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Byers, Rt Hon Stephen

                  Westminster Hall Debates

    Remploy (19.07.2006) 129wh


    Inheritance tax 357w

    Television, Licensing 966w

    Truancy, Prosecutions 1148w

Byrne, Liam, Minister of State, Home Office

                  Written Statements

    Immigration controls 138ws

    Immigration controls, Zimbabwe 30ws


    Asylum, Detainees 397w

    Asylum, Greater London 2418w

    Asylum, Location 1-4

    Asylum, Newcastle upon Tyne 1744w

    Asylum, Northamptonshire 397w

    Asylum, Social security benefits 2417w

    Aviation, Home Office 1731w

    British nationality, Armed forces 1746-7w

    British nationality, Assessments 2225w

    Command papers, Home Office 1785w

    Conditions of employment, Home Office 2443w

    Contract cleaning, Home Office 1956w

    Credit cards, Home Office 1780w

    Crime and Disorder Reduction Partnerships, Denbighshire 2214w

    Damages, Home Office 1777w

    Data protection, Home Office 2215w

    Databases, Home Office 1842w

    Departmental reorganisation, Home Office 1136w

    Deportation, Overseas students 2450w

    Deportation, Somalia 1953w

    Deposited papers, Home Office 2216-7w

    Detention centres, Costs 1744w

    Disabled, Home Office 2217w

    Disciplinary proceedings, Home Office 2217w

    Domestic violence, Greater London 2217-8w

    Domestic visits, Home Office 2226w

    EC immigration, European economic area 406w

    EC nationals, New businesses 1818w

    Entry clearances, Fraud 2237w

    Entry clearances, Lebanon 2619w

    Entry clearances, Nigeria 1859w

    Entry clearances, Orchestras 2233w

    Gender, Home Office 1787w

    Health, Home Office 2659w

    Human trafficking, Children 2211w

    Identity cards, Foreigners 2614w

    Illegal immigrants, Amnesties 1837w

    Illegal immigrants, Deportation 2419w

    Illegal immigrants, Home Office 2430w

    Illegal immigrants, Offenders 1826-7w

    Immigrants, Detainees 2613w

    Immigrants, Offenders 1745w

    Immigration, Detainees 2618w

    Immigration, Detention centres 2618w

    Immigration, Greater London 2209w

    Immigration, Marriage of convenience 2441-2w

    Immigration, Scotland 2207w

    Immigration and Nationality Directorate, Correspondence 2212-3w, 2440w

    Immigration and Nationality Directorate, Finance 2440w

    Immigration and Nationality Directorate, Maladministration 406w

    Immigration and Nationality Directorate, Police custody 1839-40w

    Immigration and Nationality Directorate, Recruitment 1839w

    Immigration officers, Standards 2617-8w

    Immigration rules, Armed forces 2222w

    Independent Monitor of Certification of Claims as Clearly Unfounded 2417-8w

    Invest to save budget 1843w

    Legislation, Home Office 2216w

    Manpower, Home Office 2486w

    Migrant workers, Farms 2023w

    Ministerial policy advisors, Home Office 1953-4w

    Ministers private offices, Home Office 400w, 2442w

    National Asylum Support Service, Internet 2226w

    Nationality, Genetics 398w

    Offenders, Entry clearances 1826-7w

    Olympic Games, Home Office 2227w

    Passports, Travel restrictions 2618-9w

    Police, Working hours 2229w

    Prisoners, British nationality 2230w

    Private finance initiative, Home Office 2232w

    Private sector, Home Office 2446-7w

    Proof of identity, Home Office 1932w

    Public expenditure, Home Office 1892w

    Public participation, Home Office 2606w

    Public relations, Home Office 2232-3w

    SchlumbergerSema, Home Office 419w

    Science Applications International Corporation, Home Office 2233w

    Security guards, Licensing 2234w

    Select committees, Home Office 2234w

    Sick leave, Home Office 400-1w

    Surveys, Home Office 2233w

    Telephone services, Home Office 2430w

    Temporary employment, Home Office 1786w

    Video conferencing, Home Office 2238w

    Work permits, Doctors 64w

    Workers' registration scheme 423-4w

    Written questions, Administrative delays 2228w

    Yarls Wood Detention Centre 2209w

    Yarls Wood Detention Centre, Prisoner escapes 2491-2w

    Young offender institutions, Manpower 1972w

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