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Body armour




    Northern Ireland 700w


Bone, Peter

                  Chamber Debates

    Housing Corporation (Delegation) Etc Bill, Programme motion (11.05.2006) 544

    Housing Corporation (Delegation) Etc Bill, 3R (11.05.2006) 546, 551-3

    Iraq (08.05.2006) 37

    NHS (09.05.2006) 205

    Nuclear power, Points of order (18.05.2006) 1151

    Pensions (25.05.2006) 1668

    Schools, Points of order (25.05.2006) 1671

                  Westminster Hall Debates


    Dental services, Wales 187w

    Developing countries, Trade 1617w

    Driving offences 721w

    Helicopters, Rescue services 1607w

    Identity cards, Scotland 345w

    Northamptonshire Heartlands Primary Care Trust, Finance 1578-80w

    Northern Ireland Assembly 1467-8

    Pensions, Maladministration 13-4

    Probation, Human rights 1628-9

    Road traffic offences 719w

    Secondary education, Wellingborough 1615

Bone marrow disorders

Borrow, Mr David S

                  Westminster Hall Debates


Boswell, Mr Tim

                  Chamber Debates

    Whitsun adjournment debate intervention (25.05.2006) 1686, 1688

                  Westminster Hall Debates

    Police, Reorganisation (23.05.2006) 381wh


    Employment schemes, Finance 1666w

    Industrial accidents 2034w

    Industrial health and safety, Advisory services 1685-6w

    Jobcentre Plus, Information and communications technology 2030w

    Labour market, International cooperation 2030-1w

    Neurology, Recruitment 941w

    Public sector, Pensions 982-3

    Standards, Dept for Work and Pensions 1491-2w

    Vocational education 1w

Bottomley, Peter

                  Chamber Debates

    Association of Former Members of Parliament (18.05.2006) 1170


    Hearing aids, Waiting lists 1163w

    State retirement pensions 2-3

Boundary commissions

    Electoral Commission 1472w


Bournemouth Teaching Primary Care Trust

Bovine tuberculosis

    Petitions (09.05.2006) 286

Bradshaw, Mr Ben, Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State, Dept for Environment Food and Rural Affairs

                  Chamber Debates

    River Esk, Angling (11.05.2006) 597-8

                  Westminster Hall Debates

                  Written Statements

    Central Science Laboratory, Standards 47ws

    EU Agriculture and Fisheries Council 9-10ws

    Fisheries, Environment protection 88-9ws

    Marine Fisheries Agency, Standards 48ws

    Veterinary Laboratories Agency, Standards 47ws

    Veterinary Medicines Directorate, Standards 46-7ws


    Avian influenza, Poultry 127-8w

    Avian influenza, Waste disposal 832-3w

    Birds, Quarantine 409w

    Cranleigh Brick and Tile, Planning permission 1296w

    Domestic wastes, Recycling 1127-8

    Fisheries, Compensation 843-4w

    Fisheries, Cornwall 1819w

    Foot and mouth disease 842w

    Integrated pollution control 1694-5w

    Land, Contamination 1298w

    Livestock, Waste disposal 9-10w

    Nitrogen dioxide, Air pollution 845w

    Nitrogen dioxide, Greater London 845-6w

    North Sea, Environment protection 1307w

    Poultry, Registration 1915w

    Poultry, Subsidies 131w

    Rendering industry, Regulation 130w

    Whales, Sakhalin Island 12-3w

    White papers, Dept for Environment Food and Rural Affairs 1314w

    Wind power, Wales 13w

Brady, Mr Graham

                  Chamber Debates

                  Westminster Hall Debates


    EC budget, Contributions 1909w

    EC institutions, Reform 687w

    EC justice and home affairs 520w

    EC nationals, Identity cards 1861w

    Economic and monetary union 1429w

    EU General Affairs and External Relations Council 1236-7w

    European Police Office 1036w

    European Police Office, Finance 719w

    Palestinians, International assistance 1238-9w


Brake, Tom

                  Chamber Debates

    Council tax, Petitions (16.05.2006) 970


    Aviation, Safety 644w

    Environment protection, Transport 1196w

    Epsom and St Helier NHS Trust, Agency nurses 1579-80w

    Manpower, Dept for Transport 424-5w

    Water, Shortages 1006

Brazier, Mr Julian

                  Chamber Debates


    European Maritime Safety Agency 1893w

    Railways, Southampton 1904w

    Shipping, Ministry of Defence 32-40w


Breast cancer

Breast feeding



Brighton and Hove Albion Football Club

British Airways

British Forces Post Office

British Indian Ocean Territory

British nationality

British Nuclear Group

British overseas territories

British Railways Board

British Transport Police

Brokenshire, James

                  Chamber Debates

    Legislative and Regulatory Reform Bill, Rep (15.05.2006) 724

    Police and Justice Bill, Rep and 3R (10.05.2006) 376-7


    Mental health services, Finance 834-5

    Palestinians, Overseas aid 1625w

Brooke, Mrs Annette L

                  Chamber Debates


Broomfield Hospital Chelmsford

    Private finance initiative 310, 931w

Brown, Rt Hon Gordon, Chancellor of the Exchequer

                  Written Statements

    Court of Directors, Public appointments 37ws

    EU Economic and Financial Affairs Council 31ws


    Developing countries, Health services 501-2

Brown, Lyn

                  Chamber Debates

    Pensions (25.05.2006) 1666

    Recess motions (25.05.2006) 1696-8

    Whitsun adjournment debate intervention (25.05.2006) 1705


    Asylum, Repatriation 1499w

    Democratic Republic of Congo, Asylum 1416w

    Global Fund to Fight AIDS Tuberculosis and Malaria 1614-5w

    Railways, Radioactive materials 1951-2w

    Water supply, Repairs and maintenance 1823w

Brown, Rt Hon Nicholas


    Bus services, Concessions 1399w

    Bus services, Tyne and Wear 1389w

    Musicians, Anniversaries 1159w

    Petitions, Dept of Health 1885w

    Portland PR, Dept of Health 1885w

    Portland PR, Prime Minister 1983w

    Warships, Decommissioning 43-4w

Brown, Mr Russell

                  Chamber Debates

    Colorectal cancer, Screening (16.05.2006) 975


    Post office card account 9-10

Browne, Rt Hon Desmond, Secretary of State for Defence

                  Chamber Debates

    Armed Forces Bill, Com and 3R (22.05.2006) 1247

    Iraq, Ministerial statements (08.05.2006) 23-4, 26-38

                  Written Statements

    Armed forces, Sexual harassment 92ws


    Astute class submarines 1325w

    Conscientious objectors 1606w

    Defence equipment, Iran 186w

    Disciplinary proceedings, Ministry of Defence 662-3w

    Ministerial duties, Ministry of Defence 303w

    Ministry of Defence Guard Service, Injuries 186w

Browne, Jeremy

                  Chamber Debates

    Armed Forces Bill, Com and 3R (22.05.2006) 1247

                  Westminster Hall Debates


    Cancer, Waiting lists 408w

    Dental services, Children 393w

    Dental services, Resignations 1556w

    Dental services, Taunton 394w

Browning, Mrs Angela

                  Chamber Debates

    Post office card account, Petitions (23.05.2006) 1451

Bruce, Malcolm

                  Westminster Hall Debates


    Children, Disabled 153

    Developing countries, Education 303

    North Sea, Environment protection 1307w

    Pension credit, Aberdeenshire 1153-5w

    Pension credit, Gordon 1155w

Bruche Police Training College

Bryant, Mr Chris

                  Chamber Debates

    Armed Forces Bill, Com and 3R (22.05.2006) 1217, 1221-4

    Business questions intervention (11.05.2006) 516

    Points of order intervention (11.05.2006) 543


    Afghanistan, Peace keeping operations 1192

    Pensions, Reform 11-2

    Post office card account, Rhondda 1491w

    Students, Loans 1623

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