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Mobile phone masts

    see Aerials

Mobile phones

Moffat, Anne


    Aviation, EU emissions trading scheme 1133w

    Community relations 647w

    Employment, Discrimination 979w

Moffatt, Laura

                  Chamber Debates

    NHS (11.10.2006) 402

    Post offices (16.10.2006) 605


    Antisocial behaviour, Motorcycles 1228

    Business questions 452


Mole, Mr Chris

                  Chamber Debates

    Health services, Suffolk (19.10.2006) 1119-21

    NHS (11.10.2006) 336


    Community health services 1368

Monetary Policy Committee

    Public appointments 1428w


Money laundering



Moon, Madeleine

                  Chamber Debates

    Business questions (26.10.2006) 1688

    Climate change (12.10.2006) 492, 501

    Safeguarding Vulnerable Groups Bill (HL), Ways and Means res, Rep and 3R (23.10.2006) 1240


    Bank services, Social security benefits 1741w

    Beaches, Safety measures 1662w

    Biodiversity, Dept of Trade and Industry 546-7w

    Crime prevention, Reoffenders 1217

    Furniture, Fire prevention 1700w

    Home information packs 809w

    Local government, Maladministration 405w

    Palestinians, EC aid 161w

    Prisoners, Wales 865

    Proscribed organisations 526w

Moore, Mr Michael


    Iraq, Armed forces 184w

    Middle East, Armed conflict 769-70w

    North Korea, Nuclear weapons 166

    Television, Licensing 988w


Moran, Margaret

                  Chamber Debates

    Safeguarding Vulnerable Groups Bill (HL), Ways and Means res, Rep and 3R (23.10.2006) 1239, 1244


    Adoption and Children Act 2002 75w

    Alcoholic drinks, Public places 1215-6

    Children, Abuse 132w

    Church of England, Empty property 1861w

    Clean Neighbourhoods and Environment Act 2005 1878w

    Community service orders 486w

    Council housing, Tenancy agreements 1667w

    House of Commons, Information and communications technology 101w

    Housing, Standards 397w

    Prisons, Internet 485w

    Prostitution, Young people 526-7w

    Teaching methods 948w

Morden, Jessica


    Business questions 1021

    Maternity leave 295

Morgan, Julie


    Aviation, Exhaust emissions 1133w

    Burma, Human rights 424w

    Disadvantaged, Pensioners 755w

    Overseas aid, Africa 859

    Parliamentary procedure, Information 949w

    Probation officers, Employment 1466w

    Probation officers, Training 1826-7w

Morley, Mr Elliot

                  Chamber Debates

    Climate change (16.10.2006) 679-83

    Companies Bill (HL), Rep (18.10.2006) 898-9


    Housing, Sustainable development 2042w

    International Whaling Commission, Iceland 2008-9w



Moss, Mr Malcolm


    Agriculture, Manpower 1605w

    Whitemoor Prison, Leisure 2147w

Motor vehicle type approval

Motor vehicles

    Northern Ireland 359w


    Petitions (18.10.2006) 985

    Road traffic offences 701w

    Vehicle number plates 253w

Motorway service areas


    Repairs and maintenance 1140w

    Road signs and markings 920w

Mountford, Kali


    Employment schemes, Northern Ireland 286-7

Mulholland, Greg

                  Chamber Debates

                  Westminster Hall Debates

    Homelessness (17.10.2006) 223wh

    Hussain, Mirza Tahir (25.10.2006) 480-4wh


    Primary education, Class sizes 440-1

    Royal visits, Pakistan 874

Mullin, Chris

                  Chamber Debates

    Overseas aid (26.10.2006) 1748-9

                  Westminster Hall Debates

    Afghanistan, Peace keeping operations (17.10.2006) 192-4wh, 206wh


    Publications, Ministry of Defence 182w

Multinational companies

Multiple occupation

    Digital broadcasting 1279w

Mundell, David


    Act of Union 1707, Anniversaries 1364w

    Employment, Discrimination 146-7

    Government assistance, Scotland 144

    Post offices, Scotland 142

Munn, Meg, Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State for Women and Equality, Dept for Communities and Local Government

                  Chamber Debates

    Lifeguards (17.10.2006) 852-6

    Planning permission (16.10.2006) 708-12

                  Westminster Hall Debates


    Aerials, Planning permission 412-3w

    Bicycles, Dept for Communities and Local Government 369w

    Care homes, Planning permission 407w

    Commission for Equality and Human Rights, Public appointments 805w

    Commission for Equality and Human Rights, Voluntary organisations 1013-4

    Commission on Integration and Cohesion, Finance 1663w

    Community relations 647w

    Disabled, Dept for Communities and Local Government 1028-9w

    Domestic visits, Minister for Women 1912w

    Electromagnetic fields, Health hazards 648-9w

    Equal opportunities 1678w

    Females, Candidates 1339w

    Females, Cohabitation 1339w

    Females, Older workers 1339w

    Females, Redundancy 1455w

    Planning permission, Liverpool 402w

    Publications, Dept for Communities and Local Government 368-9w

    Regional planning and development, Eastern region 1797w

    Religion, Dept for Communities and Local Government 2041w

    Travelling people, Immigration 1678w

    Travelling people, Northamptonshire 1666w

    Women and Work Commission 1284w

    Women's National Commission 653w

Murphy, Jim, Minister of State, Dept for Work and Pensions


    Bird and Bird, Dept for Work and Pensions 14w

    Children, Poverty 974w

    Incapacity benefit 744w

    Jobcentre Plus, Information and communications technology 976w

    Jobcentre Plus, Recruitment 975-6w

    Jobcentre Plus, Standards 1559w

    Jobcentre Plus, Training 1411w

    Jobcentres, Psychiatry 28-9w

    Jobseeker's allowance, Counselling 6-7w

    Lone parents, Employment schemes 1410w

    Social Fund, Applications 30-3w

    Social security benefits, Mentally ill 1412w

    Temporary employment, Dept for Work and Pensions 13-4w

    Unemployment, EC enlargement 15-6w

    Welfare Modernisation Fund 34w

    Welfare state, Reform 34-8w

Murphy, Rt Hon Paul

                  Chamber Debates

    Northern Ireland government (16.10.2006) 595


    Bone marrow disorders, Transplant surgery 850w, 859-60w

    Tidal power, Severn estuary 610-1w

Murrison, Dr Andrew

                  Chamber Debates

    Iraq (10.10.2006) 188

    Police and Justice Bill, Lords amendts (24.10.2006) 1398

    Strategic Health Authorities (Establishment and Abolition) (England) Order (17.10.2006) 843

                  Westminster Hall Debates

    Health services, Buckinghamshire (18.10.2006) 308-10wh


    Business questions 1026

    Dental services 621w

    Health, Disadvantaged 1373

Museums and galleries

    Greater London 58w


Muslim Council of Britain

    Dept for International Development 2085-6w

    Northern Ireland Office 1787w

    Office of the Secretary of State for Wales 1884-5w

MV Gaul

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