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Byers, Rt Hon Stephen


    Out-patients, Greater London 1477w

    Welfare tax credits 1652w

Byrne, Liam, Minister of State, Home Office

                  Written Statements


    Access to work programme, Home Office 1287w

    Air pollution, Home Office 492w

    Asylum, Administrative delays 1229-30

    Asylum, Newcastle upon Tyne 1348w

    Asylum, Young people 1293w

    Aviation, Home Office 2121w

    British nationality 1685w

    British nationality, Ceremonies 1686w

    British nationality, Malaysia 1688w

    Catering, Home Office 1297w

    Cleveland Constabulary, Manpower 1815-6w

    Contracts, Home Office 1312w

    Cost effectiveness, Home Office 1298w

    Criminal injuries compensation 1302w

    Educational institutions, Sponsorship 1311w

    Entry clearances 497w

    Environment, Home Office 2122w

    Foreign workers 471w

    Foreigners, Marriage 1051w

    Higher civil servants, Home Office 1293-4w

    Illegal immigrants, Wales 1304w

    Immigration, Applications 1301w

    Immigration, Bulgaria 1038w

    Immigration, Detainees 504w

    Immigration, Detention centres 2115w

    Immigration, EC enlargement 1162w

    Immigration and Nationality Directorate, Leave 505w

    Immigration and Nationality Directorate, Manpower 2131w

    Immigration and Nationality Directorate, Standards 1999w

    Immigration controls 1300w

    Immigration controls, EC countries 1907w

    Immigration controls, Proof of identity 2002w

    Immigration controls, Republic of Ireland 483w

    National Asylum Support Service, Complaints 482w

    Offenders, Nationality 2111w

    Official residences, Home Office 1312w

    Overseas students, Entry clearances 1322w

    Overseas students, Scotland 1323w

    Passports, Foreigners 1313w

    Postal services, Home Office 1054w

    Prisoners, Foreigners 1052w

    Prisoners, Republic of Ireland 2143w

    Prisoners' release, Kent 2129w

    Racial harassment, Home Office 2149w

    Sexual offences 540w

    Special Immigration Appeals Commission 1691-2w

    Syeeshi, Delmar Hossein 492w

    Welsh language, Home Office 1324w

    Workers' registration scheme, Convictions 1325w, 2154w

    Workers' registration scheme, EC countries 1288w

    Yarls Wood Detention Centre 1358w

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