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Nairac, Robert


National Assembly For Wales (Transfer of Functions) Order 2006

                  Chamber Debates

National Criminal Intelligence Service

National Health Service (Pre-consolidation Amendments) Order 2006

                  Chamber Debates

National Heritage Memorial Fund

National identity register

National income

National Institute for Energy Technologies

National insurance contributions

National Lottery

National offender management information system

National Offender Management Service


National Probation Service for England and Wales

National Security Appeals Panel

National Treatment Agency

National vocational qualifications

    Coventry 1w

National Youth Community Service


Natural England

Natural Environment Research Council

Natural gas



    Rescue services 293w

Naysmith, Dr Douglas

                  Chamber Debates

    NHS (09.05.2006) 186


    Antidepressants, Prescriptions 1738w

    Portland PR, Dept for International Development 1190w


    Peace keeping operations 627w

Network Rail


New businesses

New Scotland Yard

    see Metropolitan Police

Newcastle upon Tyne

    Shopping centres 270w


Newmark, Brooks

                  Chamber Debates

                  Westminster Hall Debates


    Agriculture, Subsidies 1130

    Ministerial duties, Deputy Prime Minister 1255w

    Police, Reorganisation 700-1

    Stansted Airport, Air routes 1269w

    State retirement pensions 1490w


    Property development 1011w


    Opposition days (09.05.2006) 177-284

    Public appointments 1171w

NHS Direct

NHS Local Improvement Finance Trust

NHS Logistics Authority

NHS treatment centres


Night flying

    Heathrow Airport 824w

    London airports 150w


Nitrogen dioxide


Non-departmental public bodies

Non-domestic rates

    Small businesses 105w

Non-fossil fuel obligation


    Systemic lupus erythematosus 398w

Norfolk Constabulary

Norfolk Suffolk and Cambridgeshire Strategic Health Authority

Norris, Dan


    Education maintenance allowance, Wansdyke 1721-2w

North East region

    Local government services 923w

North Korea

North Sea

    Environment protection 1307w

North South Trade and Business Development Body

    see InterTradeIreland

North West London Strategic Health Authority

North West region

    Antisocial behaviour orders 1494w

    Digital broadcasting 979w

North Yorkshire Police

Northampton Hospital


Northamptonshire Heartlands Primary Care Trust

Northern Ireland

    Administration of justice 362w

    Antisocial behaviour 1770w

    Asbestos 1597-8w, 1769w

    Attendance allowance 357w

    Business improvement districts 691w

    Children in care 1462-4, 1769w

    Counterfeit manufacturing 692-3w

    District policing partnerships 1243w

    Driving offences 887w

    Foreign students 883w

    General practitioners 201w

    Hedges and ditches 205w

    Housing associations 57w

    Housing benefit 877w

    Illegal immigrants 567w

    Kidney patients 878w

    Local government finance 1339w

    Maintenance 57w

    Money laundering 361w

    Organised crime 1466

    Planning obligations 1019w

    Public expenditure 359w

    Regional planning and development 702w

    Sexual offences 541w

    Social security benefits 541-2w

    Special educational needs 889w

    Sustainable development 1605w

    Travelling people 542w

Northern Ireland Assembly

Northern Ireland Bill 2005-06

                  Chamber Debates

    Royal Assent (08.05.2006) 95

Northern Ireland Child Support Agency

    Information and communications technology 357w

Northern Ireland Civic Forum

Northern Ireland Court Service

Northern Ireland education and library boards

Northern Ireland Executive

Northern Ireland Executive Dept of Education

Northern Ireland Executive Dept of the Environment

Northern Ireland Forest Service

    see Forest Service

Northern Ireland government

Northern Ireland Housing Council

Northern Ireland Human Rights Commission

    Operating costs 699w

Northern Ireland Independent Monitoring Commission

Northern Ireland (Miscellaneous Provisions) Bill 2005-06

                  Chamber Debates

Northern Ireland Office

    Corporate hospitality 199w

    Disciplinary proceedings 530w

    Official hospitality 529w

    Official residences 539w

    Public participation 1338w

    Racial harassment 885w

Northern Ireland Police Service

    see Police Service of Northern Ireland

Northern Ireland Social Security Agency

    see Social Security Agency

Northern Ireland Valuation and Lands Agency

    see Valuation and Lands Agency

Northern Ireland Water Service Agency

    see Water Service

Northern region


Northwick Park Hospital



Nottinghamshire Police

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