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Labour market

Labour Party

Labour turnover

Ladyman, Stephen, Minister of State, Dept for Transport

                  Written Statements

    Rescue services, Helicopters 12-4ws

    Transport Innovation Fund 84-6ws


    Air ambulance services, Scotland 1131w

    Bus services, Northern region 646w

    Climate change, Pollution control 16w

    Contracts, Dept for Transport 18w

    Cycling, Road traffic offences 656w

    Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency, Disclosure of information 1273-4w, 1893w

    Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency, Passports 19-20w

    Driving, Sight impaired 19w

    Driving instruction 1278w

    Driving instruction, Dismissal 18-9w

    Driving under influence 951-2w

    Emergency services, Training 1275w

    European Maritime Safety Agency 1893w

    Exhaust emissions 23w

    Galileo project, China 1128w

    Maritime and Coastguard Agency 1950-1w

    Motor vehicles, Fees and charges 1621-2w

    Motor vehicles, Registration 27w

    Official visits, Dept for Transport 1276-7w

    Public transport, Hampshire 25-7w

    Railways, Radioactive materials 1951-2w

    Regional transport forums 428w

    Road traffic, Greater Manchester 16w

    Road traffic, Milton Keynes 1620-1w

    Road traffic, Northamptonshire 828w

    Road traffic, Suffolk 1284w

    Road Traffic (Driver Licensing and Information Systems) Act 1989 273-4w

    Road traffic offences 20w

    Road Vehicles (Construction and Use) Regulations 1986 156w

    Road Vehicles Lighting Regulations 1989 156w

    Road Vehicles (Registration and Licensing) Regulations 1971 273w

    Safety belts, Pregnant women 652w

    Shipping, Inspections 1947w

    Shopping centres, Newcastle upon Tyne 270w

    Thameslink railway line 1286w

    Transport, Cost benefit analysis 653-4w

    Transport, Pollution control 23w

    Transport, Tamworth 24-5w

    Transport Direct, Procurement 952w

    Vehicle number plates, Road traffic offences 650w

Lait, Mrs Jacqui


    Animal welfare, Protest 1022w

    Water, Shortages 1005

Lamb, Norman

                  Chamber Debates

    Recess motions (25.05.2006) 1718-22

Lammy, David, Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State, Dept for Culture Media and Sport

                  Westminster Hall Debates

                  Written Statements


    Act of Union 1707, Anniversaries 44w

    Advertising, Dept for Culture Media and Sport 1407w

    Arts Council of England, Finance 978-9w

    Arts Council of England, West Midlands 311w

    Car sharing, Dept for Culture Media and Sport 1791w

    Career structure, Dept for Culture Media and Sport 982w

    Culture Online, Hunting 1408w

    Day care, Dept for Culture Media and Sport 45w

    Departmental responsibilities, Dept for Culture Media and Sport 1791w

    Disciplinary proceedings, Dept for Culture Media and Sport 47w

    Equal pay, Dept for Culture Media and Sport 45-7w, 980w

    Foreign workers, Dept for Culture Media and Sport 47w

    Grants, Dept for Culture Media and Sport 630-3w

    Heritage Lottery Fund, Northern Ireland 980-2w

    Information and communications technology, Dept for Culture Media and Sport 1409w, 1925w

    Legislation, Dept for Culture Media and Sport 1791w

    Manpower, Dept for Culture Media and Sport 666-7w, 981w

    Members, Correspondence 1408w

    Ministerial policy advisors, Dept for Culture Media and Sport 1408w

    Musicians, Anniversaries 1159w

    National Heritage Memorial Fund, Art works 1927-8w

    Official hospitality, Dept for Culture Media and Sport 45w

    Portland PR, Dept for Culture Media and Sport 1928w

    Private Members' bills, Dept for Culture Media and Sport 1793w

    Public expenditure, Dept for Culture Media and Sport 983w

    Public libraries, Braille 1923w

    Public participation, Dept for Culture Media and Sport 979-80w

    Racial harassment, Dept for Culture Media and Sport 982w

    Retirement, Dept for Culture Media and Sport 47w

    Royal parks, Motorcycles 1643w

    Standards, Dept for Culture Media and Sport 1410w

    Surveys, Dept for Culture Media and Sport 983w

    Training, Dept for Culture Media and Sport 50w


    Dept for Environment Food and Rural Affairs 411-3w

    Disability living allowance 501w

    General practitioners 1096w

Lancaster, Mark

                  Chamber Debates

    NHS (09.05.2006) 185

                  Westminster Hall Debates

    Cycling (09.05.2006) 42wh


    Correspondence, Treasury 616w

    Dental services, Milton Keynes 395-6w

    Equatorial Guinea, Military coups 349w

    General practitioners 1094w

    Housing, Low incomes 925w

    Housing, Milton Keynes 1396w

    Joint Ministerial Committee 156-7w

    Military aircraft 1189

    Nepal, Diplomatic service 1422w

    Nepal, Overseas aid 246w

    Regeneration, Milton Keynes 493w

    Secondary education, Milton Keynes 1618-9


    Foreign and Commonwealth Office 1629-30w

Land stabilisation programme


    European Court of Human Rights 1629w

Lansley, Mr Andrew

                  Chamber Debates

    Standards Board for England (15.05.2006) 821-4, 828


    Colorectal cancer, Screening 738w

    General practitioners, Buildings 609-10w

    Health authorities, Reorganisation 1114w

    NHS, Information and communications technology 832-3

    Primary care trusts 1764w

Latin America

    Climate Change Convention 987-8

Law Officers Dept

    see Attorney General

Laws, Mr David

                  Chamber Debates


    Advertising, Dept for Work and Pensions 1671-4w

    Dental services, Contracts 225-6w

    Deprivation indicators, Somerset 93-6w

    Incapacity benefit, Applications 504-5w

    Leyhill Prison, Prisoner escapes 1211-6w

    Pension credit, Manpower 1489w

    Pensioners, Means tested benefits 1682w

    Pensions, Reform 919w

    Public sector, Pensions 620w

    Revenue and Customs, Job satisfaction 287-8w

    Social rented housing, Waiting lists 1136w

    Training, Dept for Constitutional Affairs 1836w

    Welfare tax credits, Overpayments 496

    Welfare tax credits, Telephone services 1441w

Laxton, Mr Bob


    Genito-urinary medicine, Derbyshire 1178-9w

    Sexually transmitted diseases, Derbyshire 407w

Lazarowicz, Mr Mark

                  Westminster Hall Debates


    Developing countries, Education 249-50w

    Money lenders, Scotland 158w

    Planning gain supplement 437w

    Public holidays, Conditions of employment 1447w

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