Arms trade 83w

    Iraq, Foreign relations 1027w

    Iraq, Politics and government 916w

    Iraq, Prisoners 335w

    Iraq, Religious buildings 914w

    Israel, War crimes 336w

    Libyan Arab Republic, Females 85w

    Libyan Arab Republic, Human rights 422-3w

    Libyan Arab Republic, Overseas investment 917w

    Libyan Arab Republic, Weapons 422w

    Lockerbie, Bombings 423w

    Maldives, Politics and government 917-8w

    Members, Correspondence 329w

    Nepal, Human rights 86-7w

    Pakistan, Arms trade 342w

    Palestinians, Avian influenza 1029w

    Palestinians, Prisoners 667w

    Property, Foreign and Commonwealth Office 668w

    Sri Lanka, Peace negotiations 87w

    Syrian Arab Republic, Lebanon 344w

    Syrian Arab Republic, Terrorism 344w

    Taha, Rihab 83w

    Vietnam, Entry clearances 669w

Hoyle, Mr Lindsay

                  Chamber Debates

    Prisoners of war (28.03.2006) 687

                  Westminster Hall Debates

    Agriculture, Subsidies (29.03.2006) 283wh


    Ammunition, Procurement 1155w

    Falkland Islands, Argentina 328w

    India, Overseas trade 997w

    Iraq, Religious buildings 914w

    Joint strike fighter aircraft, USA 523-4

    Magistrates' courts, Chorley 567w

    Territorial Army, Chorley 1007w

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