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E coli

Eagle, Angela

                  Chamber Debates

    British National Party, Internet (21.06.2006) 1437-43


Eagle, Maria, Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State, Northern Ireland Office

                  Written Statements

    Education (Northern Ireland) Order 2006 50ws

    "Ordnance Survey of Northern Ireland Corporate Plan 2006-09 and Business Plan 2006-07" 92ws


    Children, Northern Ireland 468w

    Classroom assistants, Northern Ireland 1256w

    Corporation tax, Northern Ireland 1501w

    Education, Northern Ireland 414w

    Employment, Intimidation 405w

    Energy, Northern Ireland 1264w

    Folk culture, Northern Ireland 698w

    Forum for Local Government and the Arts 1089w

    Foyle and Londonderry College 1985-6w

    Grammar schools, Northern Ireland 1965w

    Headteachers, Northern Ireland 1259w

    Hotels, Northern Ireland 430-2w

    Information and communications technology, Northern Ireland 1647-8w

    Innovation, Northern Ireland 1637-8w

    Insolvency, Northern Ireland 1773w

    Invest Northern Ireland, Job creation 436-40w

    Labelling, Northern Ireland 431w

    Long term unemployed, Northern Ireland 1649-51w

    Manufacturing industries, Northern Ireland 1970w

    Monuments, Northern Ireland 444w

    Natural gas, Northern Ireland 1503w

    Northern Ireland education and library boards, Finance 419-21w

    Northern Ireland education and library boards, Job evaluation 420w

    Northern Ireland education and library boards, Public appointments 1502w

    Primary education, Northern Ireland 683w

    Psychology, Higher education 692w

    Psychology, Northern Ireland 455-6w

    Public sector, Pay 457w

    Pupil exclusions, Northern Ireland 1512w

    Pupils, Intimidation 1637w

    Recruitment, Northern Ireland 2139w

    School meals, Northern Ireland 466w

    Schools, Compensation 458w

    Schools, Crimes of violence 1986w

    Schools, Limavady 688w

    Secondary education, Northern Ireland 454w

    Small businesses, Northern Ireland 1773w

    Special educational needs, Northern Ireland 470w

    Sports Council for Northern Ireland, Finance 1513w

    Sportsgrounds, Northern Ireland 1262w

    Student numbers, Northern Ireland 479-80w

    Teachers, Northern Ireland 473-4w

    Tennis, Northern Ireland 567w

    Theatre, Northern Ireland 797w

    Translation services, Northern Ireland 1500w

    Translink, Northern Ireland 475-6w

    Unemployment, Londonderry 2138w

    World War I, Anniversaries 1264w


Early retirement

    Dept for Work and Pensions 1298w


East Lancashire Hospitals NHS Trust

    Accident and emergency departments 1159w

East Midlands

East Midlands Airport

Eastern Europe

Eastern region

Eating disorders

Ebrington School

EC action

    Lifelong education (21.06.2006) 1434

    Occupied territories 1723w

    Trade agreements 776w

EC aid

EC budget

EC common foreign and security policy

EC countries

    Political parties 1315

EC defence policy

EC enlargement

EC environmental policy

EC external relations

EC external trade

EC grants and loans

EC institutions

    Public participation 319w

EC law

EC nationals

    Social security benefits 1917w

Economic growth

Economic partnership agreements

Economic situation


    Teenage pregnancy 544w

Education and Inspections Bill 2005-06


Education maintenance allowance

Education (Northern Ireland) Order 2006

                  Written Statements

Educational institutions

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