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Ancram, Rt Hon Michael

                  Chamber Debates

    Brussels Summit (EC) (19.06.2006) 1072

    Defence (22.06.2006) 1494

    Members, Points of order (14.06.2006) 772


    Iraq, Peace keeping operations 1317-8

    Special educational needs, Appeals 1052w

Anderson, David

                  Chamber Debates

    Compensation Bill (HL), 2R (08.06.2006) 487, 496-8

    Safeguarding Vulnerable Groups Bill (HL), 2R (19.06.2006) 1094

                  Westminster Hall Debates

    Middle East (07.06.2006) 109wh


    Grammar schools, Northern Ireland 1965w

Anderson, Janet


    Agriculture, Subsidies 1345w

    Children in care 251w

Animal experiments

Animal Procedures Committee

    Public appointments 18ws

Animal welfare

    Factory farming 95w





    Greater Manchester 727w

Antisocial behaviour

    Hedges and ditches 972w

    Telephone services 264w

    Wellingborough (05.06.2006) 84-96

Antisocial behaviour orders

    British Transport Police 1727w

Anti-terrorism control orders


    Entry clearances 347w

    Special educational needs 1052w


    Housing benefit 909w

Arbuthnot, Rt Hon James

                  Chamber Debates

    Planning (21.06.2006) 1385


    Diplomatic relations 317w

    Exservicemen, Radiation exposure 1383w



Armed conflict

Armed forces

    Dartmoor National Park 1232w

    Disciplinary proceedings 1235w


Armoured fighting vehicles

Arms length management organisations

Arms trade

    United Arab Emirates 670w

Armstrong, Rt Hon Hilary, Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster

                  Chamber Debates

    Children and Adoption Bill (HL), Rep and 3R (20.06.2006) 1243

                  Written Statements

    National Archives, Office of Public Sector Information 94ws


    Absenteeism, Cabinet Office 1617-8w

    Buildings, Cabinet Office 2109w

    Cabinet committees 242w

    "Cabinet Office Departmental Report 2006" 1871w

    Committee on Standards in Public Life, Expenditure 241-2w

    Duchy of Lancaster, Debt collection 544w

    Graham, Alistair, Public appointments 1378-9w

    Higher civil servants, Cabinet Office 1616w

    Legislation, Cabinet Office 1617w

    Northern Way initiative 1377w

    Official engagements, Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster 961w

    Parlt Commissioner for Administration, Cabinet Office 961w

    Pensions, Cabinet Office 85w

    Public expenditure, Cabinet Office 1618-9w

    Visits abroad, Cabinet Office 1617w


Army Parachute Association

Arrest warrants


Art works

    Crime prevention 598w

Artificial sweeteners


    Higher education 982w

Arts Council of England

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