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Liabilities Management Authority

    see Nuclear Decommissioning Authority


    see Public libraries

Libyan Arab Republic

Licensed premises

    Crimes of violence 568w

    Proof of identity 405w

Licensing laws

Liddell-Grainger, Mr Ian

                  Chamber Debates


Lidington, Mr David

                  Chamber Debates

    Housing, Petitions (18.07.2006) 291-2

    Northern Ireland (Miscellaneous Provisions) Bill, Lords amendts (25.07.2006) 767-8

    Recess motions (25.07.2006) 822-3


    Bloody Sunday Tribunal of Inquiry 706w

    Immigration and Nationality Directorate 1838-9w

    Immigration and Nationality Directorate, Manpower 1839w, 2223w

    Immigration and Nationality Directorate, Recruitment 1839w

    Public expenditure, Northern Ireland Office 693-6w

    Speed limits, Road signs and markings 4w, 688w

    Speed limits, Rural areas 687-8w

Life expectancy

Life imprisonment


Lilley, Rt Hon Peter

                  Chamber Debates

    Harpenden Memorial Hospital, Petitions (20.07.2006) 567


Lincoln Prison

Linton, Martin

                  Chamber Debates

    Immigration and Nationality Directorate (25.07.2006) 746

                  Westminster Hall Debates


    Asylum, Applications 1743w

    Deportation, Somalia 1953w

    Railways, Greater London 684w

Listed buildings




    Community justice centres 1546w

    Museums and galleries 326w

Liverpool Airport


    Hormone treatments 579w

Lloyd, Mr Tony

                  Chamber Debates

    Administration of justice (20.07.2006) 484

    Compensation Bill (HL), Rep and 3R (17.07.2006) 43

    Middle East (17.07.2006) 30, (18.07.2006) 166

    Middle East, Armed conflict (20.07.2006) 518, 523

    Welfare Reform Bill, 2R (24.07.2006) 618


    Asylum, Location 3

    Members, Correspondence 2607w

Llwyd, Mr Elfyn

                  Chamber Debates

    Administration of justice (20.07.2006) 484

    Government of Wales Bill, Lords amendts (18.07.2006) 208-10

    Middle East (18.07.2006) 161-2

    Police, Wales (18.07.2006) 293-7


    Children and Family Court Advisory and Support Service 310-2w


Local authorities

    Fair trade initiative 805w

Local broadcasting

    Digital broadcasting 2373w

Local criminal justice boards

Local government

    Economic and monetary union 2534w

    Electronic government 592w

    Northern Ireland 919w

Local government finance

Local Government Ombudsman

    see Commission for Local Administration in England

Local government services


    European Parliament 2475w

Location of Victims Remains Independent Commission



    see Greater London

London School of Economics

London Stock Exchange

London Underground

Long stay patients

    Social security benefits 2367w


    Road traffic offences 1159w

Lost property

    General certificate of secondary education 844w

Loughton, Tim


    Afghanistan, Peace keeping operations 595-6

    Brighton and Sussex University Hospitals NHS Trust, Admissions 2268w

    Brighton and Sussex University Hospitals NHS Trust, Manpower 2267-8w

    Cancer, Health services 2133w

    Children, Communication skills 1977-8w

    Children, Deviance and behaviour disorders 2496w

    Consultants, Dept of Health 1212w

    Disabled, Marginal tax rates 2598w

    Drugs, Health education 2095w

    Integrated childrens system, Finance 1985w

    Mental health services, Children 2129w

    Mental health services, Crimes of violence 146-7

    Mental health services, Regulation 1219w

    National Institute for Mental Health, Manpower 2136-7w

    Overseas students, Scholarships 2191-8w

    South East Coast Strategic Health Authority, Manpower 2280w

    Special educational needs, Teachers 1470-1w

    Sure start programme, Mentally ill 1469w

    Sussex Ambulance Service NHS Trust, Ambulances 2494w

    UK Film Council, Finance 2376w

    Vaccination, Children 2131w

    Victim support schemes, Finance 1959-60w

    Welfare tax credits, Disqualification 2587-8w

    Young offenders, Custodial treatment 1913w

Love, Mr Andrew

                  Chamber Debates


    Industrial health and safety 901-2w

    Rented housing, Private sector 2465w

Low carbon buildings programme

Low flying

Low incomes

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