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    Politics and government 844w

"UK Inward Investment Report 2005-06"

UK membership of EC


Ulster Scots language

Ulster Volunteer Force

UN Convention on the Rights of the Child

UN Human Rights Council


    see also Long term unemployed

    Southend on Sea 287w

Unemployment benefits

Unfair practices

    Telecommunications 971


Union Modernisation Fund

Unitary councils

United Arab Emirates

United Health Group

United Kingdom Listing Authority

    see Financial Services Authority

United Nations

United Utilities


    see Higher education

University Hospital of North Tees

Unpaid fines

    Immobilisation of vehicles 110w

Unpaid work


Uranium, depleted

    see Depleted uranium

Urban areas

    Recreation spaces 756w

    Regional planning and development 415-6w



    Deputy Prime Minister 1995w

Ussher, Kitty


    Absent voting, Fraud 1732w

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