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Rifkind, Sir Malcolm

                  Chamber Debates

    Middle East (17.07.2006) 27

Right to buy scheme

Rights of way

    Hertfordshire 30w

Riordan, Linda

                  Westminster Hall Debates


    Community hospitals, Maternity services 1209w

    Dogs, Animal welfare 1482w

Riot control weapons

Ritual slaughter

River Derwent

River Thames

Road signs and markings

Road traffic

Road traffic control

Road traffic offences




Robertson, Angus


    Hearing aids, Waiting lists 138

Robertson, Hugh


    Antisocial behaviour, Young people 2237-8w

    Cricket, Schools 948w

    Members, Correspondence 373w

    National Lottery, Young people 972w

    Sports, Facilities 831w

Robertson, John

                  Chamber Debates

    Home Office (19.07.2006) 337


    Biodiversity 452

    Cash dispensing, Fees and charges 617-8w

    Voluntary organisations, Regulation 308-9

Robertson, Mr Laurence

                  Chamber Debates

    Northern Ireland (Miscellaneous Provisions) Bill, Lords amendts (25.07.2006) 774, 777

    Winchcombe Hospital, Petitions (20.07.2006) 569


    Avon Gloucestershire and Wiltshire Strategic Health Authority, Manpower 1219w

    Gambling, Advertising 327w

    Iran, Politics and government 1261w

    NHS, Reorganisation 2101w

    Primary care trusts, Gloucestershire 1238-40w

    Smoking, Public places 384w

Robin Hood Airport Doncaster Sheffield

Robinson, Mr Geoffrey


    Transport, Capital investment 436w

Robinson, Mrs Iris


    Abortion, Northern Ireland 1401w

    Adoption, Northern Ireland 465-6w

    Airports, Security 691w

    Arson, Northern Ireland 466-7w

    Battle of the Boyne, Anniversaries 1426w

    Business questions 463

    Chief Medical Officer for Northern Ireland, Pay 1403w

    Children, Crimes against property 2393w

    Community support officers, Training 1132w

    Cranial remoulding orthosis, Northern Ireland 1403-4w

    Crime, Northern Ireland 1404w

    Drugs, Northern Ireland 916-8w

    Festivals and special occasions, Northern Ireland 2411-2w

    Fires, Northern Ireland 692w

    Fly tipping, Northern Ireland 474w

    Fuel poverty, Northern Ireland 472w

    Further education, Northern Ireland 279-80w

    Gambling, Northern Ireland 1409w

    Genito-urinary medicine, Northern Ireland 1409w

    Greyhounds, Animal welfare 917-8w

    Hearing aids, Northern Ireland 691w

    Hospitals, Waiting lists 2415w

    In vitro fertilisation, Northern Ireland 471w

    Incapacity benefit, Northern Ireland 467w

    Jobcentres, Northern Ireland 474-5w

    Location of Victims Remains Independent Commission 696w

    Methicillin resistant staphylococcus aureus, Northern Ireland 1411w

    MI5, Northern Ireland 1996w

    Monuments, Northern Ireland 1411-2w

    Murtagh, Janine 478w

    Official cars, Northern Ireland 1406-8w

    Paediatrics, Waiting lists 920-1w

    Parking, Northern Ireland 1413w

    Patients, Northern Ireland 1410w

    Patients, Transport 1426w

    Plagiocephaly, Northern Ireland 1416w

    Police, Northern Ireland 475w

    Police Service of Northern Ireland, Emergency calls 2397-8w

    Police Service of Northern Ireland, Resignations 923w

    Poverty, Northern Ireland 706w

    Prescription drugs, Northern Ireland 469w

    Railways, Safety 924w

    Rape, Northern Ireland 476w

    Renewable energy, Finance 2399w

    Road traffic control, Northern Ireland 2408w

    Roads, Northern Ireland 476-7w

    Speed limits, Cameras 478w

    Sunbeds, Northern Ireland 2411w

    Teachers, Northern Ireland 919w

    Tourism, Northern Ireland 929w

    Travel, Northern Ireland Office 1411w

Robinson, Mr Peter D

                  Chamber Debates

    Northern Ireland (Miscellaneous Provisions) Bill, Lords amendts (25.07.2006) 772-4, 780-1

    Recess motions (25.07.2006) 809-10


    Crime, Northern Ireland 2394w

    Crime prevention, Northern Ireland 2392w

    Official hospitality, Northern Ireland Office 2396w

    Prisoners, Northern Ireland 280w

    Weapons, Northern Ireland 2415w

    Welfare tax credits, Northern Ireland 1391w

Rogerson, Daniel


    Arms length management organisations, Expenditure 2531-3w

    Council housing, Rents 1645w

Rolling stock


Rooney, Mr Terry

                  Chamber Debates

    Child Support Agency (24.07.2006) 603

    Welfare Reform Bill, 2R (24.07.2006) 627, 639, 641


    Employment schemes, Disabled 635w

Rosindell, Mr Andrew


    Airports, Southern region 675w

    Falkland Islands, Sovereignty 1278w

    First time buyers, Greater London 1600-1w

    Illegal immigrants, Deportation 2419w

    Illegal immigrants, Prisoners 2417w

    Middle East, Armed conflict 1704w

    Miscarriages of justice 2231w

    Multiple sclerosis, Social services 510w

    North Korea, Sanctions 1283w

    Peace keeping operations 1542w

    Phoenix air vehicles 215w

    Procurement, Ministry of Defence 1719w

    Secondary education 1465w

    Social security benefits, Applications 870w

    Telephone services, Home Office 2430w

    Vocational education, Catering 1457w


    Petitions (20.07.2006) 568-9

Rowen, Paul

                  Chamber Debates

    Child Support Agency (24.07.2006) 612

    Welfare Reform Bill, 2R (24.07.2006) 676, 696-7


    Disadvantaged, Departmental coordination 304-5

    Disadvantaged, Health services 2278-9w

    Disadvantaged, Life expectancy 664w

    Electronic equipment, Waste disposal 575w

    Industrial injuries disablement benefit, Asbestos 632w

    Mesothelioma, Drugs 370w

    Times of sittings 572w

Royal commissions

Royal Cornwall Hospitals NHS Trust

Royal family

Royal Irish Regiment

Royal Mail

Royal National Lifeboat Institution

    Northern Ireland 926w

Royal parks

Royal Surrey County and St Luke's Hospitals NHS Trust

Royal visits


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