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Soames, Mr Nicholas

                  Chamber Debates

    Afghanistan (10.07.2006) 1144

    Infrastructure Audit (Housing Development) Bill, 2R adjourned (14.07.2006) 1645-9, 1660

    Middle East, Points of order (14.07.2006) 1609


    Armed forces, Housing 1441w

    Armoured fighting vehicles 1795w

    Civil Contingencies Secretariat, Manpower 1823w

    Civil defence, Information and communications technology 1359w

    Community development 148w

    Developing countries, Disabled 7-8w

    EC defence policy 253w

    Planning, Ashford 591w

    Public transport, West Sussex 36w

    Royal parks, Finance 503-4

    Surrey and Sussex Strategic Health Authority, Community nurses 979w

    VAT, Housing improvement 98-9w

    Welfare tax credits 96w

Social rented housing

    Learning disability 1317w

Social security benefits

    EC nationals 41w

Social services

    Crimes of violence 623w

    Information and communications technology 334w

    Northern Ireland 595w

Solar power


    Private Members' bills 1112w



    Peace negotiations 441w

    Travel information 179w



    Jobseeker's allowance 1566w

Soulsby, Sir Peter

                  Chamber Debates

    Developing countries (13.07.2006) 1506


    BBC, Reorganisation 1760w

    Broadcasting reception, Leicester 1764w

    Exservicemen, Leicestershire 1947w

South Africa

South America

    Overseas aid 6w

South East Asia

South East England Development Agency

South East region

    Air traffic control 1266w

    Regional planning and development 26-7ws

South Korea

    Foreign investment in UK 246-7w

South West region

    Hydroelectric power 1853w

    Local government finance 1556w

    Public transport 929w

South West Regional Development Agency

South West Trains

Southend on Sea

    Repossession orders 972w

Southport and Ormskirk Hospital NHS Trust

Southworth, Ms Helen

                  Chamber Debates

    Emergency Workers (Obstruction) Bill, 3R (14.07.2006) 1622-4

    Runaway children (13.07.2006) 1583-7


    Warrington Bank Quay Station 384w

Sovereign Strategy

    Dept for Communities and Local Government 1759w

    Dept for Environment Food and Rural Affairs 1147-8w

    Prime Minister 90w


Speaker and deputies

                  Chamber Debates

    Deferred divisions (05.07.2006) 890

    Disallowed questions (28.06.2006) 257, (03.07.2006) 514, (04.07.2006) 637, (05.07.2006) 810

    Orders and regulations motions (26.06.2006) 99, (28.06.2006) 342, (29.06.2006) 485, (04.07.2006) 787, (05.07.2006) 942, (10.07.2006) 1222

    Royal Assent (11.07.2006) 1310

    Rulings and statements, Deputy Prime Minister (05.07.2006) 834

    Rulings and statements, Eight minutes rule (11.07.2006) 1330

    Rulings and statements, Fifteen minutes rule (10.07.2006) 1162

    Rulings and statements, Parliamentary Commissioner for Standards (05.07.2006) 834, (06.07.2006) 996-7

    Rulings and statements, Sub judice rule (12.07.2006) 1429

    Sands, Roger, Retirement (05.07.2006) 815

    Standing Order No 24 applications, Extradition (11.07.2006) 1295

                  Westminster Hall Debates

    Points of order (12.07.2006) 481wh

    Rulings and statements, Members (28.06.2006) 71wh, (06.07.2006) 349-50wh, (12.07.2006) 431wh


    Leave of absence (14.07.2006) 1593

Speaker's Committee on the Electoral Commission

    Disclosure of information 729w

Special educational needs

Special protection areas

Specialist schools

Speech therapy

    Special educational needs 1133w

Speed limits

    Police cautions 274w

    Road signs and markings 1976w

Spellar, Rt Hon John


    Channel tunnel railway line 1973w

    Greater Manchester Police, Disciplinary proceedings 1331w

    Immobilisation of vehicles, Fees and charges 120w

    National insurance, Illegal immigrants 1597-8w

    Offenders, Deportation 641w

    Road traffic offences, Foreigners 382w

    Security guards, Licensing 119w

    Visits abroad, Dept for Transport 561w

Spelman, Mrs Caroline


    Central Office of Information, Directories 1358w

    Community development, Conferences 1759-60w

    Councillors, Conduct 1557w

    Email, Prime Minister 1996w

    Government Office for the South East, Consultants 1538-42w

    Helicopters, Deputy Prime Minister 1934w

    Housing, Construction 1757-8w

    Hurricanes and tornadoes, Birmingham 1536-7w

    Information and communications technology, Dept for Communities and Local Government 1938w

    Local government executive 1555w

    Local government executive, Referendums 1149w, 1554w

    Local government services 1760w

    Location, Dept for Communities and Local Government 1543w

    Manpower, Cabinet Office 1824w

    Ministers' private offices, Dept for Communities and Local Government 1315w

    Non-domestic rates, Golf 1550w

    Official residences, Empty property 1935w

    Official residences, Home Office 1670w

    Olympic Games, Greater London 1554w

    Planning, Conservation areas 643

    Planning permission 1630w

    Planning permission, Appeals 1556w

    Political parties, Finance 1560w

    Telephones, Deputy Prime Minister 1934w

    Training, Dept for Communities and Local Government 1311-2w

    Transport, Research 1702w

    Valuation and Lands Agency 1776w

    Valuation Office, Information and communications technology 2119w

Spicer, Sir Michael


    Long term unemployed, Community development 1594w

Spinal injuries

Spink, Bob

                  Chamber Debates

    Charities Bill, 2R (26.06.2006) 22, 25

    Electoral Administration Bill, Lords amendts (28.06.2006) 298, 303

    Greenbelt, Petitions (10.07.2006) 1223

    National Lotteries Bill, Lords amendts (28.06.2006) 322

    Waste disposal, Petitions (11.07.2006) 1363

    Willalla House, Petitions (10.07.2006) 1222-3

                  Westminster Hall Debates


    Burma, Overseas aid 4-5w

    European Constitution Treaty 339w

    Fenchurch Street-Southend railway line 1975w

    Hospices, Children 221w

    Licensing laws, Charities 85w

    Local government, Canvey Island 1933-4w

    Local government, Castle Point 147w

    Members, Correspondence 1632w

    Pensions 1562w



    Intellectual property 722w

Sports competitors

    Northern Ireland 953w

Spring, Mr Richard

                  Chamber Debates

    Welfare tax credits (11.07.2006) 1292


    Agriculture, Subsidies 24w

    Agriculture, Suffolk 1852w

    Bovine tuberculosis, Suffolk 1135-6w

    Dangerous Dogs Act 1991, Prosecutions 1321-4w

    Seized articles, Suffolk 994-5w

    Suffolk Constabulary, Resignations 1675w

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