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    Democratic Republic of Congo 329w

"UK and the World Bank 2005"

Ulster Scots language

    Northern Ireland 213w

Ulster University


    Crimes of violence 416w

UN Central Emergency Response Fund

UN Convention on Certain Conventional Weapons

UN Human Rights Council

UN Population Fund


    Northern Ireland 688w

Unidentified flying objects

Unified Appeal Tribunal

    see Appeals Service


Unitary councils

Unitary development plans

United Health Group

    Primary health care 971w

United Kingdom Listing Authority

    see Financial Services Authority

United Nations

    International assistance 345-6w


    see Higher education

Unsolicited goods and services

Urban areas

    Fair trade initiative 282w

Urban Regeneration Agency

    see English Partnerships




    Ballistic missile defence 1154w

    Joint strike fighter aircraft 523-5

    Northern Ireland 425w

Ussher, Kitty

                  Chamber Debates

    Budget March 2006 (27.03.2006) 623, 636-7



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