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Vacant land

    Thames Gateway 68w


Vaizey, Edward

                  Chamber Debates

    Budget March 2006 (22.03.2006) 357, 365-7

    Consumer Credit Bill, Lords amendts (29.03.2006) 978-9, 983


    House of Commons, Pollution control 398w


Valuation Office

    Compensation 73w

    Data processing 26w

    Industrial health and safety 531w



VAT exemptions


Vaz, Mr Keith

                  Chamber Debates

    Brussels Summit (27.03.2006) 562

    Community Legal Service (27.03.2006) 652-6

    Immigration Asylum and Nationality Bill, Programme motion and Lords amendts (29.03.2006) 901, 912, 914-5, 920-1

                  Westminster Hall Debates


    Administration of justice, Reform 679w

    Afghanistan, Religious freedom 913-4w

    Asylum and Immigration Tribunal 675w

    Asylum and Immigration Tribunal, Administrative delays 675w

    Bank of Credit and Commerce International 848w

    Business links, Race relations 385w

    Child Support Agency, Information and communications technology 725-6w

    China, Overseas trade 1117w

    Community relations 923w

    Community relations, Islam 925w

    Consultants, Dept for Constitutional Affairs 873-4w

    County councils 280w

    EC economic policy, Reform 974w

    EC internal trade 1037

    Examination boards, Competition 218w

    Gambia, Politics and government 1026w

    Immigration and Nationality Directorate, Administrative delays 113-4w

    Immigration and Nationality Directorate, Misconduct 604w

    Information and communications technology, Standard assessment tasks 99-100w

    Legal Aid Procurement Review, Ethnic groups 872w

    Legal profession, Ethnic groups 875w

    Local government, Managers 528-9w

    Local government, Reform 281-2w

    Office for Standards in Education, Ethnic groups 646w

    Palestinians, Avian influenza 1029w

    Public sector, Manpower 26-7w

    Schools, Inspections 889w

    Science, After school clubs 1073w

    Teachers, Training 219w

    Trials, Administrative delays 677w

    Unitary councils 405w

    Written questions, Costs 1033w



    Bakery products 259w

Vehicle and Operator Services Agency

Vehicle number plates


Vending machines


Veterans Challenge Fund

Veterans Day


Video games

Video recordings


    Entry clearances 669w

Viggers, Mr Peter

                  Chamber Debates

    Budget March 2006 (22.03.2006) 343-8


    Mobility Advice and Vehicle Information Service 379-80w

    Transport, Hampshire 146

Villiers, Theresa


    Consultants, Dept of Health 790w

    Consultants, Office of the Deputy Prime Minister 819w

    Cost effectiveness, Dept for International Development 11-2w, 376w

    Cost effectiveness, Dept for Work and Pensions 237w

    Cost effectiveness, Dept of Health 806-7w

    Cost effectiveness, Office of the Deputy Prime Minister 402-4w, 530w

    Manpower, Dept for International Development 11w

    Office of Fair Trading, Cost effectiveness 391w

    Office of Fair Trading, Manpower 391w

    Recruitment, Dept of Health 787w

    Vehicles, Dept of Health 148w

Vis, Dr Rudi


    Young offenders 309w


Visits abroad

    Office of the Deputy Prime Minister 55w

Vocational guidance

Vocational training

Voluntary organisations

    Dept for Work and Pensions 137w

    Office of the Deputy Prime Minister 926w

Voluntary work

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