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Rifkind, Sir Malcolm

                  Chamber Debates

    Intelligence and Security Committee (11.07.2006) 1316, 1334-7

                  Westminster Hall Debates

    Houseboats, Security of tenure (27.06.2006) 65-6wh


    Afghanistan, Overseas aid 115

    Afghanistan, Peace keeping operations 522

    Planning permission 1316w

    Planning permission, Floods 149-50w

Right to buy scheme

Riordan, Linda


    Remploy Interwork, Finance 2127w

    Teenage pregnancy 578w


River Avon

Road humps

Road signs and markings

Road traffic

    Peterborough 38w

Road traffic control

Road traffic offences


    South West region 386w

Roads Service

    see Northern Ireland Roads Service

Robathan, Mr Andrew

                  Chamber Debates


    Afghanistan, Peace keeping operations 527

    Electricity generation 966-7

    Health services, Elderly 980w

    Home information packs 958w

    Ministers, Codes of practice 1391-2

    Prescott, John 810


Robertson, Angus

                  Chamber Debates

    Electoral Commission (03.07.2006) 612-4


    Employment, Scotland 639

Robertson, Hugh


    Seasonal agricultural workers' scheme 1278w, 1690w

    Sports, EC countries 569w

Robertson, John

                  Chamber Debates

    Developing countries (13.07.2006) 1504

                  Westminster Hall Debates

    Nigeria, Overseas aid (05.07.2006) 305-9wh


    Disability living allowance, Chronic fatigue syndrome 1584w, 1746w

    Languages, Primary education 577w

    Nigeria, Overseas aid 1828w

    Social security benefits, Appeals 1348w

    Telecommunications, Unfair practices 971

Robertson, Mr Laurence

                  Chamber Debates

    Accidents Involving Animals (Strict Liability) Bill, 1R (11.07.2006) 1297-9

    Developing countries (13.07.2006) 1507

                  Westminster Hall Debates

    Police, Northern Ireland (05.07.2006) 267-9wh


    Churchdown School, Playing fields 370

    Compensation, Mesothelioma 1747w

    Electricity generation 968

    Postal services, Fees and charges 1713w

    Television, Licensing 1713w

    Terrorism, Northern Ireland 248-9

    Winchcombe Hospital 811

Robinson, Mr Geoffrey


    Coventry, Dept for Culture Media and Sport 1761w

    Foreign investment in UK 866-7w

    Manufacturing industries, Motor vehicles 853-4w

    Sexual offences, Taxis 119w

Robinson, Mrs Iris

                  Chamber Debates

    BBC (10.07.2006) 1185

    NHS Redress Bill (HL), Rep and 3R (13.07.2006) 1538

    Pensions (27.06.2006) 145


    Accident and emergency departments, Northern Ireland 1930w

    AIDS, Northern Ireland 1173w

    Alcoholic drinks, Pregnant women 1920w

    Arrests, Northern Ireland 793w

    Asbestosis, Northern Ireland 1497w

    Breast cancer, Northern Ireland 592w

    Business questions 1490

    Cancer, Northern Ireland 1498w

    Caravan sites, Northern Ireland 357w

    Care homes, Dementia 323w

    Children in care, Northern Ireland 1916-7w

    Civil partnerships, Northern Ireland 446w

    Civil servants, Northern Ireland 446w

    Class sizes, Northern Ireland 792w

    Community development, Northern Ireland 250

    Customs officers, Northern Ireland 369w

    Dental services, Northern Ireland 358w

    Further education, Northern Ireland 1767-9w

    Hoaxes and false alarms, Northern Ireland 191-4w

    Home helps, Northern Ireland 596-7w

    Housing, Strangford 197w

    Illegal immigrants, Northern Ireland 271-2w

    Immigrants, Northern Ireland 1364-8w

    Mental health services, Crimes of violence 228w

    Music therapy, Northern Ireland 791w

    Organs, Northern Ireland 595w

    Paediatrics, Northern Ireland 1927-8w

    Planning permission, Northern Ireland 197w

    Recycling, Northern Ireland 455w

    Ritalin, Northern Ireland 1184w

    Schools, Crimes of violence 210w

    Seroxat, Northern Ireland 602-3w

    Sexually transmitted diseases, Northern Ireland 1920-1w

    Social security benefits, Widowed people 587-8w

    Teachers, Northern Ireland 795-6w

    Telephone services, Northern Ireland 593w

    Travelling people, Caravan sites 366w

    Youth services, Northern Ireland 1765w

Robinson, Mr Peter D


    Army, Recruitment 155w

    Assets Recovery Agency, Northern Ireland 939w

    Breathalysers, Belfast 183w

    Business questions 1484

    Charities, Northern Ireland 791w

    Civil servants, Northern Ireland 940w

    Computers, Northern Ireland Office 358-61w

    Correspondence, Northern Ireland Office 1362-3w

    Depressive illnesses, Suicide 194w

    Elections, Proof of identity 942w

    Emergency services, Northern Ireland 190w

    Fixed penalties, Northern Ireland 361w

    Internet, Northern Ireland Office 940-1w

    Iraq, Peace keeping operations 162w

    Local government, Northern Ireland 186-90w

    Mass media, Northern Ireland Office 1770w

    Natural gas, Northern Ireland 191w

    Northern Ireland Executive, Ministers 251

    Northern Ireland Policing Board 198-204w

    Offensive weapons, Northern Ireland 194w

    Police Service of Northern Ireland, Recruitment 797-800w

    Pornography, Northern Ireland 793-4w

    Prisoner escapes, Northern Ireland 453-4w

    Prisons, Cellular phones 362-3w

    Proceeds of crime, Northern Ireland 182-3w

    Schools, Crimes of violence 209-10w

    Schools, Northern Ireland 800w

    Sinn Fein, Allowances 1775w

    Vehicles, Northern Ireland Office 448-50w

    Vetting, Northern Ireland 602w

Rogerson, Daniel

                  Westminster Hall Debates

    China clay, Cornwall (11.07.2006) 425wh


    Adult education 361

    Building regulations 124w

    Building regulations, Prosecutions 288w

    Council housing, Standards 767w

    Floods, Thames Gateway 245w

    Home information packs 137w

    Housing, Low incomes 761w

    Housing, Thames Gateway 785-6w

    Housing revenue accounts 776-7w

    Learning disability, Cornwall 1260

    Local government finance 299w

    Marketing, Dept for Communities and Local Government 1886w

    Public transport, Thames Gateway 929w

    Railways, Thames Gateway 265w

    Regional planning and development, Thames Gateway 784-5w

    Social rented housing, Standards 754w

Rolling stock

    Great Western Trains 382w



    General practitioners 324w

Rooney, Mr Terry

                  Chamber Debates

                  Westminster Hall Debates


Rosindell, Mr Andrew


    Afghanistan, Peace keeping operations 1939-40w

    Barking Havering and Redbridge Hospitals NHS Trust, Nurses 332w

    Barking Havering and Redbridge Hospitals NHS Trust, Surgery 336w

    Education maintenance allowance 1450-1w

    European Constitution Treaty 128

    European Court of Justice 339w

    Flags, Foreign and Commonwealth Office 171w

    General practitioners, Romford 324w

    Gibraltar, Emigration 653w

    Higher education, Scotland 107w

    History, Curriculum 1446w

    International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia 2002w

    Iran, Nuclear power 1521w

    Iraq, Peace keeping operations 1942w

    Montenegro, Diplomatic service 1342-3w

    Norfolk Island, Overseas trade 75w

    Nurses, Foreign workers 234w

    Offenders, Deportation 630w

    Offenders, Unpaid work 1051w

    Offensive weapons, Amnesties 1667w

    Olympic Games, Greater London 1889w

    Radioactive wastes, Waste management 2184w

    Recreation spaces, Urban areas 756w

    Somalia, Foreign relations 2005w

    Sudan, Peace keeping operations 1427w

    Trooping the Colour, Flags 84w

Rowen, Paul

                  Chamber Debates

    Terrorism (10.07.2006) 1130


    Health services, North West region 1625w

    Holiday play schemes, Voluntary work 1384w

    Immigration, Appeals 1249

    Indian subcontinent, Earthquakes 1827-8w

    Kashmir, Peace negotiations 1341w

    Mesothelioma, Compensation 1108-9

    Modernisation of the House of Commons Select Committee 1559w

    Political parties, Conferences 1330-1w


Royal charters

Royal Cornwall Hospitals NHS Trust

Royal Ordnance

Royal parks

Royal Parks Agency

Royal Shrewsbury Hospital

    Out of area treatment 1808w

Royal Sussex County Hospital

    Accident and emergency departments 2051w

    Methicillin resistant staphylococcus aureus 2058w

Royal Victoria Hospital Belfast

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