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Rifkind, Sir Malcolm

                  Chamber Debates

    Brussels Summit (27.03.2006) 563

Right to buy scheme

    Milton Keynes 60w

    Peterborough 69w

Riordan, Linda


Risk assessment

River Severn

River Thames

    Environment protection 1106w

Road humps

Road traffic

Road traffic offences

    Fixed penalties 381w


    Northamptonshire 854w

Robathan, Mr Andrew

                  Chamber Debates

    Business questions intervention (30.03.2006) 1047


    Energy, Dept of Health 789w


    Crime prevention 743w

Robertson, Angus

                  Chamber Debates

    Defence (20.03.2006) 71


    Angola, Arms control 1181w

    Democratic Republic of Congo, Uganda 329w

    Kyrgyzstan, Human trafficking 81w

    Middle East, Armed conflict 338-9w

    Mozambique, Floods 185w

    Navy, Rapid reaction forces 437w

    Nepal, Human rights 86-7w

    Sri Lanka, Peace negotiations 87w

    Uzbekistan, Human rights 90-1w

Robertson, Hugh

                  Chamber Debates

    London Olympic Games and Paralympic Games Bill, Lords amendts (21.03.2006) 203-4, 207, 209, 212


    Iraq conflict, Military decorations 902w

    National Sports Foundation 17w

    Olympic Games, Greater London 480w

    Physical education, Primary education 104w

    Sports, Local government services 17w,

Robertson, John


    Disability living allowance, Chronic fatigue syndrome 1204w

    Social security benefits, Chronic fatigue syndrome 235w

Robertson, Mr Laurence


    Citizens' advice bureaux 676w

    Citizens' advice bureaux, Finance 872w

    Eritrea, Ethiopia 915w

    Horserace Totalisator Board 867w

    Iraq, Peace keeping operations 540-2

    Medical equipment 807w

    Railways, Safety 856w

    Terrorism, Omagh 537w

Robinson, Mr Geoffrey


Robinson, Mrs Iris

                  Chamber Debates

    Budget March 2006 (28.03.2006) 772-4


    Caravans, Northern Ireland 40-1w

    Coastal areas, Northern Ireland 685-6w

    Coastal erosion, Northern Ireland 42w

    General practitioners, Millisle 1043-4w

    Orthopaedics, Northern Ireland 1046w

    Tourism, Northern Ireland 414w

    Youth services, Newcastle County Down 680w

Robinson, Mr Peter D


    Hip replacements, Northern Ireland 1043-6w

    Out-patients, Northern Ireland 1048w

Rochdale Primary Care Trust

Rogerson, Daniel

                  Westminster Hall Debates

    Agriculture, Subsidies (29.03.2006) 298wh

    Housing, Overcrowding (28.03.2006) 211-4wh


    Agriculture, Subsidies 1102w

Rolling stock

    Air conditioning 858w


Rosebery School Loughborough

Rosindell, Mr Andrew


    Queen Elizabeth II, Anniversaries 1156-7w

    St Helena, Nature conservation 425w

    St Helena, Tourism 343w

Rowen, Paul

                  Chamber Debates

    Budget March 2006 (23.03.2006) 476-7, 479

                  Westminster Hall Debates


    Bus services, Concessions 377w

    Nurses, Graduates 801w

    Pensioners, Council tax benefits 1110w

    Rochdale Primary Care Trust, Manpower 174-5w

Royal Engineers

Royal Pharmaceutical Society of Great Britain

Ruane, Chris


    Cemeteries, Monuments 676w

    Electoral register 502w

    Sub-Saharan Africa, Trade 628w

    Unemployment, Northern Ireland 688w

    Utilities, Prices 34w

Ruddock, Joan


    Afghanistan, Overseas aid 841

    Low carbon buildings programme 997-8w

Ruffley, Mr David

                  Westminster Hall Debates

    Post office card account (22.03.2006) 118-9wh


    Intensive supervision and surveillance programme 120w

    Post office card account 1206w

Rural areas

    Community hospitals 954w

    Community policing 470w

    Planning permission 66-7w

Rural Payments Agency

Russell, Bob

                  Chamber Debates

    Armed Forces Bill, Money res (21.03.2006) 177

    Prisoners of war (28.03.2006) 685

    Territorial Army (23.03.2006) 437


    Armed forces, Cadets 532-3

    Courts, Colchester 871w

    Essex Police, Reorganisation 5-6

    Supermarkets, Competition 391-2

Russell, Ms Christine


    New deal for young people, Chester 133w



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