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Swayne, Mr Desmond


    Business questions 395

    Welfare state, Reform 1101

Sweeney, Craig


Swimming pools


    Sure start programme 1388w

Swinson, Jo


    Child Support Agency, Standards 553w

    Elections, Young people 729w

    Employment schemes, Mentally ill 1107

    Energy, Scotland 635

    Females, Public appointments 977

    Television, Ministry of Defence 534w

Swire, Mr Hugo

                  Chamber Debates

    National Lotteries Bill, Lords amendts (28.06.2006) 326


    Gambling, Licensing 503

Syms, Mr Robert

                  Chamber Debates

    Electoral Administration Bill, Lords amendts (28.06.2006) 294, 302-3

                  Westminster Hall Debates

    Housing, Rural areas (11.07.2006) 400-2wh

Syrian Arab Republic

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