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Ruane, Chris

                  Chamber Debates

    NHS (11.10.2006) 330


    Antisocial behaviour orders 1808-9w

    Cancer, Waiting lists 1708w

    Child care vouchers 1104w

    Children, Deviance and behaviour disorders 930-2w

    Community support officers, Manpower 1460-1w

    Conditions of employment 1696w

    Domestic wastes, Recycling 1099w

    Drinking water, Standards 1216w

    Employment, Rural areas 1073w

    Excise duties, Agricultural machinery 1266-8w

    Flood control, Finance 1512w

    Government assistance, Disadvantaged 1162-4w

    Health professions, Training 2094w

    Higher education, Admissions 1763-4w

    Holiday leave, Local government 960w

    Home energy efficiency scheme 1513-4w

    Industrial accidents, Death 1417-8w

    Influenza, Vaccination 1331w

    Lone parents, Employment 1075w

    Lone parents, Employment schemes 1410w

    Maternity leave 954w

    Passports, Concessions 1313w

    Pensions, Misrepresentation 1412w

    Post offices, Rural areas 959w

    Pupils, Per capita costs 1924w

    Railways, Finance 924w

    Railways, Freight 923w

    Railways, Passengers 924w

    Railways, Repairs and maintenance 1346-7w

    Renewable energy, Finance 1506w

    Ringfenced funding, Northern Ireland 284

    Schools, Fire extinguishers 1561-2w

    Trade union recognition 961w

    Unemployment, Rural areas 1073w

    Unemployment, Young people 1075w

    West coast railway line, Expenditure 1142-3w

    World War II, Anniversaries 984w

Ruddock, Joan

                  Chamber Debates

    Overseas aid (26.10.2006) 1756-8


    Breast cancer, Herceptin 1515

    Gender, Foreign and Commonwealth Office 766w

    Secondment, Dept for International Development 711w

    Secondment, Foreign and Commonwealth Office 454w

    Secondment, Treasury 729w

    Sri Lanka, Overseas aid 712w

    Sri Lanka, Peace negotiations 456w

    UN resolutions, Females 682-4w

    Waste management, Greater London 914-6w

    Women's National Commission 653w

Ruffley, Mr David

                  Chamber Debates


    Death, Alcoholic drinks 1633w

    Employment schemes, Disabled 976-7w

    Empty property, Suffolk 1942w

    Financial services, Task forces 1107w

    Incapacity benefit 7w, 9w

    New businesses, Eastern region 2013-4w

    Pension credit 22w

    Post office card account 28w, 576

    Pre-school education, Eastern region 2055-60w

    Pupils, Per capita costs 1918w

    Roads, Accidents 260w

    Social security benefits, Take-up 10w

    Teenage pregnancy, Suffolk 1496w

Rugby Warwickshire

Rural areas

Rural enterprise scheme

Rural Payments Agency

Russell, Bob

                  Chamber Debates

    Prisons (09.10.2006) 43


    Afghanistan, Peace keeping operations 300

    Church of England, Land 20

    Council housing, Construction 162

    Home information packs 389w

    House of Commons, Air conditioning 1196w

    Motorways, Accidents 876w

    Overseas companies 1005

    Prisons, Colchester 1294w

    Reoffenders, Prisoners' release 1221-2

    St Helena, Airports 902w

    Schools, Fire prevention 940w

    Travel, Dept for Environment Food and Rural Affairs 1607w

Russell, Ms Christine


    Community policing 1213

    United Nations, Conflict prevention 1891w


    Non-governmental organisations 1252-3w

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