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Kidney, Mr David

                  Chamber Debates

    Standing Order No 163 (14.07.2006) 1593

    Electoral Commission (03.07.2006) 606-9


    Council tax, Empty property 776w

    Courts, Facilities 1252

    European Constitution Treaty 125

    Health services, Staffordshire 238w

    Schools, Racial discrimination 689w

King Committee

    see Intelligence and Security Committee


Kingskerswell bypass

Kingston upon Thames

Kirkbride, Miss Julie

                  Chamber Debates

    NHS, Points of order (06.07.2006) 998

    Pensions (27.06.2006) 141-2


    Carbon dioxide, Air pollution 897w

    Debt collection, Dept for Environment Food and Rural Affairs 1280w

    Debt collection, Dept of Trade and Industry 113-4w

    Debt collection, Home Office 1898w

    Parking, Concessions 920w

    Public houses, Planning 153-4w

Knight, Rt Hon Greg

                  Chamber Debates

    Electoral Administration Bill, Lords amendts (28.06.2006) 296, 303

    Parliamentary Commissioner for Standards, Points of order (05.07.2006) 834

    Police and Criminal Evidence Act 1984 (Code of Practice C and Code of Practice H) Order (28.06.2006) 287


    East Riding, Dept for Transport 381w

    Offensive weapons, Amnesties 1667-8w

    Palace of Westminster, Access 379w

    Prison Service, Conflict of interests 1059-60w

    Prison Service, Fraud 1055w

    Speed limits, Prosecutions 1790w

Knight, Jim, Minister of State, Dept for Education and Skills


    Building schools for the future programme 467w, 472-3w

    Building schools for the future programme, Derbyshire 375-6

    Building schools for the future programme, Northumberland 578w

    Churchdown School, Playing fields 370

    City academies, Disadvantaged 1443-4w

    City academies, Freedom of information 1984w

    City academies, Sponsorship 1003w

    City technology colleges, Admissions 665w

    Class sizes, Lancashire 1447w

    Cultural relations, Curriculum 673-5w

    Education, Lancashire 1005w

    Educational institutions, Buildings 1006w

    Examination boards, Standards 675w

    Financial services, Education 1455w

    General certificate of secondary education 470w

    General certificate of secondary education, Tamworth 470w

    Grammar schools, Admissions 1452-3w

    Headteachers, Ethnic groups 1014w

    Headteachers, Working hours 1034w

    History, Curriculum 1446w

    International baccalaureate 1001-2w

    Intimidation, Autism 466w

    Languages, Primary education 577w

    Languages, Sixth form education 1984-5w

    Olympic Games, Dept for Education and Skills 1454w

    Parent school advisers 473w

    Physical education, Teachers 686-90w

    Primary education, Per capita costs 1126-30w

    Primary education, Pupils 1017w

    Publications, Dept for Education and Skills 667-8w, 1124w

    Pupil exclusions, Appeals 1020w

    Pupil referral units, Lancashire 1457-8w

    Pupils, Absenteeism 501w

    Pupils, Attendance 669w

    Pupils, English language 672-3w

    Pupils, Yorkshire and Humberside 1873w

    Qualifications and Curriculum Authority, Location 474-5w

    Religion, Curriculum 1015w

    Schools, Construction 1386w

    Schools, Ergonomics 1451w

    Schools, Management 1387w

    Schools, Northamptonshire 373-4

    Schools, Orchestras 1876w

    Schools, Playing fields 1709w

    Schools, Racial discrimination 689w

    Schools, Swimming pools 494w

    Schools Commissioner 1035w

    Special educational needs 493w

    Special educational needs, Bristol 468-9w

    Special educational needs, Essex 1709w

    Specialist schools, Admissions 493w

    Swimming, Curriculum 1462w

    Teachers, Foreign workers 1389w

    Teachers, Qualifications 494-9w

    Teachers, Recruitment 1987w

    Teachers, Standards 1462w

    Truancy, Greater London 1457w

Knockavoe School and Resource Centre

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