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    British Transport Police 724w

    Community Legal Service 365-6w

    Community support officers 1030w

    Cross border cooperation 791-2w

    Dental services 187w

    Legal Services Commission 368w

    Occupational pensions 70w

Wales Office

    see Office of the Secretary of State for Wales

"Wales Office Departmental Report 2006"

Walker, Charles

                  Chamber Debates

    British Nuclear Group (18.05.2006) 1174

    EC budget (08.05.2006) 91

    Housing and Commercial Development (Water Supply Assessment) Bill, 1R (16.05.2006) 870

    Legislative and Regulatory Reform Bill, Rep and 3R (16.05.2006) 878-9, 915

    Pensions (25.05.2006) 1660

    Primary care trusts (16.05.2006) 857

    Recess motions (25.05.2006) 1715-8

    Whitsun adjournment debate intervention (25.05.2006) 1695, 1730


    Charities Bill (HL) 2005-06 986

    Teachers, Qualifications 1614-5

Wallace, Ben

                  Chamber Debates

    Terrorism (11.05.2006) 540

    Terrorism, Points of order (15.05.2006) 707


    Agriculture, Subsidies 419w

    Antisocial behaviour orders, North West region 1494w

    Armed forces, Disciplinary proceedings 39w

    General practitioners, Working hours 1873w

    Immigration controls, Biometrics 687-8

    Iran, Diplomatic service 998w

    Public expenditure, Scotland 344w

Walley, Ms Joan

                  Chamber Debates

    Police and Justice Bill, Rep and 3R (10.05.2006) 385-6


    Ceramics, Trade agreements 434w

    Children, Protection 1716w

    Dementia, Home care services 391w

    Disabled, Equal opportunities 1675w

    Housing, Insulation 371w

    Jobcentre Plus, Training 1483w

    Warm zones programme 852w

Walter, Mr Robert


    Immigration, Detainees 1231w

Waltho, Lynda


    Alcoholic drinks, Children 1060w

    Deregulation 981

    Further education, Admissions 1624-5

    Licensing laws, Prosecutions 712-3w

    THEpUBLIC, West Bromwich 1412w

Wandsworth Prison


    Education maintenance allowance 1721-2w

War widows

Warm zones programme


Waste disposal

Waste management


Water charges

Water Service

Water sports

Water supply

Waterson, Mr Nigel


    Childbirth, East Sussex 132-4w

    Childbirth, Eastbourne 1164w

    Eastbourne Hospital, Paediatrics 1171w

    General elections 304

    Health services 935w

    Homicide, Prisoners' release 323-4w

    Kvaerner Industries, Pensions 1483w

    Official engagements, Prime Minister 304

    Pensions, Maladministration 15

    Primary care trusts, Finance 1117-8w

    Social services, Finance 106w

Watkinson, Angela

                  Chamber Debates

    Education and Inspections Bill, Rep (23.05.2006) 1357, 1433-4

    Education and Inspections Bill, Rep and 3R (24.05.2006) 1505-7

    Police and Justice Bill, Rep and 3R (10.05.2006) 335, 343


Watson, Tom, Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State, Ministry of Defence

                  Chamber Debates

                  Written Statements

    Gurkhas, Conditions of employment 92ws

    Military bases, Aldershot 1-2ws

    People Pay and Pensions Agency, Standards 31-2ws


    Armed forces, Absent voting 294-5w

    Armed forces, Casualties 307w

    Armed forces, Disciplinary proceedings 306w, 1333w

    Armed forces, Fire services 481w

    Armed forces, Health services 1987-8w

    Armed forces, Mental health services 1993-4w

    Armed forces, Religious practice 297w

    Army Retirements Board 1325w

    Career structure, Ministry of Defence 1813w

    Conscientious objectors 293-4w, 1325w

    Cost effectiveness, Ministry of Defence 621w

    Credit cards, Ministry of Defence 621-2w

    Defence Medical Services, Manpower 1329w

    Equal pay, Ministry of Defence 863-70w

    Exservicemen, Housing 1813w

    Exservicemen, Military decorations 1322w

    Exservicemen, Radiation exposure 963w

    Foreign workers, Ministry of Defence 480w

    HMS Sheffield, Monuments 663w

    Information and communications technology, Ministry of Defence 861w

    Iraq, Military decorations 1989w

    Manpower, Ministry of Defence 862w

    Meteorological Office, Location 959-62w

    Military aircraft, Wales 1808w

    Military aircraft, West Midlands 1996w

    Military bases, Closures 480w

    Military bases, Northern Ireland 1809w

    Military decorations 964w

    Military decorations, Falkland Islands 1811w

    Private Members' bills, Ministry of Defence 1995w

    Private sector, Ministry of Defence 1809-10w

    Publications, Ministry of Defence 1606-7w

    Recruitment, Ministry of Defence 305-6w

    Retirement, Ministry of Defence 954w

    Royal Air Force Benevolent Fund 871w

    Royal ordnance factories, Bishopton 622w

    Secondment, Ministry of Defence 480-1w

    Territorial Army, Recruitment 308-9w

    Training, Ministry of Defence 308w

    Unidentified flying objects 309-10w

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