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Taking and driving away

Tami, Mark

                  Chamber Debates

    Electoral Administration Bill, Lords amendts (13.06.2006) 732


    Bottles, Production 1907w

    Cellular phones, Waste disposal 894w

    Community development, Wales 634w

Tamil Tigers

    see Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam


    Industrial diseases 51w

    Vacancies 7w

Tax allowances

    Capital gains tax 174w

Tax avoidance

Tax evasion

Tax yields


    Bereavement benefits 864w

    Currency speculation 498w

    Health services 590w


Taylor, Charles

Taylor, Ms Dari

                  Chamber Debates


    Higher education, Admissions 1704-5w

    In vitro fertilisation 245-6

Taylor, Mr David

                  Chamber Debates

    Antisocial behaviour, Wellingborough (05.06.2006) 85-7, 90, 94

    British National Party, Internet (21.06.2006) 1437

    Children and Adoption Bill (HL), Rep and 3R (20.06.2006) 1218-9

    Commissioner for Older People (Wales) Bill (HL), 2R (15.06.2006) 922

    Company Law Reform Bill (HL), 2R (06.06.2006) 198

    Electoral Administration Bill, Lords amendts (13.06.2006) 663, 674, 679, 702, 704

    European Union (14.06.2006) 862, 873

    Fire Safety (Reduced Ignition Propensity in Cigarettes) Bill, 1R (07.06.2006) 272-6

    Fraud Bill (HL), 2R (12.06.2006) 551

    NHS Redress Bill (HL), 2R (05.06.2006) 59

    Planning (21.06.2006) 1409

    Rural Payments Agency (22.06.2006) 1482

    Safeguarding Vulnerable Groups Bill (HL), 2R (19.06.2006) 1140, 1149-50

    Vetting (20.06.2006) 1200

    Voluntary work (07.06.2006) 339-40

    Welfare tax credits (07.06.2006) 279

    Welfare tax credits, Points of order (15.06.2006) 920

                  Westminster Hall Debates

    Mesothelioma, Compensation (13.06.2006) 193wh, 197wh


    Armed forces, Body armour 1385w

    Business questions 912

    Complementary medicine 1178

    Cuba, EC external relations 314w

    General practitioners, Recruitment 1938-9w

    Home information packs 109

    Iraq, Peace keeping operations 259w, 624w

    Legal profession, Regulation 1123w

    Medical treatments, Cannabis 1279w

    National insurance, Illegal immigrants 516-7

    Nicaragua, Overseas aid 757

    Railways, Rural areas 619

    Rendering industry, Regulation 905w

    Secondment, Dept for Transport 619w

    Welfare tax credits, Overpayments 894

Taylor, Mr Ian


    Advertising, Offensive weapons 939w

    Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency, Manpower 1115w

    Social security benefits, Leaflets 1288w

Taylor, Matthew


    Accident and emergency departments, Cornwall 369w

    Care homes, Cornwall 21w

    Children, Poverty 1306

    Drugs, South West region 275w

    EC grants and loans, Cornwall 857-8w

    Hospital beds, Cornwall 583-4w

    Police, South West region 284-5w

    Police stations, South West region 60w

    Pupils, Cornwall 250w

    Secondary education, Class sizes 763w

Taylor, Dr Richard

                  Chamber Debates

    NHS (07.06.2006) 265


    Health trainers 1187

    NHS, Public participation 1021w

    NHS Student Grants Unit 724-6w


    Ministerial statements (20.06.2006) 1191-202

Teather, Sarah

                  Chamber Debates


    Arts, Higher education 982w

    Criminal Records Bureau, Per capita costs 1308w

    Education, Financial services 1998w

    Metropolitan Police, Sick leave 1134w

    Railways, Radioactive wastes 1419w

    Schools, Information and communications technology 1216w

    Students, Fees and charges 992-3w

    Teachers, Early retirement 1704w

    Young offenders, Fingerprints 2117w


    Ministry of Defence 1233w

Teenage pregnancy

Tees Esk and Wear Valleys NHS Trust

Tees Valley

Telecommunications masts

    see Aerials

Telephone services

    Antisocial behaviour 264w

    Security Industry Authority 1365w



Temporary employment

    NHS 349w

10 Downing Street

Ten minutes rule

    Rulings and statements (21.06.2006) 1350, 1409


    Antisocial behaviour 252


    Northern Ireland 567w

Termination of employment

    Police Service of Northern Ireland 422w

Territorial waters


    Electoral register 752w

    Religious buildings 1678w

Terrorism Act 2000

                  Written Statements

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