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Big Lottery Fund


    Dept for Education and Skills 157-8w

    Dept for Work and Pensions 136w

    Ministry of Defence 5-6w

Binley, Brian

                  Chamber Debates

    Ministerial statement intervention (26.04.2006) 575


    Iran, Nuclear power 484-5

    Nuclear power stations, Finance 1746w






    Import controls 987w

Birth rate

    Northern Ireland 465w

Black economy

Blackman-Woods, Roberta

                  Westminster Hall Debates

    United Nations (18.04.2006) 1-7wh


    Adult education, Fees and charges 697-8

    Herceptin, Northern Ireland 1189w

    Israel, Frontiers 537w

    Palestinians, Foreign relations 1657w

    Pipe organs, Hazardous substances 1750w


Blair, Rt Hon Tony, Prime Minister, First Lord of the Treasury and Minister for the Civil Service

                  Chamber Debates

    Queen Elizabeth II, Anniversaries (19.04.2006) 127-8

                  Written Statements

    Senior Salaries Review Body, Public appointments 55-6ws


    Adult education, Finance 121

    Antisocial behaviour 570

    Arts Council of England 965

    Bus services, Concessions 118, 123

    City academies 122

    Civil servants, Political activities 1672w

    Climate change 966

    Climate change levy 115

    Community health services, Wiltshire 966-7

    Community policing 563

    Conditions of employment, Administration orders 565-6

    Corporate hospitality, Prime Minister 1672w

    Correspondence, Prime Minister 1673w

    Crime, Bexley 569

    Dangerous driving, Prosecutions 966

    David Kelly Death Inquiry 1674w

    Day care, Prime Minister 1672w

    Departmental reorganisation, Home Office 964

    Departmental reorganisation, Prime Minister 400w, 1674w

    Departmental responsibilities, Home Office 962-3

    Devolution, Scotland 1020w

    Domestic visits, Prime Minister 921w

    Elections, Barnsley 119

    Football, Prime Minister 1145w

    Freedom of information, Prime Minister 400-1w

    Health services, Cornwall 570-1

    Health services, Harrogate 121

    Health services, Hastings 571-2

    Hearing aids, Waiting lists 121-2

    Home computing initiative, Worcestershire 570

    Homicide, Northern Ireland 1675w

    Hospitals, Staffordshire 123-4

    Housing, Derelict land 118

    Industrial diseases, Asbestos 962

    Internet, Prime Minister 1673w

    Iran, Nuclear power 117-8

    Labour Party 963

    Labour Party, Finance 400w

    Labour Party, Manifestos 921w

    Manpower, Prime Minister 1385w

    Manufacturing industries, Redundancy 119-20

    Members, Correspondence 1145w

    Members' interests, Prime Minister 1674w

    Middle East, Armed conflict 119

    Middle East, Peace negotiations 124

    Ministers, Internet 1673w

    Northern Ireland government 567

    Official engagements, Prime Minister 114, 562, 958

    Official residences, Prime Minister 1674w

    Official visits, Prime Minister 1385-6w

    Olympic Games, Greater London 967-8

    Political activities, Prime Minister 922w

    Political parties, Finance 119, 123

    Schools, Repairs and maintenance 963-4

    Television, Prime Minister 400w

    10 Downing Street, Repairs and maintenance 400w, 1672-4w

    TVR Cars, Blackpool 568

    United Nations, Prime Minister 922w

    Vatican, Diplomatic service 567

    Welfare tax credits 965

    Weston Hospital 572

Blears, Ms Hazel, Minister of State, Home Office

                  Written Statements

    Police, Information and communications technology 17-9ws


    Alcoholic drinks, Young people 368w

    Antisocial behaviour 279w

    Antisocial behaviour, Alcoholic drinks 1613w

    Antisocial behaviour, Motorcycles 318w

    Antisocial behaviour, Southend on Sea 858w

    Antisocial behaviour, Wandsworth 812w

    British Transport Police 283w

    Bruche Police Training College 1405w

    Cambridgeshire Constabulary, Manpower 1621w

    Chewing gum, Fixed penalties 805w

    City of London Police, Metropolitan Police 326w

    Cocaine, Children 295w

    Community development, Home Office 1629-30w

    Crime, Construction 1406w

    Crime, Emergency calls 320w

    Crime, Higher education 313w

    Crime, Migrant workers 1026w

    Crime, North East region 283-4w

    Driving offences, Convictions 303-6w

    Greater Manchester Police, Finance 302w

    Gun sports, Olympic Games 1618w

    Hampshire Constabulary, Reorganisation 325w

    Homicide, West Midlands 1403w

    Illegal immigrants, Crime 297w

    Members, Correspondence 285-6w

    Metropolitan Police, Expenditure 1847w

    Metropolitan Police Special Branch, Training 1853w

    National Criminal Intelligence Service, Recruitment 1027-8w

    North Yorkshire Police, Reorganisation 322-3w

    Northamptonshire Police, Expenditure 1846w

    Police, Brentford 324w

    Police, Bureaucracy 330w

    Police, Ethnic groups 857w

    Police, Greater London 326w

    Police, Pensions 325w

    Police, South West region 451w

    Police, Training 330w

    Police, West Midlands 325w

    Princess Royal Barracks 288w

    Road traffic offences, Fixed penalties 301w

    Road traffic offences, Lancashire 369w

    Security guards, Licensing 361w

    Speed limits, Driving offences 1433-4w

    Stop and search 364w

    Terrorism, Canary Wharf 805w

    Terrorism, Greater London 313w

    Terrorism, Sri Lanka 1416w

    Theft, Cellular phones 1620w

    Theft, Motor vehicles 805w

    Travelling people, Caravan sites 1854w

    Young offenders, Identification of criminals 1408-9w


    see Sight impaired

Blizzard, Mr Bob

                  Westminster Hall Debates


    Drugs, Latin America 1617w

    Music, Finance 351


Blood transfusions

Bloody Sunday Tribunal of Inquiry

Blue badge scheme

    Myasthenia gravis 639w

Blunt, Mr Crispin

                  Chamber Debates

    Offenders (26.04.2006) 589


    Ministers, Codes of practice 964

    Sixth form education 699

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