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Snelgrove, Anne

                  Chamber Debates

    Offenders (26.04.2006) 582-3

                  Westminster Hall Debates

    Great Western Trains, Franchises (25.04.2006) 193wh


    Agriculture, Subsidies 224-5

    Antisocial behaviour, Alcoholic drinks 1613w

    Arms trade, Torture 1130w

    Farmers, Income 749w

    Freeview service 679w

Soames, Mr Nicholas


    Diplomatic service, Manpower 72-3w

    Efficiency in Public Services Review, Dept of Health 1540w

    European Defence Agency 623-4w

    Health professions, Manpower 246-8w

    Planning, Water supply 1805w

Social Fund

Social rented housing

Social security benefits

Social services

Soil Guideline Values Task Force

Solar power


    Corporate hospitality 1558w



    Special educational needs (19.04.2006) 131-8wh


Soulsby, Sir Peter


    City academies 696

South Africa

South America

    EC external trade 85w

South East Asia

South East region

South Warwickshire Primary Care Trust

South West region

    English Sports Council 343-4

South West Regional Development Agency

South West Trains


    Health services 228w

Southend on Sea

    Antisocial behaviour 858w

Southern Water

Southport and Ormskirk Hospital NHS Trust

Southworth, Ms Helen




    Diplomatic service 80w

Speaker and deputies

                  Chamber Debates

    Amendments and new clauses (24.04.2006) 372

    Deferred divisions (26.04.2006) 640

    Disallowed questions (27.04.2006) 697, (03.05.2006) 953, 966

    Law, Peter, Death (25.04.2006) 481

    Rulings and statements, Fifteen minutes rule (26.04.2006) 619

    Rulings and statements, Members (03.05.2006) 988, (04.05.2006) 1109

    Rulings and statements, Unparliamentary expressions (20.04.2006) 229

    Select Committee motions (24.04.2006) 469, (02.05.2006) 940

                  Westminster Hall Debates

    Rulings and statements, Speeches (18.04.2006) 15wh

    Rulings and statements, Sub judice rule (03.05.2006) 477wh


    Leave of absence (18.04.2006) 1

    Rulings and statements (18.04.2006) 1

Special Branch

    see Metropolitan Police Special Branch

Special constables

Special educational needs

    Pupil exclusions 184w

    Tourettes syndrome 186w

Special forces

Special guardianship orders

Specialised diplomas

Specialist schools

Speech therapy

    Royal Free Hospital 1546w


    Rulings and statements (18.04.2006) 15wh

Speed limits

    Fixed penalties 360w

    Southend on Sea 840w

Spellar, Rt Hon John

                  Chamber Debates

    Offenders (26.04.2006) 578

                  Westminster Hall Debates

    Political parties, Finance (02.05.2006) 396-8wh


    British nationality 283w

    Bus services, Greater London 843w

    Drinking water, Dept for Work and Pensions 135-6w

    Electoral register 43w

    Electoral register, Manpower 1224w

    Government departments, Homeworking 535w

    Health professions, Employment 1776-7w

    Housing benefit, Expenditure 126-7w

    Influenza, Vaccination 229w

    Mortgages, Fees and charges 1722w

    Motorways, Road signs and markings 1583w

    Motorways, Road traffic 706-7w

    NHS, Private sector 259w

    Prisoners, Foreigners 334w

    Probation, Codes of practice 319w

    Religious freedom 88w

    Security guards, Licensing 361w

    Sierra Leone, Security 90-1w

    West Midlands Passenger Transport Authority, Finance 712-3w

    Wines, Pensioners 34w

Spelman, Mrs Caroline


    Conferences, Office of the Deputy Prime Minister 521w

    Domestic wastes, Fines 22-3w

    Fire prevention 107

    Housing, Planning 109w

    Local government, Pensions 932w

    Local government, Retirement 656w

    Local government finance 116-7w

    Pollution, Fixed penalties 24-6w

Spicer, Sir Michael


    Agriculture, Subsidies 1321w

    Business questions 1108

Spink, Bob

                  Chamber Debates

    Fuel oil, Petitions (24.04.2006) 470

    Hazardous substances, Petitions (26.04.2006) 677-8

    Road traffic control, Petitions (26.04.2006) 678



Sport England

    see English Sports Council


Sports competitors



Spring, Mr Richard

                  Chamber Debates

    NHS, Points of order (24.04.2006) 362


    NHS, Expenditure 260w

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