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    Eastbourne Hospital 1171w

Paice, Mr James


    Community support officers 695-6

    Married personal allowance 284w

Paice, Sarah Ann


Paisley, Rev Ian

                  Chamber Debates


    Northern Ireland Assembly 1462

    Northern Ireland government 997-8


Palace of Westminster

Palestinian-Israeli conflict

    see Middle East


Palliative care

    Frenchay Hospital 755w



Parish councils


Parking offences

Parkinson's disease

Parliamentary Education Unit

Parliamentary private secretaries

Parliamentary scrutiny

    Legislative drafting 1609w

Parliamentary tours



Passport and Identity Service

    see Identity and Passport Service


    Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency 19-20w

    Lost property 324-6w

Pastoral (Amendment) Measure 2006

                  Chamber Debates

    (15.05.2006) 819


Paterson, Mr Owen

                  Chamber Debates

    Ministerial statement intervention (16.05.2006) 858

                  Westminster Hall Debates


    Breast cancer, Herceptin 555w

    Business questions 1143

    Roads, Accidents 825w

Patient and Public Involvement in Health Commission

    see Commission for Patient and Public Involvement in Health



    Further education 782w

    Northern Ireland education and library boards 874-5w

    Police Service of Northern Ireland 1248-9w

    Sandwell and West Birmingham Hospitals NHS Trust 405-6w

Peace keeping operations

Peace negotiations

Pearson, Ian, Minister of State, Dept for Environment Food and Rural Affairs

                  Written Statements

    Droughts, South East region 93-4ws

    Pesticides Safety Directorate, Standards 46ws


    Agriculture, Subsidies 584w

    Aviation, Dept for Environment Food and Rural Affairs 1305w

    Biotechnology, EC action 834-5w

    Carbon dioxide, Air pollution 245-6w

    Carbon Trust, Freedom of information 581w

    Chemicals, Hazardous substances 1918w

    Droughts, South East region 588w

    EC environmental policy 583w

    Energy, Conservation 1303w

    Energy Saving Trust 573w

    Environment Agency, Copyright 583w

    Environment protection, Transport 1196w

    EU Global Monitoring for Environment and Security Satellite System 1691-2w

    Exhaust emissions, Pollution control 1117-9

    Floods, South West region 1201w

    Genetically modified organisms 585-6w

    Genetically modified organisms, EC action 583w

    Pipelines, Sakhalin Island 584w

    Queen's flight, Dept for Environment Food and Rural Affairs 1916w

    Railways, Air pollution 1914w

    Rendering industry, Licensing 1295w

    Rendering industry, Regulation 1822w

    Warm zones programme 852w

    Water supply, Repairs and maintenance 588w, 1823w

    Wessex Regional Flood Defence Committee 1690w

    Wood, Sustainable development 661w

Pelling, Andrew

                  Chamber Debates


    Baby care units, Greater London 1880-2w

    European Court of Human Rights, Languages 1629w

    Natural gas, Safety 2033w

    Sri Lanka, Politics and government 1239-40w

Penning, Mike

                  Chamber Debates

    Iraq (08.05.2006) 36


    Councillors, Resignations 799w

    Fire services, Closures 95-6w

    Government departments, Consultants 279w

    Iraq, Peace keeping operations 301w

    Military bases, Closures 480w

    Political parties, Finance 821w

    Regional government 799w

Penrose, John


Pension credit

Pension funds

Pension Protection Fund


    Means tested benefits 1682w


    Foreign and Commonwealth Office 1864-5w

    Maladministration 13-5

    Ministerial statements (25.05.2006) 1648-70

    Northern Ireland Office 1976w

Pensions Commission

Pensions Regulator

Pentland Firth

People Pay and Pensions Agency

Perfluorooctane sulphonate

Performance appraisal

Personal injury

Personal records

Personal statements

    Llwyd, Elfyn (11.05.2006) 505



Pest control

Pesticides Safety Directorate


    Welfare tax credits 287w


    Bovine tuberculosis (09.05.2006) 286

    Council tax (16.05.2006) 970

    Dogs (09.05.2006) 286

    Encompass health care practice (15.05.2006) 820

    Oxford University (23.05.2006) 1451

    Post office card account (23.05.2006) 1450-1

    Premier Aggregates (10.05.2006) 474-6



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