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Ancram, Rt Hon Michael

                  Chamber Debates

    Divisions, Points of order (25.10.2006) 1577

    Iraq (10.10.2006) 185


    Afghanistan, Armed conflict 1378w

    Afghanistan, Peace keeping operations 2022w

    Airports, Security 243w

    House of Commons, Information and communications technology 1196-7w

    Iraq, Religious freedom 2078w

    Medical treatments, Private sector 638w

    Middle East, Armed conflict 439w

Anderson, David

                  Chamber Debates

    Corporate Manslaughter and Corporate Homicide Bill, 2R (10.10.2006) 264

                  Westminster Hall Debates

    Iraq, Peace keeping operations (25.10.2006) 422-3wh


    Corporation tax 729w

    Iraq, Trade unions 1514

    ITV Association, Broadcasting programmes 63w

    NHS, Management 1382

    Northern Ireland Assembly 289-90

    Police Service of Northern Ireland 1381w

    Schools, Private finance initiative 1765-6w

    Temporary employment 950w

Anderson, Janet


    General practitioners, Blackburn 1846w

    National Asylum Support Service, Complaints 482w

Anglian Water


Animal experiments

Animal products

Animal welfare



Anschutz Entertainment Group

    Dept for Communities and Local Government 747w


    Historic buildings 63w

Antenatal care


Antisocial behaviour

    Public transport 243w

Antisocial behaviour orders


    Closed circuit television 1271w

Apache AH-64 helicopter



Areas of outstanding natural beauty

Armed conflict

Armed forces

    Festivals and special occasions 997w

    Personnel management 1155w

    Pollution control 658w

    Welfare tax credits 1651w


Armoured fighting vehicles

Arms control

    Democratic Republic of Congo 1906w

Arms length management organisations

Arms trade

Armstrong, Rt Hon Hilary, Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster

                  Chamber Debates

    Charities Bill (HL), Rep and 3R (25.10.2006) 1616-9


    Admiralty House, Repairs and maintenance 1000-1w

    Catering, Cabinet Office 753w

    Government departments, Marketing 1631w

    Government departments, Political activities 97w

    Hotels, Cabinet Office 753w

    Manpower, Cabinet Office 753-4w

    Manpower, Deputy Prime Minister 1630w

    Minimum wage, Cabinet Office 1001w

    Nurseries, Cabinet Office 752w

    Official residences, Council tax 1629w

    Official residences, Deputy Prime Minister 1631w

    Parliamentary Commissioner for Administration, Cabinet Office 2086w

    Parliamentary Commissioner for Administration, Government departments 822w

    Tablighi Jamaat, Cabinet Office 2087w

Arrest warrants



Art works

    Dept for Communities and Local Government 1666-7w

    10 Downing Street 2w


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