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Hughes, Rt Hon Beverley, Minister of State for Children, Dept for Education and Skills


    Nurseries, West Midlands 542-3w

    Sure start programme, Aylesbury 112w

    Sure start programme, Expenditure 111w

Hughes, Simon

                  Chamber Debates

    Housing (Council Tenants and Leaseholders) Bill, 1R (29.03.2006) 869

    Immigration controls (21.03.2006) 236

    Political parties (20.03.2006) 25

    Princess Royal Barracks (29.03.2006) 867

    Travel information (21.03.2006) 167

                  Westminster Hall Debates

    Rape, Criminal proceedings (21.03.2006) 11-4wh


    Legislative and Regulatory Reform Bill 2005-06 152

    Politics, Public participation 670

    Railway stations, Security 150

Huhne, Chris

                  Chamber Debates

    Natural Environment and Rural Communities Bill, Lords amendts (29.03.2006) 937-8, 941, 943, 947, 964


    Rural Payments Agency 546-8

Human Fertilisation and Embryology Act 1990

                  Written Statements

Human rights

Human Rights Council

    see UN Human Rights Council

Human trafficking

Humble, Mrs Joan

                  Chamber Debates

    Armed Forces Bill, Money res (21.03.2006) 176-7

    Princess Royal Barracks (29.03.2006) 861


Hunt, Jeremy

                  Chamber Debates

    Budget March 2006 (22.03.2006) 382

Hunter, Mark

                  Chamber Debates

    Immigration controls (21.03.2006) 234-7


    Bus services, Stockport 1051w

    Housing, Airports 399w

    Housing, Military bases 817w

    Oxygen, Medical equipment 151w

Hurd, Nick

                  Chamber Debates

    Budget March 2006 (28.03.2006) 764-8


    General practitioners, Greater London 450w, 790-2w

    Hospitals, Waiting lists 971w

    New deal for young people 941-2w

    Nurses, Hillingdon 962w

    Primary care trusts, Greater London 448w

Hurricanes and tornadoes

Hutton, Rt Hon John, Secretary of State for Work and Pensions

                  Written Statements

    Standards, Dept for Work and Pensions 112-5ws

    Supply estimates, Dept for Work and Pensions 111ws


    Correspondence, Dept for Work and Pensions 1203w

Hutton, Lord

Hutton Inquiry

    see David Kelly Death Inquiry


    Sexually transmitted diseases 156-7w

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